Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 206

Although he has never played against each other, I don't know how his strength is.

But to become the most trustworthy subordinate of Dashemaru, no matter how you think about it, it won't be bad.

With one enemy and two, it is still against a master of this level, even if it has a writing wheel, it is too disadvantageous.

Hayate was hesitating now.

Should I help out or continue to observe the situation?

If you come out to help, the other party is likely to run away immediately.

If you continue to observe in secret, it is very likely that Fuyue will be defeated and will be worried about his life, but he will not have time to rescue him.

If the task is the most important thing, it is natural to continue to observe until the enemy's plan is found.

However, this will allow the companion to take great risks.

Hayate was caught in a dilemma.

When Hayate hesitated in his heart, the conversation over there also changed.

"Captain Fuyue, what are you talking about?"

The pharmacist spread out his hands, with a kind smile on his face, "I just met Shinobu from Sagakura Village, and I had a friendly exchange with him at first sight."

"Friendly communication?" Futake couldn't help but smile. "The Uchiha clan awakened the people of Shalunyan. Even if they don’t open their eyes, they have a vision different from ordinary people. You two may meet each other intentionally or unintentionally during this Zhongnin exam. I have contacted a dozen times. If it was a friendly exchange at first sight, why did you pretend not to know each other at that time?"

"I didn't notice it then."

The pocket pushed the frame, and the frozen eyes were blocked by the reflective lens.

Maki responded indifferently, "What did I do, do I still need to report the reason to Konoha's security team?"

"Of course, because this is Konoha Village."

"I didn't violate Konoha's rules."

"If there is any offense, just walk with me to know."

"Too arrogant." Maji seemed to be angry, and his tone became rushing, "I want to use me to handle the case without evidence. Is this how Konoha treats allies?"

Fu Yue closed his eyes, then opened them violently, as if forcing aura to bloom from his eyes, Ma Ji and Dou could not help but feel tight.

"What my eyes see is the evidence."

After the words fell, Fu Yue suddenly disappeared in place. The next moment, he appeared behind the two, with his hands wide open and grabbed the back of the two of them.


Maki snorted disdainfully, tapped the index finger of his right hand that was on his chest, and two invisible wind blades whizzed out from the fingertips.

This wind blade is small, but very fast.

And there is a body blocking the line of sight, very suddenly.

When Fu Yue discovered Feng Blade, it was too late to avoid him, and his body as far as possible could only be able to escape the vital point.


The wind blade sank in from Fuyue's chest, and came out from his shoulder, carrying a lot of bright red blood.

"Is Konoha's garrison captain at this level?" Maji's face was indifferent, as if he was surprised that he could kill the opponent so easily.

In the 3rd Ninja World War, he also participated in the war between Sagyun and Konoha, and had a certain understanding of Konoha's combat power level.

It should not be so weak.

"Of course it's not that easy!"

The pharmacist pushed his glasses down with his left hand, but put his right hand on Maji's shoulder.


As the sound fell, the scene in front of Maki suddenly distorted and shattered, and Fu Yue brought Ku Wu Chong to the front.


Kuwu pierced Mackey's body without mercy.

However, after piercing two inches, he couldn't make any progress.

Fu Yue's eyes widened slightly, and he found that there was a layer of sand armor on his opponent.

"It made me fall into the illusion without knowing it, what an awesome Uchiha!" Maji praised, leaving Kieyin with his left hand, raising his right hand, and a huge wind blade cut out.

At such close range, it is impossible for ordinary people to escape.

But Fu Yue was different. His writing wheel had already insight into the opponent's actions, so he let go of Kuwu in advance and retreated.

But before he landed, there was a crack in the air behind him.

Fu Yue thought of the boy with glasses.

However, he didn't care.

From now on lurking in Konoha's juvenile spy.

"I didn't find you, I just stayed alive, and actually came up to send it by myself"

The thought had not yet fallen, and there was a pain behind him, and a lot of blood spattered.

Is that guy so fast?

Fuyue's pupils trembled slightly, and without looking back, he threw out a few kunai behind him.

The pharmacist jumped back, and then immediately chased him. On the other side, Maji also fought over.

Fuyue clutched the wound on his shoulder, leaned back against the wall, writing the wheel madly running, and read the movements of the two.

He made a big mistake, that is, he shouldn't just treat the well-known Mackey as the number one enemy and despise Pharmacist's pocket.

He should not be treated as an ordinary boy or spy.

That guy is more dangerous than Macky.

Chapter 142: Counterattack in Despair

This can't be blamed on Fu Yue's carelessness, but the appearance of Yao Shidou is too deceptive.