Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 208

Seeing Fu Yue was about to be killed by Feng Jian.

Suddenly, a young sprout rose from the ground and grew into a towering tree in the blink of an eye.


The wind blade cuts on the big tree, cutting deep marks, but compared with the size of the big tree, it is just like a child's pencil sharpening is scratched.

The sudden change surprised everyone.

After a brief astonishment, the pharmacist ran away using the instantaneous technique. When Maji saw this, he jumped off the roof and quickly disappeared into the night.

"Hyfeng, catch up, I'll call the guard on duty."

Fu Yue clutched the wound and walked out with the big tree.

Haifeng hesitated, nodded, and turned to chase.

At this moment, a faint voice came from the treetops.

"Don't chase."

When the two heard the sound, they saw a boy wearing a blue kimono inside and a black and white haori clothes outside standing there.

The moonlight cast down, and the boy's dry and beautiful face was also revealed.

It was Kuroyoshi.

Before, when testing the upgraded clothes of heaven and earth, the short fairy mode sensed the situation here.

However, he felt that Fu Yue and the wind should be able to handle it, so he didn't rush to come.

As a result, Fu Yue was seriously injured at the start of the game, and Haifeng was almost wiped out by the group because he did not come out to help immediately because of the mission.

One hundred and forty-third "The body is hollowed out"

"What do you mean by not chasing?" Fuyue clutched his wound and frowned at Kuroyoshi. "The two guys are conspiring against Konoha."

"Do you have any evidence?" Kuroyoshi looked at him indifferently.

"I can't go wrong with my experience, catch them"

"Captain Fuyue, did you handle cases like this before?" Cangji interrupted him and couldn't help but snorted. "Even if you catch them, what's the use of interrogating evidence?"

"Sagin and Konoha are an alliance. As long as they don't act, even if they know what they are going to do against Konoha, Hokage-sama will not do anything to them."

"Because Konoha wants to maintain the alliance, not to go to war with Sandyuki. As long as there is a chance of peace, Master Naruto will not choose to take the initiative to tear his face."

The Daimyo of the Kingdom of the Wind handed over the tasks of the citizens to Konoha, and once the war started, these were all gone.

That kind of loss is no less than a defeat in a war.

No, as long as it is not the kind of disastrous defeat, it is estimated that the loss is not as great.

The national mission of a big country, not to mention the ninja who feeds the entire village, can at least feed some!

It can be said that once the war starts, Konoha has already lost no matter what the result is.

Why in the anime, after Konoha's collapse plan, Tsuna will unconditionally release the prisoners of Shayin when he is in position?

Do you really think it is kind?

how is this possible!

In the war, she killed many people.

It can only be said that the game between nations is far from being as simple as war.

As a superior, you need to consider the overall situation.

If nothing happens, Markey will even run directly to the Hokage office to sue the wicked first.

But the identity of Tou really cannot be hidden.

But if Haifeng chased it alone, he would definitely be killed.

Dou's cunning is more difficult to deal with than his strength.

"Naruto-sama also heard about the movement of Shayin, so I was sent to follow the medicine master pocket." Hayate said at this time.

He knows more about this matter, so he agrees with Kuroyoshi's words.

"Then listen to you!"

Fu Yue was silent for a while and nodded.

Then, his head fainted and fell forward.

Kuroyoshi quickly supported him with the vines, and at the same time, he also noticed Fu Yue's injury.

There was a long blood stain on his back waist to his left shoulder, covered with blood.

The wound on the back waist was caused by a burst, and it was even more tragic. The flesh and blood inside were rolled, and the ribs inside could be seen.

"Tsk, it's all like this, and I want to chase people."

Kuroyoshi jumped from the treetops, picked up the person and handed him to Hayate, "Please take him to the hospital, I'm going back to rest."


The two said goodbye.

Go back to the house.

Kurayoshi stretched out his blood-stained hand.

Ding!The "weak fairy blood" is detected, and the special props "Wanhua Mirror" and "weak fairy crystal" can be forged. Whether to forge


Kuroyoshi said silently in his mind, and suddenly there were two things in his hand.

A thumb-sized, blood-red crystal, a pair of contact lenses.

Looking at the two things in his hands, Kuroyoshi hesitated.

"I don't know if Fuyue has a kaleidoscope."

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