Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 195

After reading the introduction of the system, Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

The fairy feather clothing contains Xianshu chakra in the clothes itself, but the quantity and strength of the clothes are limited. Once the use speed exceeds the clothing recovery speed, there will be a situation where the Xianshu chakra is not enough.

Moreover, the fairy chakra possessed by the fairy feather robe comes from Chongwu to the curse seal, and the ratio of natural energy to physical energy and spiritual energy is not very balanced.

It will cause the body to mutate, and the increase in the strength of the body and ninjutsu is not as good as those who have cultivated the fairy mode.

The clothing of heaven and earth itself does not have energy, but it can automatically extract natural energy. When you need fairy chakras, you have to inject your own chakras.

And there is no systematic danger reminder behind the props, even if the proportion of Xianshu Chakra has not reached an absolute balance, it has reached a level where the body will not mutate.

I just don't know how fast the clothing of heaven and earth absorbs natural energy.

If it can be compared to Kyuubi or Senjuzuma, the scene will now be harder than Otsuki Kaguya with this piece of clothing.

However, after all, it was a natural stone forged from Jilaiya. Even if it had been forged and upgraded twice, its function would not be too exaggerated.

It is probably impossible to reach the level of Kyuubi or Senjuzuzu.

However, it is not bad.

Kuroyoshi couldn't wait to put his clothes on, and then tried to inject Chakra.

Just a second later, a new kind of chakra was fed back into the body. With this increase in chakra, he felt full of power throughout his body.

Moreover, the senses of the surroundings and the world have become different.

Through this sense, he can perceive far away and can detect danger in advance.

Changes in things can be easier to understand.

In this state, he felt that the S-level ninjutsu, which was once difficult to successfully practice, seemed not so difficult anymore.

This feeling is wonderful, but it's really cool!

Kuroyoshi felt that there was no need to write round eyes, no other props, and the immortal healing power of an immortal human body.

Close to the fairy mode bestowed by the clothes of heaven and earth, he can beat Penn.

Putting away the joy of harvest, the bedroom on the side of Kurajirai, standing in front of the closet with a large mirror, reflects his current appearance.

It didn't change much, just a touch of yellow eyeshadow was added, and a pinhole-sized dot appeared in the dark pupil.

Compared with Naruto's fairy model, the change is smaller.

The more balanced the ratio of Xianshu Chakra, the smaller the body changes, and the stronger the increase in body and ninjutsu.

"Sure enough, it's not an illusion to be able to fight Penn with only the fairy mode and ninjutsu, but it's really so strong."

Kuroyoshi shook his fist in excitement, his excitement couldn't be suppressed.

However, the speed at which the clothes of heaven and earth can absorb natural energy cannot be compared with that of Kyuubi and Senjuzuma.

Of these two guys, one can absorb the natural energy of the entire earth in a short time, and the other can absorb the natural energy of the entire sky in a few minutes.

This kind of strength is far beyond the clothes of heaven and earth.

However, considering the current consumption of Kurayoshi, there will never be a shortage.

"Sure enough, although there are few forging props, they are awesome."

Kuroyoshi remembered the words to comfort him before and couldn't help laughing.

After a long while, he remembered that there were three props that he hadn't seen.

Immediately put the Chakra away, and returned to the dojo to check the other three items.

First, make a toad stone statue.

As long as the chakra is injected into it, the eyes of the toad stone statue will project images that record the history and inheritance of the Miaomushan clan, among which there are many uses of the fairy chakra.

Such as frogman.

It can mobilize nearby natural energy for attack and defense.

However, there are very few fairy techniques that humans can use, and most of them are techniques that can only be used by toads or toads in cooperation with humans.

Kuroyoshi was not discouraged either, the garment of heaven and earth already made him very satisfied.

Chapter 134 Assassination

I'm not in a hurry to learn Xianshu, first look at the remaining two items.

The "strongest teacher" who seems to be no different from ordinary documents.

Kuroyoshi tried to wear the teacher card on his chest, and suddenly, a projection electronic screen that he could only see appeared in front of him, with a scanning point at the center.

Kuroyoshi looked around, the electronic screen did not change.

Reminiscent of the system's introduction to props, Kurayoshi left the dojo and came to the courtyard.

He first looked up at the crow.

As a result, the scanning point in the electronic screen directly caught the crow, and a bunch of information appeared on the side.

Forbearance crow: A crow with no weaker than human wisdom, less chakras, weak body, and low growth.

Racial talent: average

Cultivation advice: do not cultivate.

This so-called strongest teacher turns out to be a system for cultivating talents!

Kuroyoshi was speechless.

If there are rewards for cultivating disciples, then this thing is another golden finger.

After that, Kuroyoshi glanced at the King Carp again.

King Carp: A magical creature from another world, with magical powers and no-low wisdom, so weak that there is a powerful potential deep in the body.

Racial talent: low

Cultivation recommendations: training is not recommended.If you want to cultivate anyway, I suggest kicking it.


Kuroyoshi tilted his head slightly and looked confused.