Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 221


Kuroyoshi is faster.

The afterimage suddenly reached halfway, and Kuroshitsuji came first, rushing to Junmaro first, and the long sword pierced his eyes.

He knew that Junmaro had a hard periosteum on his body, so he attacked to the point.

The two-phase acceleration will come in an instant.

Junmaro hadn't reacted yet, but his vision was bright, he instinctively felt dangerous, and his body moved backward before he realized it.


Jian Feng groaned softly and wiped off Jun Maru's face, bringing up a blood line.

The inertia made the two rush far away, as if they had exchanged positions.

However, when the two of them stood in the distance, Kuroyoshi disappeared instantly, and appeared in front of Junmaro the next second.

Chakra, who was wrapped in a sharp blade with wind attributes, slashed at Junmaro.

This is the Art of Flying Thunder God.

Before taking the shot, Kuroyoshi had thought of the situation that one blow could not be achieved, so he took the lead in leaving the mark of Thunder God under his feet.

When Junmaro relied on instinct to hide, Kurayoshi's backhand returned to the spot, and he made a surprise attack.

Not to mention this speed, even this suddenness, is also unexpected.

Naturally, Junmaro has no time to escape.

But being unable to avoid it does not mean that you can only sit and wait for death.

The ribs of the chest cavity pop out like a butterfly knife, standing side by side like sharp blades.


too short.

The sword light of the guardian is that the blade has three feet, and Junmaro's ribs are only one foot more even though they pop out like sharp weapons.

This is just a dying struggle, meaningless.

The sword pierced his eyes without hesitation, and the blood burst out.

Just as Kurayoshi was about to increase his strength and pierce his brain, the sands scattered under his feet seemed to come alive and turned into big hands and grabbed it.

Close the knife, instantaneous surgery.

Kuroyoshi didn't hesitate at all, and his whole body disappeared instantly, until he landed in a place where there was no golden sand nearby.

Rasa's Sands Ninjutsu is no better than Junmaro's bone knife.

Perhaps the injury is not as direct as a sharp weapon, but it can control a person to death and cannot move.

If you add another seal technique, then everything will stop.

He can ignore Junmaro's bone sword, but he can't ignore the sands of Luosha.

After confirming that he was in a safe position, he raised his head and looked in the direction where Luo Sha was knocked off before.

Luo Sha lay in the broken wall, the clothes on the chest and abdomen were broken, revealing the twisted skin and flesh, and there were blood and internal organ fragments on the ground beside it.

This guy made a layer of armor on his body with golden sand before being hit by the Daiyu spiral pill.

Otherwise, the big jade spiral pill can't be so powerful.

However, although his life was saved, Luo Sha was already at the end of the battle, and it was not to be feared.

The sneak attack just now used up his last strength.

Seeing Kuroyoshi dodging, he couldn't help lowering his arms with regret.

However, although Luosha failed to make a surprise attack, he bought time for Junmaro.

Taking advantage of this effort, it completed the change in the form of the curse seal, and it was in the state of the curse seal two.

The skin became dark brown, there were countless sharp bones protruding from the back of his chest, and a long tail was dragged behind him.

This state is the strength of Junmaro as a shadow.

Under normal circumstances, he is just the elite.

Cangji faintly remembered that the fat man of the four people of Otonin had said when dealing with Ding Ci that the state of Shu Yinyi could increase the whole body power speed by ten times.

As for how much Curse Yin II can increase, it didn't say.

However, no matter how you think, it will only be better than the curse.

Zhang Jie regretted not being able to kill Junmaro in his weakest state.

However, it is just a little more effort.

Junmaro didn't speak, his eyes were fixed on Kurayoshi.

The speed of the anti-play and the teleportation-like ninjutsu made him not careless, and he didn't even dare to look away from him.

Kuroyoshi noticed Junmaro's state of being on the verge of an enemy, and smiled lightly, "I won't play with you anymore."

With that, Kuraki lifted the guardian sword and threw it out.

The target is not Junmaro, but Rosa.

Although he was seriously injured at this time, he could not move.

But who knows when it will come back, so kill him first.

Junmaro did not expect Kuroyoshi to do this, and it was too late to rescue him.

No, he never thought of rescue.

He is not familiar with Luo Sha, only temporary cooperation.

To expose a flaw in order to save a person who has lost combat power is an act of seeking death.

Luo Sha may be really out of strength.

Seeing the guardian sword shooting towards him, he didn't move, and could only watch the sword getting closer and closer.