Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 215


Even if you are not sure, you can't lose your momentum.

Naruto's momentum rose in an instant, "Gaara is just a little bit, I will definitely win."

"is it?"

A faint voice came from behind.

Naruto's body became stiff, then slowly turned to see Gaara looking at him calmly.

However, although the expression was very calm, the bloodshot eyes were full of murderous intent, which was chilling.

Naruto shivered subconsciously.

Then he plucked up his courage and stepped forward, pointing at Gaara to provoke him, "Yes, I am going to be a man from Hokage! How could I lose to someone else!"


Gaara's mouth raised slightly, and a sneer was outlined, "Only in this way can it be interesting to kill."

After speaking, he glanced at Kurayoshi, who had been watching the show, then turned and left.

Shayin's contestants are on the opposite side.

He just saw Naruto and wanted to come over and take a look to see what kind of guy this person like himself is like.


Ha ha!

Seeing Gaara's back disappear into the darkness in the passage, Naruto's legs softened and reached the ground.

"What kind of look is that!" Naruto couldn't help but said with fear: "That hatred seems to kill everyone, and"



Naruto looked at Kurayoshi who suddenly interrupted, blinked, and asked, "Do you know that?"

Kuroyoshi smiled and said, "Gaara is like you, with a monster sealed inside."

"He's the same as me?"

Naruto was a little surprised, as if he had never thought that there was another person in the world who had encountered himself.

"Not bad." Kuroyoshi nodded and said: "It's not just that the monster is sealed in the same body, but your experience when you were young is also very similar, but he is more miserable."

Naruto didn't speak, but waited quietly.

Kuroyoshi leaned on the railing, looking up at the white clouds floating in the sky.

"Shouhe is sealed in his body, because the seal is incomplete, he has not dared to sleep from birth, otherwise he will be taken away by Shouhe."

"Moreover, people fear the monsters in his body, fear the power, and thus fear people who are afraid of the sealer monster. This is the clearest point compared to you!"


Naruto nodded and said sadly: "No one wants to approach me. They look at me with fear, fear, and hatred. No matter what I do, they can't get approval. That kind of look."

Looking back at his childhood, Naruto couldn't help but shiver when the villagers looked at him.

"You're okay!" Kuroyoshi smiled, "Although most of the villagers are afraid to hate you, but I, Iluka, Shikamaru and others recognize your existence."

"Yeah!" A smile appeared on Naruto's face. "Sometimes I can't help but think, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know what I would be like. I can't help thinking deeply every time. Every time I feel scared, that kind of me is absolutely unacceptable to me now."

"However, Gaara has taken a path that you absolutely cannot accept!" Kuroyoshi sighed: "Not only adults, children of the same age are also afraid of him, and even, because of the long-term inability to sleep, which leads to mental instability, his father Fengying I want to kill him and let the only uncle who loves him die in Gaara's hands."

Naruto couldn't help shaking his hands.

He changed his position and thought, what would happen if he killed Iruka and Kuroyoshi himself?

It is totally unimaginable.

"So, seeing you as a human being has friends and caring people, he is very jealous, so jealous that he desperately wants to kill you!"


Naruto was silent for a while, then let out a deep breath.

He stood up, turned around, and looked at Gaara who was back at the Shayin player stage with firm eyes.

"I will defeat him, and I will save him from hell!"

"Really." Kuroyoshi smiled lightly, "I look forward to your performance."

At this time, there was warm applause in the audience.

The two looked down the court, Shikamaru bound with shadow and gave in.

However, although lost.

But the cheers and applause of the audience were all given to him.

He brought a wonderful intellectual showdown for everyone.

Shikamaru Temari exited the field separately, and Hayate shouted towards the contestant stage: "The next game, Gaara will face Naruto Uzumaki."

"It's your turn." Kuroyoshi looked at Naruto.


Naruto nodded and jumped straight down.

Gaara, a sand instant, dissipates like a sand incarnation, and gathers and forms in the arena like sand.

Seeing the two of them seated, Hayate nodded, "Then, the game begins."

However, neither of them moved.

They stood five meters apart, looking at each other.

The fumigation wind blows, and a puff of sand is set off.

Naruto looked at Gaara's indifferent eyes and expression, feeling a little complicated.

"I heard Kuroyoshi talk about your situation."