Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 201

"Understood." Kuroyoshi made an ok gesture and said, "However, I have something to tell you alone, can you come to me before dissipating?"


After the words fell, Kurayoshi returned to the front door of Kyuubi's prison.

Looking at Kyuubi who was so crushed by Torii that he couldn't move, Kurayoshi put away the sealing technique.

"You bastard."

After Kyuubi was free, he immediately stretched his paw to him, but was blocked by the prison door in front of him.

Kuroyoshi sat down cross-legged calmly, "Okay, stop making a fuss, the things just now scared you!"

In fact, he wanted to make Naruto a white face and another to make a red face, so that Naruto and Kyuubi could increase their relationship.

Unfortunately, Naruto is still too young.

Naruto, who has never experienced Nagato’s attack on Konoha, has never seriously thought about how others feel, and has never thought about the feelings of Kyuubi at all.

Naturally, he didn't speak for Kyuubi, making Kuroyoshi's face pale.

"Damn humans."

Kyuubi saw that he couldn't help but gave up.

But the look in his eyes was still full of hatred.

"Nine Tails, ask you something, do you know the Six Dao Immortals, is he still alive?"

Chapter 138: 4 props and 3 balls.

After the people of Naruto World die, their souls will go to the Pure Land to rest.

However, if the strength is strong enough, you can also leave the Pure Land and go to reality.

After the death of Bai Fang, because there is still something in his heart, he has been wandering between the pure land and reality.

The will of Asura and Indra is even more possessed in the reincarnation of Chakra last generation.

And when the six immortals died, I don't know how many years and months, their consciousness can be awakened as their own strength is awakened.

For example, the fourth generation of Hokage Wave Fengshuimen and his wife Uzumaki Kushina can also use their Chakra's short-term awakening.

Kuroyoshi doubted the authenticity of the death of the six immortals.

Maybe that guy just changed the form of life and lived in a different posture.

Hearing Kuroyoshi's question, Kyuubi disapproved.

It lay languidly, resting its head comfortably on its paws, and said comfortably: "How can I know this kind of fairy tale?"

Obviously, Kyuubi is just a fairy tale from where Kuraki heard it.

After all, after countless years, it is impossible for a kid to know the secrets of that era.

Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, her rosy lips opened up and down, and she gently spit out the names of the six immortals.

"Otsuki Yukata!"

Quiet, very refined.

In the entire sealed space, only the sound of water dripping can be heard.

Kyuubi stared at Kuroyoshi, the beast pupil the size of the water tank was dignified, and the other person looked at it with a smile.

After a long time, Kyuubi breathed a sigh of relief, and his expression returned to nature.

"I don't know where you heard this name, but it has nothing to do with me. After the old man created us with Yin and Yang escape, he died soon."

"I know, I just have some doubts I want to ask you."

"Oh, let's talk about it." Kyuubi came interested.

"Except for the Qianshouzhuma, all the reincarnations of Asuras in the past will be helped by you. They are not related to you, why are you?"

Kuroyoshi and Kyuubi chatted for a long time, and no one knew what they were talking about.

When Mizumon brought Naruto back to the sealed space, Kuroyoshi had already asked the questions and got the answers that he could get. If he didn't, Kyuubi couldn't answer him.

Although many doubts have been resolved, there are more new doubts.

It's a pity that I couldn't find out where the tombs of the six immortals and Asura Indra were.

If you know, the Zhongnin exam is over, and you can play a cameo to touch Captain Jin when you look for other mantissas.

It is a pity that Kyuubi is very vigilant about this and never talks to outsiders.

Kuroyoshi tried several times, and it all said it was cremated.

Watergate came to Kuraki and asked, "My business has been dealt with. You asked me to come to you for the last time. Is there anything wrong?"

Water Gate's body became very illusory, and he could see the back through his body.The Chakra he kept in the seal was almost exhausted.

Kuroyoshi pointed to the water gate and said, "I need your Chakra for some things."

Watergate froze, and then reacted.

"That's it!" He scratched the back of his head and said embarrassedly: "The Chakra I have left can't even cast a D-class ninjutsu, and I don't know if I can help you."

"That's enough," Kuroyoshi said calmly.

"Then, take it away!"

Mizumon didn’t know who Kuroyoshi was, but when we first met, I felt that the other person was not bad, and he was a friend of his son’s

He believed in his instincts and his son's vision of making friends.

The most important thing is that Chakra can do nothing for the rest of him.

Even if Kuroyoshi is a hard grab, he has nothing to do.

Therefore, he did not ask Kuroyoshi what he wanted to do with his chakra, and it was unnecessary.

That's what he said before.

He is already a dead man, and future generations will do things by themselves.

"excuse me."