Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 218

Before I finished speaking, Gaara burst out of a powerful chakra.

The sand that fell on my body, the sand that had fallen on the ground seemed to have consciousness again and revolved around Gaara.

The wind swept through, and the dust whistled.

When everything was calm, Gaara was wrapped in sand, forming a human-like existence like a civet cat.

In the arena, everyone who has seen Shouhe took a breath.

Because Gaara's current posture is like a human-sized guard crane.

Cheers, the applause stopped abruptly.

The sudden change shocked everyone, including Naruto.

Gaara did not miss the opportunity.

He stretched out his hand to Naruto, and a large amount of sand sprang up on the ground, entangled him tightly, and then tightened.

Naruto struggled, not only unable to break away, but tightening.


Gaara dragged his left arm and raised his head and laughed wildly, "What's the matter with you?"

"Don't you say you want to save me?"

"that's all?"




Gaara laughed, and my heart became more and more angry, "Obviously I am the same monster, but I have friends. I am obviously a monster, but I have the heart to save others. I am obviously a monster, but he has what I hate, those rejections. Our human eyes are obviously a monster, but they are pursuing what humans have."

"We are monsters!"

"We should hate everything, hate everything, destroy everything, you will be held in my hand, and you will end up where you are now. You are so weak because you, a monster, are pursuing human life!"

Gaara seems to be denying Naruto, but in fact it is more to vent the tragic past experience. The roar from the soul echoed in the sky, making everyone startled and contemplative.

Just as Gaara viewed himself, they used to view Naruto in the same way, thinking that he was a monster.

However, Naruto is different from Gaara.

Although always mischievous, mischievous, not liked.

But at most they are just bear kids, different from monsters.

Even if he becomes a monster, it is not that he himself is a monster, but a monster that is turned into by human prejudice.

At the thought of this, each of these adults became heavy and guilty.

Without comparison, there is no gap.

Gaara's appearance gave them another possibility for Naruto.

Fortunately, Naruto is not Gaara.

"No." Naruto said hardly: "It's not a monster."

Naruto took a breath and raised his voice loudly, "I am me, I am Naruto Uzumaki, I will become a Hokage in the future!"

Gaara was startled, and the civet-like face became even more distorted, "Then you go to die! Sand-bound scorpion!"

The sand tightened suddenly, and Naruto's bones and internal organs were crushed.

Naruto suddenly raised his head, the scarlet pupils were frightening.

Gaara was shocked, and the bound sand loosened a little.

Naruto took this opportunity to seal.

"The technique of multiple shadow clones!"

The dense doppelganger opened up the gravel, took the kunai, and rushed towards Gaara.


Gaara swept away, sweeping away a piece of Naruto.

But more Naruto rushed over.

He glanced at the arena in a hurry, and it was densely packed, all with Naruto's shadow clones, and Naruto stood on the wall.

The referee Moonlight and Hayate was squeezed into the audience.

Such a large number made Gaara flustered.

"Damn it, am I going to lose?"

Gaara doubted his confidence for the first time.

But when he thinks of his past tragic experience, he also thinks of Naruto Uzumaki who has the same experience but heads towards a completely different life from his own.

His existence completely denies himself and denies his past.

"I'm not afraid of winning or losing, but I just don't want to lose to this guy, come out! The monster in my body!"

In all directions, densely packed Uzumaki Naruto rushed towards Gaara.

Seeing that Gaara's figure was submerged, Naruto was overjoyed and directed the other shadow clones to press up, not giving Gaara a chance to turn over.

In the next second, the hand of Sand rose like an Optimus Prime.

The hand of sand supported the ground, and the rock and soil linking the earth dried up and turned into sand, which was then absorbed to form a 20-meter tall civet cat that occupies the entire arena.

Ichio Morizuru officially debuted.

There was a moment of silence, and there were screams everywhere.

In the VIP area, the accompanying ninja guarding the daimyo leader retreated.

In the ordinary auditorium, ordinary people fled around.

Many Otonin Sharen suddenly appeared and killed the surrounding guards.