Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 203

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

Bofeng Water Gate bears the name of Hokage, guarding the village and peace.

Bringing soil to release Nine Tails and attacking the village, Naruto completely ran away and almost turned into Nine Tails. Four battles in the Ninja World, Ten Tailed Beast Jade broke through the last layer of defense of the Allied Forces

The water gate can always arrive in time when people are desperate, saving sentient beings in critical moments.The dazzling blond hair gives people hope and the courage to live like the sun.

I originally thought it was just a prop created by the favorite nickname given to the audience in the previous life, but I did not expect it to be the courage of his life.

"Never give up hope at any time"

Kuroyoshi murmured, reaching out to hold Little Sun in his hand.

The burning sun is not hot at all, but it is warm, making people feel comfortable.

"Life should be like this!"

Kuroyoshi smiled slightly, grasping the sun and pressing it against his chest, directly pressing it into his body.

There is no change in his body, but his mental energy is growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

There was even a "buzzing" sound in my mind.

The writing wheel is exposed uncontrollably, and directly becomes a kaleidoscope.

It took a while to calm down.

Kuroyoshi covered his eyes and stared at his hands blankly. The texture on them became clearer.

It's like when myopia wears glasses, it feels like the whole world becomes clear.

He could feel the strength that had been conceived in his body for a long time and was about to explode.

That is the power of the six realms.

The reincarnation eye is about to awaken.

Kuroyoshi felt the gestation speed of the six powers, and it could be conceived within half a year.

This is good news.

Once the reincarnation eye is awakened, with the perfect immortal human body, immortal mode, he will stand under the six realms and above the ten thousand people.

Even the resurrection of reincarnation eye spots is not an opponent.

If he gathers all the power of the tail beast, he can become a master among the six ranks.

Since then, the world is so big, there is no need to fear anyone and anything.

There is still a while.

Kuroyoshi suppressed his excitement and focused his eyes on the remaining two props.

First is the light ball that exudes a soft light.

"The soul of talent: Contains the talent in front of the master, after absorbing it, you will have the same talent."

"What's the talent of Watergate?"

Watergate's growth process is not as stunning as Kakashi, but his talent is definitely not lower than Kakashi, in the entire history of Ninja can be squeezed into the top five.

Especially in the talent of space ninjutsu, no one in the entire ninjutsu can do it.

If it is the past, get such props.

Kuroyoshi will be extremely excited.

However, he now has the talent of Kakashi, and has also learned the fairy mode, and he can immediately open the eyes of reincarnation.

At that time, open the realm of all phenomena.

Any ninjutsu forbidden technique can be easily mastered.

Even he was considering whether to keep this for Ino.

But after thinking about it, forget it.

Although Ino's talent is not as good as those geniuses, it is definitely not bad, plus the family secret arts he has learned is much better than most people in this world.

What she lacks is not talent, but lack of awareness of power, ignorance of the importance of power, lack of desire for power.

As long as you recognize the importance of strength and have the motivation to grow, Ino's progress will be rapid.

Not to mention the movie level or something, it's okay to reach her father's level before the age of 20.


You told me that the elites are not as good as dogs in the later stage. This strength is useless?

It's useless for Kuroyoshi to give her the talented soul of Watergate!

There are more than five years left until the Fourth Ninja World War. A person who has no motivation to become stronger, even if he has the talent of Watergate, will not be able to become stronger in five years.

Moreover, she is here, so she doesn't need to play!

No, no, no, it should be said that there is oneself, in the 4th Ninja World War, whether it is possible to fight is two things.

Therefore, after thinking about it, Kurayoshi absorbed it himself.

It's still a wonderful feeling.

There is obviously no change in the body, but there is a feeling of earth-shaking changes.

This change can only be reflected in practice, so Kuroyoshi did not experiment, and turned his gaze to the last item.

A ball of light radiating cold light.

"Flash: This is an item that combines talent and magic. After absorption, any movement skills you learn can be increased."

Fast man of skill version!

Kuroyoshi nodded slightly and quickly absorbed the light ball.


Instantaneous surgery!