Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 219

"Protect the safety of the lords, cover the retreat of the people, Kuroyoshi"

Sarutobi stood up and commanded.

However, when the words were halfway through, Feng Ying came to him behind him with an instantaneous spell, and held him back with Kuunai.

Naruto's guards immediately surrounded Fengkage and his guards, "Let Hokage-sama!"

"Don't act rashly!"

Sarutobi raised his hand to stop the guard's next move, and he cast his eyes on the duel field.

After Shouhe came out, there was no action.

Kuroyoshi was stopped by a man in a cloak.

The surrounding security team and Anbe were covering the people and daimyo to evacuate safely, while fighting the sudden appearance of Sha Ren Yin Ren.

It takes time to let the audience retreat safely.

The corner of Sarutobi's eyes curled the figure behind his eyes, and calmly said, "Your Excellency Fengying, can't you talk about it on the table? It's too late to stop now."

Chapter 150 Cangji VS Luosha

"who are you?"

Seeing the mysterious person who suddenly appeared in front of him, wrapped in a cloak, Kuroyoshi became vigilant.

In fact, yesterday, the third generation of Hokage gave him a task.

If Gaara turns into a beast at the end of the game, he must be restrained by Mu Dun.

And he is preparing to do so.

When Gaara released Shouhe, he was ready to subdue him with wooden escape.

However, this mysterious person suddenly appeared and stood in front of him.

This person appeared suddenly, without any signs, and was definitely not a person who was waiting.

Faced with Kuroyoshi's question, the mysterious man did not answer, only the corners of his mouth under his hood raised slightly.

Kuraki had a bad heart, and was about to make the first move.

But seeing that man raised his hand to aim at him, Sha Jin surged from behind like a wave.

In summer, the sun is scorching.

In the blazing sunlight, Sha Jin gleamed with a blinding dog's eye.

Kurayoshi's eyes were pierced by golden light, and he fell into blindness for a short time, his reaction was slow, and he was swallowed up by a wave like sand gold.

Efforts to crawl out of the ocean of the sands, Kurayoshi found himself rushed into the space inside the contestant passage.

The mysterious person wrapped in a cloak slowly walked in from the entrance, "How could you let you kid destroy the plan, although the plan was disrupted by Gaara."

Looking at the visitor, Kuraki gritted his teeth, "Four generations of Fengying, Luo Sha."

"Oh!" The mysterious man disagreeed. "It's Konoha's kid, but he can see through my identity so quickly."

While speaking, Luo Sha took off his hood, revealing the same reddish brown hair and deep dark circles as Wu Gaara.

"Sure enough, you guy."

In the entire Ninja World, only the 4th generation Fengying Rakshasa used sterilization attacks.

In the original anime.

Oshemaru will assassinate Rakshasa on his way to Konoha to watch the Zhongnin exam.

But now, because of the more variable Kuroyoshi.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of Konoha's collapse plan, Dashemaru did not assassinate Luo Sha halfway.

Instead, he chose to cooperate with him and let him deal with Kuroyoshi.

"Boy, don't blame me if you are dead, this is war." Luo Sha put her hands on her chest, and the predecessor's attitude looked down at Kuraki. your."

"Coincidentally, I thought so too."

Zhang Ji smiled lightly, and his hands were sealed.

But before he finished the seal, the sands under his feet flew up automatically and wrapped around his body.

The previous wave of sand gold made this not-so-small space piled up with sand gold everywhere, and the same was true at the feet of Kuroyoshi.

Seeing that Sha Jin was about to wrap Cangji, Luo Sha was about to tighten.

Suddenly, he heard the howling of the wind, and immediately erected a sand shield behind him.

The next second, Kuroyoshi appeared behind him, cutting out a long knife in his hand.


The echo of metal collisions is constantly transmitted in this space.

Luo Sha controlled the sand gold and turned it into a big hand to catch Kurayoshi, but Kurayoshi disappeared early.

"So fast!"

Luo Sha was secretly surprised and erected an impermeable golden sand wall around her body.

Cangji kept turning backwards, and after spreading a distance of seven or eight meters, his hands quickly formed a seal.

"Fire escape fire dragon flame bomb."

"Wind Escape makes a big breakthrough."

The blazing flame roared like a dragon, and then a gust of wind blows up, fueling the fire, and the two intersect, just as the dragon descends.

The indoor environment is illuminated and the air heats up rapidly.

The impermeable sand gold wall suddenly became hot and began to melt.

Upon seeing this, Cangji increased the output of Chakra, and the fire became more powerful.

However, Kurayoshi, who focused on the front, did not notice behind him.

A group of sand gold kept squirming, and finally formed the appearance of a person, holding the sand gold to Kuraji.