Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 217

As he said, a sharp light flashed in Saruto's eyes.

Not to mention off the court, on the court.

Naruto also felt this breath.

It was frightening, scared, and his legs could not help but tremble slightly.

"Is this the breath of the monster in Gaara." Naruto looked at the smoke with firm gaze, as if he saw Gaara inside through the smoke. "The people in his village are also so afraid of him. His! If I fear him, fear him, isn't it just pushing him on the edge of the cliff?"

"This kind of thing"

"How could I do it!!!"

Courage rushed out along with the roar, together with the orange Chakra.The substantial amount of chakra is like a flame burning.

With the appearance of this chakra, the breath that appeared before was swept away.What was swept away together was the palpitations that I felt because of that breath.

Naruto's roar conveyed his courage to everyone present.

Sarutobi smiled and nodded with a pipe in his hand.

The ninjas looked at Naruto one by one, and ordinary people, whether they were outside audiences or villagers in the village, spontaneously cheered for Naruto.


The wind howled, the huge black shadow broke through the smoke and dust, and hit the vortex Naruto.

It is a giant claw made of sand with violet lines on it.

This raid was not only big, it was also fast.

Many Zhongren watching the game in the audience did not react.

But Naruto is no longer the Naruto at the beginning of the game.

Wearing a demon fox coat, his nerve response, speed, strength, all soared, and the average Shangren couldn't compare with it.


The air tore, Naruto turned into a black shadow and disappeared in place.

The next second, appeared on the giant claw.

People exclaimed for Naruto's boldness, and the sand on the giant claws continued to stretch out their tiny palms to grab Naruto's bare feet.

Naruto stepped forward and ran along the giant claws into the smoke, the tiny palms could only follow behind to eat ashes.

As time passed, most of the smoke and dust there had dissipated, and Gaara's figure had been exposed.

The left side of his body was wrapped in sand, only his eyes were exposed.

However, those eyes have also changed.

The eyes like sand, the black cross-star pattern in the pupils, and the murderous eyes, the hideous faces are really monsters.

However, Naruto had no fear in his heart.

He was just a little surprised, and then speeded up and rushed towards Gaara.

Its speed is so fast that the air that it drives will tear the giant claws apart.



The fist wrapped in Chakra hit the incredulous face, and Naruto yelled: "There is nothing impossible. Even if the world is dark, you will definitely find light. Gaara, go find and catch Live in your own light!"


Accompanied by the deafening sound, the entire duel field shook severely.

The venue was covered by smoke and dust.

Chapter 149 Konoha collapse plan begins

The stadium was obscured by smoke.

Kankuro Temari looked down nervously, worried inside.

Both worry about Gaara's safety, but also worry that Gaara will be completely beasted here, causing the plan to change.

Sain and Otonin's plan is to attack by a ninja lurking outside in the exam finals, and then Gaara becomes a beast with the tail and the inside and the outside, so that Konoha can't look at each other.

But the plan cannot keep up with the changes.

They never thought that Konoha, besides Kuroyoshi, had other Shinnins who could force Gaara to this point.

As Fengying said.

Shayin's tail beast's sealing technology is imperfect, which makes Gaara unable to sleep and extremely unstable.

Once hurt, the spirit is further stimulated, and it is not strange to do anything.

Moreover, he seemed to be particularly emotional about Konoha's tolerance.

Gradually, the smoke dissipated.

The two figures in the field returned to everyone's field of vision.

Gaara lay in the sunken and cracked wall, with dense cracks on his body, and part of it turned into small gravel and flowed down. From the broken place, blood could be seen flowing down.

Naruto, on his knees in front of him, kicked.

"Oh oh oh"

Thunderous applause and cheers erupted from the audience.

The Konoha ninjas who knew the inside story were even more relieved.

It is the best situation to be able to defeat Gaara in this way without accidents.

However, a few people looked at Gaara with furrowed brows.

They all felt that there was a powerful chakra gestating in their bodies, which was the prelude to the outbreak.

Hayate looked at the state of the two of them, and he was also relieved.

"So, the winner of this game"