Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 212

Outside the arena, more than 50 Uchiha guards are patrolling nearby.

On the wall, in addition to Uchiha's garrison, a large number of ninjas were also mobilized, the worst of which was above Zhongnin.

Prepare enough arrangements to make the three generations of Hokage confident, even if someone has bad intentions, it can be solved perfectly.

The game was announced with the arrival of the third generation of Hokage and the fourth generation of Fengying.

All players enter the arena to meet the audience.

However, Naruto did not come.

Fortunately, his game was the last one, and the game was not delayed.

After all the players met with the audience, the contestants of the first game stayed behind and the rest entered the audience.

Kuroyoshi to Neji.

The first place of the previous edition was compared with the first place of this edition. This gimmick aroused the enthusiasm of the audience.

Various voices such as discussion and betting continued to be heard.

For a while, the audience was full of voices, so lively.

Even Fengying was discussing the outcome of the two with Naruto.

Not to mention outsiders.

In the field, the two stood 5 meters apart.

Ning Ci looked at his indifferent expression, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, revealing a confident smile, "You'd better do your best from the beginning. I am different from others."

"Oh!" Kuroyoshi looked at him with some curiosity, "You are so confident after seeing me crushing Xiao Li. It seems that you are very strong!"

"Of course, because I am the strongest."

"Is it the strongest? You'll know after you compare."

Seeing that the two men continued to talk, the referee Moonlight Hayate hurriedly interjected, "Are you all ready?"

The two looked at him and nodded slightly.

"In that case, the game begins!"

When the voice fell, Ning Ci rushed out, raising his hand and hitting Cangji.

Kuroshitsuji smiled lightly, directly took out a shuriken and threw it at him, and then, both hands knotted.

"Ninfa Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique."

The shuriken is divided into two in the air, two in four, four in sixteen, and sixteen in countless points.

Suddenly, the sky filled the sky with shuriken swords, densely flying towards Ningci.

This dense number cannot be avoided by dodge.

Ning Ci was shocked and stopped hurriedly.

Then, the body began to rotate, and Chakra was continuously released from 365 acupoints throughout the body.

Chakra turns with the body to form a high-speed rotating chakra defense cover.

As soon as the sky shurikens approached, they were knocked down.

When all the shurikens were shot down, Neji stopped spinning.

But before he stood firm, Cangji was already present and punched him in the head.


Ning Ci returned to the defense in time, slapped Cangji's fist with one slap, and hit his abdomen with the other.

It's just that Kuroyoshi is faster and kicks his chest, making it fly out like a cannonball.


Ning Ci's body slammed into the wall, and a deep pit was smashed into it. The surroundings were densely cracked like a spider web, and the whole wall seemed to tremble.

Neji coughed up blood and tried to pull himself out of the wall.

No, I just moved.

Kuroyoshi had turned into an afterimage and rushed in front of him.


With his fist hit his abdomen, Ning Ciru's cooked prawn bent forward and spit out blood again.

The spread of tyrannical forces expanded the pit behind it, and the crack range expanded from one meter to five meters.The violent vibration shocked everyone in the audience.

"How can it be so fast!?" Ning Ci's eyes widened in disbelief.

Kuroyoshi said indifferently: "Of course I have become stronger in this month."

"I got so much stronger in one month"

Neji slowly fell down unwillingly, and raised a dust.

Hayate confirmed the status of Ning Ci and announced the result of the game loudly.

"This game. Kuroyoshi wins!"

There was silence in the audience.

They originally thought this was a battle between dragons and tigers, and it would be a very fierce battle.

But as a result, three moves are the winner.

Is there such a big gap between the first place in the previous year and the first place in this year?

Everyone couldn't believe it.

It's just that everything the eyes see tells them that this is the truth.


There were warm cheers from the audience.

Although the game ended soon, they did not enjoy watching it.