Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 216


"There is also a monster sealed in me."

Naruto stroked the seal on his stomach, as if to confide in it, and as if to mutter to himself, "I have experienced this as well by being afraid, hated, and alienated, but"

Naruto raised his head and stared at him firmly, "I will never become like you. I will never let go of the bond that was finally harvested, and I will take you from the hell I have experienced before. Pull it out!"

"What a big talk!"

The sand rises like a sea wave, carrying Gaara's anger towards Naruto.

Chapter 148 Human Pillar Force vs. Human Pillar Force (5/5)

Naruto didn't seem to have thought Gaara would start suddenly, facing this wave of sand assault, he could only flee in a hurry.

However, he does not have the same speed as Kuroyoshi and Xiao Li, and he dodges in embarrassment.

"what happened?"

Gaara grinned and laughed.

"Aren't you going to beat me?"

"Don't you want to pull me out of hell?"

"Are you going to pull me out of hell like this?"

From the corner of Naruto's eyes, he glanced back, behind Shahai, Gaara raised his head and laughed wildly, looking majestic.

However, Naruto saw the desolation behind from this majestic surface.

It is an armor called "power" armed to protect the fragile heart.


Thinking of what Kuroyoshi said about Gaara's past, Naruto felt angry in his heart, "I must pull you out of the abyss of hell."

While running, Naruto knotted his hands.

"The technique of multiple shadow clones!"

"Bang Bang Bang"

As the white smoke exploded, countless Naruto rushed out of it, and the number of them occupied Gaara's vision for a while.

"That's right!"

Gaara was not surprised and rejoiced, "The only way to kill is fun!"

As the voice fell, Gaara stretched out his right hand and waved.

Shaza visited back like a soldier who had heard the order, sweeping in front of him like a tornado.

Those shadow avatars broke at the touch of a touch, turning into smoke and dissipating.


The body is not there.


The sound came from behind with the howling of the air, Gaara turned around a little flustered.

The figures of two Naruto rubbing a ball of chakra balls spinning at high speed occupied all the field of vision.

"Spiral pill!"

The chakra ball broke through the sand's automatic defense and pressed hard against Gaara's belly.

The time seemed to pause for a second.

In the next moment, Gaara opened his eyes wide, his body spun and flew out, and hit the wall fiercely. The powerful power made the entire auditorium shake fiercely.

Such a powerful power made the entire audience exclaim in unison.

They didn't expect that a crane tail would use such a powerful ninjutsu when under the ninja.

Recalling the performance of Kuroyoshi in the first game, those daimyo and ninja bosses couldn't help but exclaimed: "Are Konoha's Shinnins so terrifying?"


The shadow clone disappeared.

Naruto stood there quietly without rushing forward.

He also heard the comments in the audience, but there was no fluctuation in his heart.

Past experience, the teachings of my father.

Now, knowing that Gaara has the same or even more tragic and dark past than himself, he just wants to save this man whose body and mind are frequently destroyed.

The way to save him is to defeat him, and defeat him with absolute power.

Naruto wants to tell him in this way that your path is wrong, and my path is correct.

Although the road is uneasy, as long as you persist and work hard, the road ahead will be bright.

Suddenly, an unknown, terrifying breath diffused from the smoke.

Everyone feels it, although not against themselves.

But I just noticed it and felt a palpitation.

And those ninjas looked solemnly at the smoke rising in the arena.

That unknown, terrifying breath came from inside.

Feeling the solidification of the duel arena, Feng Ying smiled lightly and said, "Gaara is a human force, is he using the power of the tail beast to be a foul?"

"Naturally it is not a foul."

Sarutobi glanced at Fengying and said, "However, if any unexpected changes occur to the players in the arena, Konoha's ninja will stop it immediately."

"I'm relieved with the words of your Hokage."

Feng Ying seemed to heaved a sigh of relief as he said, "Our Shayin's sealing technique is not so mature, which caused Gaara's mental state to be unstable. When I fall, if something goes wrong, please ask Konoha. Ninja help a lot."

"As an ally, this is a matter of course."