Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 209

However, some changes and originality have been made in some plots, resulting in contradictions in some plots, and the logic cannot be explained.

As the real world, these conflicting places will certainly not exist.

In the original comics, Fuyue only had three gouyu writing round eyes, but the animation company originally created the plot that he also has a kaleidoscope writing round eyes.

I don’t know whether this world follows the original manga or the world formed by animation, or a combination of the two to correct contradictions.

Kuroyoshi naturally hopes that Fuyue has a kaleidoscope

In this way, he can have two more pairs of kaleidoscopes.

With hesitation, Kuroyoshi looked at the thing in his hand.

"Weak fairy crystal: contains this weak fairy bloodline. After taking it, it will transform the body's bloodline and even the DNA structure to make it have a weak fairy bloodline, awakening the same fairy eye of the owner."


This can't be seen from the introduction.

Kurayoshi set his eyes on another item.

"Wan Hua Jing: This is a degraded fairy spectacle lens. After wearing it, you can use the ability to write round eyes."

Well, I can't see it either.

Kuroyoshi had to put on his glasses and experiment by himself.

With the injection of chakras, Wanhua Jing became a three-goed jade.

Then, increase the amount of chakra.

no response.

"It seems Fuyue just opened the ordinary writing wheel."

Kuroyoshi didn't have much surprise.

Kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes need to be greatly stimulated to open the eyes, generally you need to personally kill or witness the death of the most important person.

The Fuyue family is still alive, and they have not shown a stimulating emotional character. There can be no kaleidoscope.

The original content of the animation conflicts with the author's most basic setting.

Regardless of the nature of this world, it is impossible for Fuyue to open the kaleidoscope.

Since there is no kaleidoscope, Kuraki has integrated Wanhua Mirror and Eternal Wanhua Mirror to upgrade a lot of pupil power.

Although there is no awakening kaleidoscope, the pupil power of Fuyue's eyes is much stronger than that of the ordinary three-goed jade.

As for the fairy crystallization of Fuyue

After thinking about it, Kurayoshi put it away.

He will awaken the reincarnation eye soon, and the pupil power of writing the reincarnation eye is of little use to him, it is better to leave it first, or it may be useful later.

After putting the faint fairy crystal into the system space, Kuroyoshi took out a few more hairs.

This was cut off by Cang Yoshi using the wind attribute Chakra when he handed Fu Yue to Hayate.

Because I was afraid of being discovered, I only lost a few

Ding!Special material "false protagonist's hair" is detected, special props "false protagonist", "false master", "body hollowed out", "invisibility cloak" can be forged, whether forging

"False Protagonist"

The corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth twitched, recalling the situation when he watched Naruto Anime in his previous life.

At that time, it just happened to see the end of the second round of the Zhongnin exam, when Hayate first appeared.

Dead fish-eye, listless, coughing from time to time, and also a match referee

All kinds of images are in line with the masters of the masters. At that time, Kurayoshi felt that Hayate was a master even better than Kakashi Metkai.

As a result, it was seconded by Markey.

Kurayoshi can still remember how daunting it was to see Hayate being forced by Miao Shi.

Originally thought that it would be the ability to turn the tide in Otonin's conspiracy and save Konoha's key role in the water and fire, it was actually made by Machi.

When I think of the mood at the time, Kuroyoshi still wants to laugh.

In particular, the second part of Naruto is called Shippuden, which has been ridiculed by countless people as Moonlight Hayate is the true protagonist.

However, the ridicule of the previous life has been rewarded in this life.


Kuroyoshi mimicked in his mind.

Suddenly, there were four more things in his hand.

Two things that look like ordinary certificates, a black cloak, and a bottle

"Nutrition Express?"

Looking at the last thing, Kurayoshi tilted his head slightly.

The bottle of drink-like props, except for the sign on it that says "The body is hollowed out", the rest are exactly the same as the famous nutritional drinks in the previous life.

Chapter 144 Invisibility Cloak

Thanks to the shape of "the body is hollowed out", Kurayoshi gave priority to viewing its information.

"The body is hollowed out: a drink containing magical powers, the more you drink, the worse the state, the eyes are swollen, empty, the legs are weak, and the spirit is trance, as if the body is hollowed out."


Kuroyoshi was speechless.

Obviously it is a bottle of chronic poison, why is it introduced too much?

It is easy to misunderstand whether it is good or not.

Put this reverse nutrition drink into the system space.

Kuroyoshi set his sights on the remaining three props.

First, the props with the same two certificates.