Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 204

There was a hurricane in the dojo, and Kurayoshi instantly moved from the center of the house to the corner of the wall.

It was so fast that he could not react to it in the first time.

"This is at least twice as fast!"

Kuroyoshi was ecstatic.

Although the instantaneous technique has a distance limit, it also consumes chakras and cannot be used for long journeys.

But in battle, this burst speed can often be resolved before the enemy reacts.

Moreover, this is just an instantaneous technique.

The movement skills that Ninja possesses are more than just instantaneous.

After awakening Sasuke's reincarnation eye, the spatial abilities in it are also useful.

"I don't know who is faster than Watergate."

Kurayoshi remembered that in the Seal of Nine Tails, Mizumon suddenly appeared and grabbed his wrist and flew him away.

At that time, although his nerves reacted, his body did not have time to react.

Although Watergate had a sudden attack at the time, he knew that he would appear at that time. Although he didn't know where he would appear from, he was already prepared to deal with it.

But he was still flying away before he could resist.

From this, you can imagine how fast the water gate is.

Kurayoshi judged based on the speed at that time, and the speed of the two should be about the same now.

Chapter One Hundred and Forty: Too Powerful Clothes of Heaven and Earth

Although the 4 props forged by Mizumon were not of the BUG level, each of them could be used immediately, which greatly improved him.

He is very satisfied.

But these four props are not the biggest gain of this trip, the real gain is

Kurayoshi took a handful of orange hair from his clothes pocket.

This is the hair of nine tails.

When he asked Nine Tails about the Six Dao Immortals, he went smoothly.

The Nine Tails are entities created by the Six Dao Immortals who split the Ten Tailed Chakras with Yin and Yang.

However, it is essentially a chakra aggregate, which can be transformed in energy and substance.

If the hair organs and other tissues on its body are separated from the body for too long, it will dissipate on its own.

A special method must be used to preserve it.

At this time, there was a day time before Kuroyoshi plucked the hair, and the fluorescent light was already flowing on it, and it was about to turn into energy and dissipate.

However, it cannot dissipate.

Ding!The special material "Nine-tailed Hair" is detected, and the special item "Nature Stone" can be forged.


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and suddenly there was a basketball-sized stone in his hand.

"Natural stone: the natural stone born from heaven and earth, it absorbs the natural energy born between heaven and earth at all times, and at the same time it is feeding back to nature."

Ding!It is detected that the "clothes of heaven and earth" and the "stone of nature" are of the same origin and can be integrated and upgraded. Whether to upgrade

"It's just an upgrade, isn't it forging new items?"

Kuroyoshi groaned slightly, disappointed.

In the case of fusion and upgrade, the original functional effects of the props will be enhanced at most, and if the props are used as materials to forge new props, it will not only enhance the original effects of the props, but also extend new functions, which is very powerful.

However, although a little disappointed, it is acceptable.


As the thoughts fell in his mind, the clothes of heaven and earth on Kuroyoshi's body came off automatically with a soft light, and the natural stone flew with the same light.

The two blend with each other in the air and become one.

In a moment, the light dissipated.

The objects inside show up again.

It is still the garment of heaven and earth, and the appearance details and system introduction have not changed in any way. People can't help but wonder whether the system has embezzled the natural stone.

However, the long-term character of the system is still worthy of trust.

Kuroyoshi put on the clothes of heaven and earth again, and then tried to inject the chakra.

In the next second, a large amount of Xianshu Chakra came back from the clothes of heaven and earth, the amount of which made his body start to petrify.

Kuroyoshi quickly stopped entering Chakra, and then cut off the petrified part of his body.

Before long, the missing part of the body grew back.

Kuroyoshi let out a sigh of relief.

After the upgrade of this garment of heaven and earth, the ability to refine the fairy chakra is too strong, so strong that a little chakra is injected, and it returns the fairy chakra that is several times more than his ordinary chakra.

So that he couldn't control it for a while, causing his body to petrify.

Just now, if he stopped instilling Chakra slower, his entire body would be petrified.

"It's no wonder that you have a powerful chakra to learn the fairy mode. The more chakras, the greater the advantage of learning the fairy mode. That's how it turns out.

Kuroyoshi couldn't help smiling wryly.

The so-called fairy mode refers to the state of distilling the chakra.

The Xianshu Chakra is a fusion of body energy, spiritual energy and natural energy in a ratio of 1:1:1.

The chakras that can be extracted from the fairy art will be 13 more chakras than usual, and the external natural energy will continuously supplement the consumption of the chakras to ensure the maintenance of the fairy model.

If you do not control the control of a large number of chakras, a sudden increase of 13 chakras will make you lose control of the fairy chakras.