Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 198

He hopes that Naruto can meet Jiraiya like in the anime.

In this way, you don't have to teach yourself.

They did not go to the mountains, but by the river that was flowing down.

Kuroyoshi looked at Naruto and said, "Naruto, the tree climbing and water treading you learned before was actually training to restrain and control chakras. The purpose is to better control ninjutsu."

"But everyone has their own strengths, and they need to practice according to their own strengths so that they can get twice the result with half the effort."

"Your physical strength is far superior to ordinary people, and you should practice in the direction of expanding or exporting chakras. In this way, your chakras will far exceed others, and you can use many times more ninjutsu than others."

"So what should I do?"

Naruto scratched his head impatiently, and he understood what Kuroyoshi said.

Do what he says, he can have a strong chakra and use a lot of ninjutsu.

Kuroyoshi also noticed it. He didn't talk more about this, but brought up another matter.

"Naruto, you should already know that Kyuubi is sealed in your body!"

Naruto was stunned, and then became nervous.

He doesn't know why Kuroyoshi knew about this, but he knew that Kuroyoshi's parents were killed by Kyuubi, worried that he would hate himself when he knew this.

Secretly glanced at Kurayoshi, seeing that his expression was not strange, he was relieved secretly.

Fortunately, no.

"Yeah." Naruto nodded, "Does it have anything to do with this practice?"

"This training is to help you learn to use the power of the nine tails."

"Use the power of Kyuubi?" Naruto asked with a question mark.

"You can feel it usually." Kurayoshi said: "In times of crisis or particularly angry, there will be a special force to help you."

"It seems like this!"

"That's Nine-Tailed Chakra."

"The gossip seal that seals the nine tails will flow out the nine-tailed chakras a little bit, and then blend into your own chakras, so that you can have a powerful chakra for a long time."

"But that's just the enhancement of the usual long stream. When you are in danger and are particularly emotional, the 9-tail chakra will leak a lot."

"So if you can learn to control a large number of nine-tailed chakras, you can become very strong."

"What can I do to control a large number of nine-tailed chakras?"

"Encountered in danger, or"

Kuroyoshi tapped, put his finger on Naruto's forehead, and smiled: "Let Kyuubi take the initiative to use Chakra for you."

After speaking, his left hand was erected on his chest to make a seal.

Naruto hadn't recollected the meaning of Kuraki's words, but found that the sky was spinning in front of him, and the two came to a dark sewer.

"this is?"

Naruto looked at the environment left and right, looking confused.

"This is your spiritual space." Kurayoshi explained: "Don't resist me, or I will be driven out by you. This level of spiritual invasion can't resist the master's will."

"Although I don't know what to do to resist the resistance you said, how could I resist you!" Naruto said sincerely.

I was afraid that you would suddenly become crazy, and you wanted to throw me out, so I reminded you in advance.

Kuroyoshi complained in his heart.

He nodded and said, "You should be able to feel something calling you!"

"Well, over there."

"Then let's go over, Kyuubi is over there."

"Okay, I also want to see what it is like that Kyuubi who has caused me such a terrible injury."

The two walked forward together.

In the dim environment, only the sound of two people walking and dripping water echoed.

Chapter 136 Mingshen Gate


The two went all the way, and finally, after turning a few corners, they saw the cell at the end, a large metal railing door with a seal stick attached to the cell.

The inside of the cell was pitch black, and only two water tanks were big, with weird red beast eyes glowing.

"Come here, get closer, get closer"

A seductive voice echoed nearby.

Naruto looked at the beast pupils and couldn't help but swallowed, his legs moved involuntarily, and walked over there.

When approaching, the extremely sharp claws protruded from the gap in the cell door, trying to kill Naruto, but when he succeeded, he was stuck in the cell door.

Naruto was startled and sat on the ground.

It also took this to see the true face of Kyuubi.

It was a big fox with orange fur, grinning, and nine tails dancing behind him.

It looks fierce, but it's not that inviting.

Compared with the current brain supplements without seeing the real face before, it is far more docile.

"Hey, you bastard scared me!"

Naruto stood up and pointed to the arrogantly cursed Nine Tails.

"Damn Naruto Uzumaki" Kyuubi also gritted his teeth and looked at him, leaning against the door with his claws, trying to rush out and kill him.

Naruto was also scared to take a few steps back at first, but seeing that Kyuubi couldn't break through the cell door, he immediately let go of his heart and looked smug, "You stinky fox, living in someone else's body is so arrogant, deserve it!"


Kyuubi's eyes widened, and immediately found something funny, he laughed loudly, "Let's talk, what are you doing here?"