Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 211

"You uncle who popped up suddenly, what are you talking about here!" Naruto came to Jilaiya and asked loudly, "I asked him to teach me Kuroyoshi. You are not allowed to insult him. "

"Hehe, don't you see that you are quite loyal!" Jilai also smiled, "You all show me how I teach people, kid, do as I say, you can definitely make it You learned Helix Pill before the Ninja test in the third game."


Naruto had a question mark on his face, "Uncle, you are stupid, how could you be a ninjutsu like helix pill!"

"It seems you still don't know who I am!"

Ji Lai also bit his finger, and was about to use spiritism to introduce himself.

Kuroyoshi suddenly interrupted, "He is one of the legendary three ninjas and the master of the fourth generation of Naruto."

"Four, four, four, four, four generations of Hokage's master!?"

Naruto looked at this incongruous guy in surprise.

He doesn't know what the legendary Sannin is, but he knows what Naruto is.

It was precisely because he understood the meaning of the two words Hokage that he was surprised.

"Master of the 4th generation of Hokage, just him?"

Naruto only does Jiraiya, with a look of disbelief.

And Ji Lai Ye smashed his face.

Naruto's words hit him badly.

"What do you mean by him?"

Jilai also roared loudly, "I am the legendary Sannin, the master of the 4th generation of Naruto, you look down on me, I still look down on you stinky kid!"

"what did you say!?"

"It seems that you are getting along well, the task of teaching me Naruto is left to you."

Cangji suddenly intervened, and after speaking, he turned and left slowly.

"Hey, wait, I don't want this guy to teach me, you should teach me!"

"Who is going to hand this stinky kid, you come back to me!"

Naruto Jilai also shouted.

Kuroyoshi just smiled, waved his back to them, and shouted: "Get along well."

Chapter 145 Victory of Crushing

When Naruto was handed over to Jiraiya, Kurayoshi himself went to practice.

I went to Exercise Field 39.

There are few people in that remote place, and they are familiar with it, so I feel more at ease in cultivation.

What he practiced this time was those S-level ninjutsu.

The dirty soil turned around, the ghoul was sealed, the art of flying thunder god, thunder che, the art of spiritualization

With the talent bonus of Kakashi and Bofeng Shuimen, he now learns s-level ninjutsu very quickly.

However, this is relatively fast.

Moreover, it is also s-level ninjutsu. Because of its different nature, the learning requirements are different, and the learning progress is naturally different.

For example, when the ghouls are sealed off, this ninjutsu Kurayoshi mastered in a day, but the reincarnated dirt is very slow to learn.

It's almost a week.

And when learning the Art of Flying Thunder God is very fast, almost half a day to learn.

Perhaps Bo Feng Shuimen was not so fast when he learned this technique.

As for Reche

Kuroyoshi already knew how to use it, but he had never practiced it.

After all, it was Kakashi's unique skill, and it was discovered that it was a bit difficult to explain.

Moreover, this is not strong enough to learn ninjutsu.

Of course, there are many ninjutsu learners.

Most of the ninjutsu at the a-level and s-level is forbidden, requiring special talent and potential to learn.

When Kuraki learned the art of spiritualization, he couldn't find a clue.

There are many other forbidden techniques that can be learned but are slow.

The road is still far away. If you walk slowly, it may take a long time to reach the end.

But Kurayoshi has a rocket and I believe it will be there soon.

As time passed by, the daimyo and the leader of Shinobu village from many countries arrived one after another, and Konoha became more and more lively.

However, under the external prosperity, there is an undercurrent.

Naruto Building.

The frequency of Anbu's entry and exit is getting higher and higher, with one piece of information coming out, one piece of dispatching order coming out.

The garrison is highly vigilant and patrols 24 hours a day and night.

Ninjas who went out on missions came back one after another, and Zhongnin stopped going out until the end of the exam.

On the street, you can often see ninjas flying around on the eaves.

The tension in the village made ordinary villagers feel an unusual smell.

Finally, a month passed.

The third session of the Zhongnin exam officially started.

Konoha duel arena.

Nearly 10,000 seats were almost filled, and the big names and ninja leaders from various countries also entered the VIP area one after another, surrounded by accompanying ninjas and guards.

Many dark parts are also arranged to protect the periphery.