Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 194

No, it's probably because you have confidence in your own perspective!

Knowing that I will not hurt him!

In Lenovo Jilaiya's life, this man always gave full trust to people he recognized, even if he was betrayed, he never changed.

"What an incredible man!"

Kuroyoshi sighed inwardly.

Suddenly, Ji Lai fainted straightly, with thick blood flowing from his nose.


Kuroyoshi was silent for a while and sighed, "I took back my previous thoughts."

After that, Kurayoshi pulled a few hairs of Jiraiya, and then took the helmet back.

"Although I really want to give you this as a gift, I'll keep it for the sake of your health."

Saying goodbye to Jilai, Kurayoshi turned and left.

After a long time, Ji Lai also sat up suddenly.

He glanced at the direction Kurayoshi was leaving, then glanced at his hair, then pinched his mouth and fell into thought.

What does this kid mean?

Kurayoshi returned to his courtyard.

Glancing at the carp king in the pool, he burst out bubbles very quickly.

Ok!very healthy.

Cangji nodded, glanced at the crow who was in a daze on the tree again, smiled, opened the door and entered the dojo.

Close the door and turn on the lights.

Kuroyoshi took out Jiraiya's hair, and the system prompt sounded in his mind.

Ding!Special material "Madman's Hair" is detected, special props can be forged, "Toad Elf", "Natural Stone", "The Strongest Teacher", "Ghost Glasses", whether forging

"mad Men"

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly, "It seems that Dashemaru did say that Jilaida was once called a Konoha madman. However, as one of the three ninjas, Jiraiya’s body tissue can only forge four objects. Too much!"

Chapter 133 The Clothes of Heaven and Earth

There is a reason why Jiraiya's body tissue cannot forge many props.

He is a decent character in the anime, and a role like the protagonist who leads the way. Although he is lascivious, he is quite chivalrous and is very popular with the audience.

For such a role, few people would give him a nickname, and correspondingly, there are very few stalks about him.

Although he is very strong, he himself is just an ordinary ninja with no forbidden skills or special abilities.

Xianshu is his only extraordinary place.

The above two reasons make him very few props that can be forged.


"It doesn't matter less, just awesome."

Kuroyoshi rubbed his hands in anticipation, and said silently in his mind, "Forge."

Suddenly, four more items appeared on his hands.

A slap-sized toad stone statue.

A stone the size of a goose egg with green markings.

A qualification certificate.

A pair of toad sunglasses.

"Toad elves: This is the collective will of the toads that have passed away in the Miaomu Mountain, carrying the inheritance of the Miaomu Mountain toad family."

"Natural stone: a stone born naturally from heaven and earth, it is absorbing the natural energy born between heaven and earth every moment."

"The strongest teacher: This is the certificate of the strongest teacher. Wearing it, you can see the talents of the younger generation at a glance. When teaching students or apprentices, you can always find their problems and give correct guidance. "

"Pervert glasses: What do perverts want most? Perspective, perspective, or perspective."

"It all looks like"

Kuroyoshi glanced at the system introduction and was about to express his thoughts.

Suddenly, the system prompt sounded again.

Order!It is detected that the host has the same props "Fairy Feathers" and "Nature Stones", can forge special props "Heaven and Earth Feathers", whether forging

"Forging new props again?"

Kuroyoshi was taken aback by mistake, and then overjoyed, "Forging."

Suddenly, the fairy feather robes on his body exudes a soft light, automatically separated from his body and flew into the air.

The natural stone in his hand also radiated light and flew up.

The two blend in the air and finally become one.

The light dissipated, and the objects inside revealed.

It is still a haori uniform, but the ratio of black and white colors has changed.

Originally, the ratio of black and white was similar, but now white occupies most of it, and only the low end is black.

In addition, the white part shows landscape ink paintings.

Mountains, plains, rivers, forests, deserts, and blue sky and white clouds.

A whole world is embroidered on the little clothes.

Become more elegant and poetic.

Kuroyoshi reached out to catch the clothes, and the message of the clothes appeared on the retina.

"The clothes of heaven and earth: The clothes of heaven and earth nature can automatically absorb natural energy. If it is actively injected into the chakra, it will automatically extract the fairy chakra and give it back to the host. Note: The world is the sky, the man is the earth, and the world is one. Everything in the world"