Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 210

"False strong: This is a strong certificate. No matter your strength, you will have the aura of a strong with it."

"False protagonist: This is a protagonist's ID. Bring him, no matter what you are, it looks like the protagonist."

"These two things can be used to pretend, you will bluff on certain occasions"

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly, thinking of these two uses.

However, it was useless for him.

He doesn't need a strong aura, because he is already a strong; nor does he need to look like pig's feet because he wants to keep a low profile.

and so

"It's two more things pressing the warehouse!"

In the space of the certificate authentication system, Kuroyoshi set his sights on the last item.

A black raincoat cloak.

"Invisibility cloak: A cloak that can be invisible. Put it on, no one can see you. Note: The size of the cloak will automatically change with the master's body shape, and the invisibility and appearance will be controlled by the master's mind."

"Nobody's eyes can see"

Kuroyoshi noticed this sentence, and smiled today, "Can't you see it even if you write round eyes or roll your eyes?"

With that, he put the cloak on him.

Then he walked to the mirror in the bedroom, where he still had his figure.

But as his mind moved, his figure disappeared in the mirror little by little.

Kuroyoshi opened the kaleidoscope to write round eyes, but still couldn't see the figure in the mirror.

He raised his hand and shook it before his eyes, but there was no trace.

"Is it so strong?"

Kuroyoshi took off his hood and exposed his head in the air.

If only someone is there, you will see a head flying in the air.

However, after observation, the problem was discovered.

That is the flow of air.

For those with keen intuition, even if they can't see people, they can feel the changes in air flow.

And the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye can directly see the changes in the air flow.

In other words, they can only deceive those who are dull intuition or have no pupil skills.

Generally speaking, it is a good prop, which can be used in many occasions, but it is not powerful.

This is also normal.

If Haifeng's Die Escape was so awesome, it would not be discovered.

Putting things into the system space, Kurayoshi glanced out the window.

The moon is hanging in the middle, and the night is already deep.

When the curtains were closed, Kurayoshi lay on the bed and went to sleep.

No words for a night.

On the morning of the second day, I got up early.

Wash your face and brush your teeth for breakfast, and then go to the waterfall hot spring in the back mountain.

He made an agreement with Naruto yesterday and will continue to teach him Helix Pill today.

When he came to the hot spring, Naruto had already started practicing here.

Looking at the sweat on his body, the cultivation time is not short.

Kuroyoshi didn't teach Naruto in the same way as Jiraiya.

Because this is a practice method that Jilaiya found out by himself.

And Jilai also wandered around the hot spring street, and it is possible to pass here at any time.

It would be hard to explain if he saw it.

After all, the number of people may be taught by others, but this unique method of cultivation is not so coincidental, right?

Although Kurayoshi can ignore him, it will always cause some trouble.

So here comes the problem.

Knowing that Jilai also wandered around on the hot spring street, then why teach Naruto Helix Maru here? Isn’t it good to go to other places?

Of course not.

He just wanted to attract Ziya and let Naruto worship him as a teacher.

In this way, he can delegate the task of teaching Naruto to Jiraiya.

Unfortunately, the idea is good.

But after one day of cultivation, no one attracted Ji Lai.

Kuroyoshi noticed that Jiraji had also noticed here, and stayed for a while to observe.

Unfortunately, he didn't come to ask.

Perhaps, he already knows the identity of Naruto!

Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Until a week passed, Naruto couldn't even gather Chakra in his hands.

Jilai finally couldn't stand it anymore, and jumped out from the dark and said, "I have never seen anyone with a worse talent than you."

Naruto was startled by this uncle with white hair and red oil paint eyes, his eyes widened, "Who are you!"


Jilai also snorted coldly, with his hands resting on his chest, and squinting at Kuroyoshi, "You too, you have this kind of strength at this age, but the level of teaching is terrible."