Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 207

He looks like a teenager with round-frame glasses and a smirk on his face. He is still a medical ninja.

Even if he knows that he is a spy, there is a high probability that he will think about special talents in strategy.

However, the Pharmacist, who seems to be a special talent in strategy, is a master against Kakashi. Together with Maji, he can fight Kakashi and Metkai from the Konoha collapse plan to the end of the Konoha collapse plan. The frontal battle crushed the upper ninja to silence, temporarily suppressing the existence of Tsunade, one of the three ninjas.

Even if the two are one-on-one, it’s hard to say whether they will win or lose, let alone one-on-two, and they ignore his presence and attack Markey face to face.

Let alone Fuyue, if any other shadow is changed to do this, he will belch.

Well, the third generation of Raikage probably won't.

Dou's palm fairy technique is estimated to be unable to break through the Thunder Dunn armor with all-round defense.

But Fu Yue obviously had no such defense, so he was forced into this desperate situation.

Looking at Maji and Dou who came from both sides, Fu Yue's brain was running wildly, looking for a chance to fight back.

Yes, you heard it wrong.

Not looking for life, but looking for opportunities to fight back.

This situation is undoubtedly a death for ordinary people, but it is not the case in Fu Yue's view.

Although these two are masters and can cooperate through superb combat awareness, there is a gap between them and the partners who often fight together.

Most people can't see the gap, but it is clear to Fu Yue, who has a writing wheel.

Near, near.

Under the dynamic vision of the writing wheel eyes, the fast two people slowed down, and Fu Yue was calculating the timing of the two rushing in front of him.


A blue chakra appeared in the hands of the pharmacist's pocket, and Maki threw two wind blades on the way.

Hidden in the dark, Hai Feng placed his right hand on the handle of the knife behind him, his eyes focused, his bangs were wet with sweat and pressed tightly on his forehead.

If Fu Yue has any signs of being unable to cope with this crisis, he will ignore the task and save the lives.

However, this situation is still being dealt with.

Fu Yue swung to the left and right easily to avoid the two wind blades, while holding the kunai backhand, he returned his carbine to the medicine master.

The two cannot be encircled, and a brief one-on-one situation must be maintained, otherwise, he is definitely not an opponent with such a huge wound on his back and shoulders.

Pharmacist Pocket seemed to see Fu Yue's thoughts, smiled lightly, and dodged Fu Yue's back carbine sideways. At the same time, with a knife in his right hand, he slashed towards Fu Yue with a palm fairy technique.

The dynamic vision of writing round eyes penetrated the action of the pharmacist's pocket early, and Fu Yue avoided the attack in advance and counterattacked.

But Dou is not a light one, facing an opponent who can predict his actions in advance, he is also using his brain to judge his opponent's next step.

The two played against each other for several rounds, and Maji rushed from behind and attacked with the medicine master pocket.

Fu Yue seemed to have realized it early, a jump easily avoided the two simultaneous pincers, and at the same time his legs kicked out to both sides, kicking on the chest of the two.

"Ceng Ceng"

The two had chest pains and backed away.

When he stood firm, he found Fu Yue built on the dragon head scenery that jumped onto the roof.

"Want to escape?"

This thought just flashed through the two of them, but they saw Fu Yue's hands forming a knot.

"Art fire escape ho fireball."

The blazing flame spewed out, the darkness was illuminated, and the four-meter-diameter fireball rushed in with a billowing heat wave, rushing all the way, even the air became distorted.

Without hesitation, the two jumped left and right.

As soon as he landed, and yet to stand still, Fu Yue had already appeared in front of Dou, and the fatal Kuwu had pierced his eyes with a cold glow.

Fuyue didn't hear the conversation between the two, suspecting that Dou was a spy from Shayin Village, and worried that he would have a sand armor like Maki, so he put the attack target on a weak place like his eyes.

You can't wear armor on your eyes!

But in a hurry, a backhand hit Fu Yue's wrist, causing the attack to deviate from the target, only drawing a blood mark on his face.

Then, he connects his legs and wants to move back and take a distance.

But before he could implement it, Fu Yue kicked him on his chest and kicked it out.

Fu Yue was about to pursue it, the wound on his back suddenly burst, blood splashed out like spring water, the pain caused the steps to shake, and the whole person knelt down on one knee.

As an elite, Maji will not miss this opportunity.

The hands were knotted, and then raised, two huge wind blades flew out crosswise, cutting the roof like paper along the way.

Fu Yue wanted to get up and take shelter, but the wound broke out again behind him, and his action was stopped.

In the dark, the gust of wind drew a knife and tried to rescue Fu Yue.

However, judging from the location, distance and speed of his appearance, it was obviously not enough.

"Damn it, this still happened."

Haifeng blamed himself secretly and looked anxious.

When Fu Yue appeared, he was worried that this situation would happen, so he kept a tight state at all times, and immediately came out to help if Fu Yue was unfavorable in the battle.

No, Fuyue, who had the upper hand in one-on-two just now, collapsed because of a burst wound.

It's just too late to come out and save people.

"Block it for me!"

Hayate threw the knife in his hand in front of Fu Yue, hoping to block the wind blade.

But just when the knife was about to fly in front of Fu Yue, one hand stretched out and caught the knife steadily.

The pharmacist held a knife in one hand, pushed down his glasses with the other, a slight smile appeared on his face.

Originally, he was planning to draw the wind out and kill him, so how could he ignore this person hiding in the dark.

Seeing that the knife was cut, Fu Yue sighed and accepted his fate.

But Haifeng produced despair.