Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 214

Gaara turned around and wanted to ask, but when I saw that Kuroyoshi was heading to the toilet, I temporarily let go of my plan.


"Are you the same as me!"

Gaara clenched his fist on my chest, his facial features were twisted, and his eyes were fierce. "It's not the same guy!"

In the toilet, Kuroyoshi squatted on the toilet to check the information that the system had sent before.

Ding!The special material "Diluted Blood of Big Tome" can be forged, special props "Diluted Big Tome of Crystal", "Wanhua Mirror", "Cage of Destiny", "Indomitable Heart" and "Soul of Genius" can be forged.

"Five props"

Kuroyoshi was a little surprised.

He originally thought that there were two or three that would be the same. After all, there are very few details about Ning Ci. Although his experience is commendable, there is not much to say.

There are so many tragedies in this ninja world, and those of Neji are really nothing.

"It seems that Shi Ningci's own will has made his fate manifest!"

Kuroyoshi sighed and chose forging.

Suddenly, five more props appeared in his hands.

Needless to say, the diluted Otsuki Crystal and Wanhua Mirror are directly integrated and upgraded with Hinata's.

The other three things are the delicate birdcage the size of a palm; the size of a fist, like a heart made of steel; the size of a fist, a ball of light that exudes a soft light.

"The cage of destiny: The cage can grow and shrink with the master's mind. The maximum height is no more than ten meters, and the smallest and shortest is no more than five centimeters. The creatures in the cage will be imprisoned by the long river of destiny, only in countless destinies. You can only leave until you find the fate that escaped the prison."

"The river of fate?" Kuraki looked at the bird cage in his hand and tilted his head slightly, "What is this?"

In his previous life, Kurayoshi often saw the word "long river of fate" in many fantasy.

However, most of them don't have specific explanations, but they are very impressive and tall.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi doesn't know much about the fate.

He wanted to put himself in to try the effect, but he was afraid that he would come out once he got in.

In the end, I put things into the system space and decided to find an enemy to try.

Then, Kurayoshi looked at the heart made of steel.

"The Unyielding Heart: This is a heart with magical powers. After being used by someone, it will give him an unyielding heart. Note: No matter how rough the fate, I will never give in."

A series of props that give people character.

However, the unyielding heart and the spirit of never giving up seem to be similar!

The effect of this prop somewhat overlaps with Little Sun.

Kuroyoshi has used Little Sun before, so this one can be saved.

Putting things away, he looked at the last light ball.

Not surprisingly, like the soul of genius forged from Kakashi and Watergate, it is an item that increases talents.

As the number one of the last rookie, Ning Ci is very talented.

As a division of the family, through watching other people's practice, he developed Huitian and Bagua Sixty-Four Palms that were difficult for the Zong family to master, and he was the first person among the 12 Xiaoqiang to become Shangren.

If it weren't for the death of the Fourth Ninja War, it would not be impossible to become a movie class before the age of 20.


This can be used by Ino.

Chapter 147 Naruto and Gaara

After all the props were collected, Kuroyoshi returned to the players to watch the battle.

Temari and Shikamaru were competing in the field.

It was Kankuro's second match against Yu Nishino.

However, Kankuro chose to abstain in order to preserve his strength.

The two Shikamaru Temari in the third round were on top.


"Has Shikamaru abstained?"

Looking at the arena, Shikamaru, who was thinking about problems behind the big tree, looked frustrated, Kuroyoshi was a little curious.

In the anime, Shikamaru is also preparing to abstain.

As a result, Naruto kicked him from behind.

Now Naruto hasn't rushed to the duel, and I don't know who asked him to go to the competition.

Looking at the expression, it doesn't seem like you have changed your will.

"Kurayoshi, you are too much!"

Just as Kurayoshi was thinking about it, Naruto's voice came from behind.

Okay, don't think about it.

Kuroyoshi smiled and turned to look around, Naruto's figure just came out from inside.

Naruto came to Kuraki and said angrily: "He said yes to help me practice, but after throwing me at the lecherous fairy, he ran away!"

"I can't help it!" Kuroyoshi shrugged, looking helpless, "That's the legendary Sannin, I can't compare to him when I shoot a horse."

"That's true!"

Naruto nodded in agreement. Then, after a turn of the conversation, he believed: "Kurayoshi, I have become a lot stronger this month. When I fell, we will see you in the final."

"You better beat Gaara before talking!"

Hearing Kuraki mentions, Naruto remembered that his opponent in the first round was Gaara.

The conflict in the street a month ago, in the second qualifier, Gaara's invincible posture when he crushed his opponent, all made Naruto feel very stressed.

Although he has become stronger this month, he is still not 100% sure to win the game.