Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 199

"Lend your power to Naruto." Kuroyoshi walked slowly from a distance, "I'm talking about your pure chakra, the kind without negative will."

Kyuubi heard the sound and looked over. After seeing Kuroyoshi, he sneered and said: "I'll just say how Naruto got in. It turns out that you were helping, but"

The corner of Jiuwei's mouth rose slightly, and said sarcastically, "Why should I listen to you?"

When the voice fell, Tiansheng suddenly fell into a torii gate, and Kyuubi's neck was stuck tightly and pressed it to the ground. Then, nine torii gates were dropped from the sky one after another, suppressing its nine tails.

"Speak to me politely, Kyuubi!" Kuraki looked at Kyuubi's eyes becoming cold and full of murderous intent. "Although it is not your fault, it is a fact that my parents died in your hands. I saw you. It’s already very difficult for me to hold back the killing intent, don’t provoke me again.”

"Damn, I even learned the door of Myojin, you damn little devil." Kyuubi angrily stared at Kuroyoshi in front of him, "A little devil who is obviously like Naruto has grown to this point."

"Nine-tailed, human beings are different from tail beasts." Kuroyoshi said lightly: "You should be able to see the outside situation in Naruto's body, then you should also know that I have just mastered Mudan not long ago, and understand this better. What does it mean."

"Yes, it is estimated that it will not be long before you can catch up with the Senjujutsuma." Kyuubi stared at Kuroyoshi fiercely, and said with a grin: "And with that level of Mu Dun, you want to help Naruto It’s easy for people to get my chakra."

"Just understand, then lend your Chakra to Naruto!"

"Do not make jokes."

Nine Tails roared and roared.

The high-decibel volume caused a violent wind to vibrate the entire sealed space.

Kuroyoshi frowned and put his hands together.

The larger Myojin Gate fell from the sky, pressing down Kyuubi's waist.

Suddenly, the sealed space became quiet.

But Kyuubi still stared at Cangji fiercely, and the fierce beast eyes stared at him reluctantly.

"Do you think that strength can make me succumb?" Kyuubi said disdainfully, "Boy, even if you can help Naruto snatch my chakra in the future, you can't do it now. Naruto's kid is too weak I can only accept a little bit of my power. Even a chakra without malicious intent can not control much. You want to bluff me and let me help him control the output of Chakra. How could this trick trick me. "

Kuroyoshi lowered his head and replied in a cold voice, "I have limited patience."

"Then you kill the old man!" Kyuubi provoked loudly, "What did you say was that it was not my fault, so I saw the old man resist the killing intent, you are afraid of killing me, Naruto will die too! Just hypocrisy!"


Naruto, who had never understood the conversation between Kyuubi and Kurayoshi, and fell into a daze, recovered at this moment.

He looked at Kyuubi who was laughing smugly, then at Kuroyoshi, who was hanging his head and said nothing, and carefully asked, "Is this stinky fox scaring you?"


Kuroshitsuji shook his head slightly, "After the tail beast is sealed in the human body, it becomes one with the human being. It is an existence as important as the heart. Once the tail beast is lost, the host will die. On the contrary, the host will die. If it cannot be released in advance, it will also die."

"Eh eh eh!" Naruto was taken aback.

Kuraki looked up at Naruto with a calm face, "Naruto, would you like to believe me?"


Naruto was stunned.

He looked at Kuroyoshi in a daze, the other side looked calm, but his eyes were serious.

He realized something, with a free and easy smile on his face, "You are the first friend I know, and the one who brought me light in the darkest time of my life, even if you hold Kuwu to pierce me My throat, I would also think that you did it for me. I asked you to help me practice. Let it go!"

"You fool!"

Kyuubi cursed secretly and looked up at Kuroyoshi.

The other party showed a relieved smile.

"Don't worry, Naruto, even if you really die, I will bring you back to life, not to mention, I will never let you die."

Kurayoshi Zhicheng made a promise, and then walked towards the door of the seal step by step, "Kyuubi, didn't you always want to escape the seal?"

"This gossip seal, which is a combination of the inner four-image seal and the outer four-image seal, although I haven't learned it before, but now"

Kuroyoshi smiled softly, a touch of yellow eyeshadow appeared on his eyes, and a small pinhole appeared in the pain hole, "You who can extract natural energy, you should understand the control of Chakra in the fairy mode! Now I, The seal can be unlocked even without the unlocking key."

"At that time, I will help Naruto seize the chakra from you. If he cannot control the huge chakra and loses control, I will kill you."

"Come and try, the old man will never lend Chakra to Naruto." Kyuubi was not afraid.

"is it?"

Kuroyoshi came to the gate and stopped, his hands began to seal.

The movement records the four-image seal technique.

The single one is S-level forbidden.

If you want to use a combination of pros and cons, the difficulty is even more difficult to get to the blue sky. Even with Kakashi's talent, it is difficult to learn in a short time.

However, in the fairy mode.

Kuroyoshi's control of Chakra has reached an unprecedented height, and it is no longer difficult to use this degree of sealing technique.

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

"Seal of the Four Elephants, solve it!"

As the hands were printed, Kuroyoshi's hands were filled with chakras.

He nodded in satisfaction and grabbed the seal paper on the door.

Naruto Nine Tails stared at him motionlessly, looking at the hand that was getting closer and closer to the seal, his breathing gradually became heavier.


The hand touched the spell, and there was no resistance.

"It seems to be a success."

Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction, and was about to tear off the charm.

Suddenly, a hand stretched out and grabbed his wrist.

Without waiting for Cangji's reaction, he was teleported away from the cell door.

In the gloomy environment, there was a man dressed in white with a flame pattern printed on the lower end.

The dazzling blond hair, handsome face and a faint smile on his face give people the warmth of being bathed in the sun.

Four generations of Hokage, wave style water gate.