Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 220


Kuunai pierced Kurayoshi's neck.

However, no blood flowed out, but burst into a cloud of smoke.

"Shadow clone!"

Luo Sha was shocked, the secret path was bad, and she quickly erected four golden walls in all directions.

But it was too late.

When the golden wall slowly rises, Kurayoshi is shuttled like a phantom, holding a large chakra ball rotating at high speed.

It turned out that when the golden wall was raised before Luosha, he also lost his vision.

Kuroyoshi used the shadow clone at that time and let the shadow clone attack.

As a shadow-level master, Luo Sha cannot fail to consider the situation in which the enemy will use fire to escape when using the golden wall.

He used this way, there must be something for him.

Even a little Kuroyoshi attacked with a shadow clone.

If Luosha does not have a back hand, then use the high temperature to cook him, if he has a back hand, then this shadow clone is the bait to attract the back hand.

And all this is developing as expected by Kuroyoshi.

"Dayu spiral pill!"

The chakra group the size of a basketball spins at high speed, and the air flow it drives destroys the rising golden wall, rushing towards the people inside like a bamboo.

Luo Sha jumped back.

However, his speed was not as good as Kuroyoshi, and the retreat between rushes was not as good as the sprint that was ready to go.

Even if they retreat in time, they can only be quickly pulled closer.

Near, near, and almost hit.

As the victory approached, Kuroyoshi was a little excited, and his vigilant heart also relaxed.

Suddenly, a figure jumped quickly behind him, the weapon in his hand exuding a heart-palpitating cold light.

Kuroyoshi noticed the attacker behind him.

But to give up the victory

"Don't think about it!"

Cangji yelled and pressed the Big Jade Helix Pill on Luosha's body, and the violent power instantly shredded the clothes on his chest, and then, spinning at high speed and flying out.

As for Kurayoshi, a sharp weapon pierced his neck.

The man has not yet planned to stop.

With a turn of the blade, he tried to cut off Kuroyoshi's entire head.

With the pain of piercing and roaring, Kuroyoshi grabbed the pierced knife tip, and drew the guardian sword with his free hand.

With the injection of Chakra, the cold air that penetrated into the bones was released, and the area centered on Kuroyoshi quickly frozen and continued to spread outward.

The attacker had to let go of his weapon and retreat.

Kuroyoshi did not pursue the person who forced the attack back.

The admiral took out the weapon inserted into his neck, and blood gurgled out like an open faucet.

However, the water was stopped in one second and returned to its original state in two seconds.

The healing power of the perfect immortal human body healed this fatal wound in an instant.

Kurayoshi looked at the weapon in his hand.

It was a bone knife, which was more tough than a normal metal knife, and was far more sharp than a metal knife.

Seeing this bone knife, Kuroyoshi knew who the attacker was.

Nowadays, there is only one person in this world who still uses bone knives.

Sure enough, when Kuraki looked up at the attacker, the opponent slowly pulled out a bone knife from his left arm.

White clothes and white hair, handsome face, pale expression, dusty temperament, and an elegant feeling that does not belong to the ninja style.

Taketori Jun Maro.

Chapter One Hundred and Fifty One

Taketori-kun Maro, or Kaguya-kun Maro.

This is the partial branch bloodline left over from the Datongmu clan, who are born with a strong will to fight, and the best of them also have the blood boundary to fight with the bones in the body.

Junmaro is the only remaining blood of the Taketo family, and the most talented person in that family.

Because of the blood inheritance, he was feared by the clansmen, and was kept in prison since he was a child.

It was not until the family was ready to rebel against Mist, before being released to fight.

At that time, he had never been trained, but relied on instinct to get in and out of the misty ninja.

Junmaro's talent and strength are beyond doubt.

He possesses the basic qualities of an elite ninja, bones and blood successors, plus the curse seal given to him by the big snake pill.

His strength is undoubtedly the shadow.


"Hui Ye..."

Hearing the system prompt in his mind, Kuroyoshi smiled lightly and put the bone in his hand away.

This thing is Junmaro's hand bone, which can be used to forge props.

Junmaru looked calmly, his arm bones were completely pulled out, the bones were sharp and sharp, and could easily cut steel.

He raised his arm and pointed his sword at Kuroyoshi, "Sure enough, as Oshemaru-sama said, you can't kill you without destroying your consciousness. Then, I will destroy your consciousness! Liu Zhiwu!"

The figure turned into an afterimage and burst out, as briskly as the wind, matched with the white hair and white clothes, it floated out of dust.