Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 222


Luo Sha's eyes widened as the sword inserted into the heart.

what!It was actually killed by a kid.

I don't know what will happen to Gaara.

Although it was to fulfill Fengying's duties, as a father, I really failed.

His head slowly dropped, Luo Sha completely lost consciousness.

Kurayoshi didn't pay attention to the situation on Rosa's side.

Because, after he threw the sword, Junmaro buried his head and rushed over.

During the sprint, several sharp bones protruded from the right arm.

They entangled with each other to form a huge drill bit, matching the speed of Junmaro's curse seal two state, rushing like a chariot.

Kuroyoshi smiled, and patted his hands: "Mu Dun·Birthday of the Tree World!"

The floor cracked one after another, and the saplings raised their heads, took root and sprouted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then quickly grew.

The passage for not-so-small players was instantly filled, and Junmaro was also tied up after cutting off the roots of the tree.

The big trees did not stop growing, they continued to grow, bend their waists by the ceiling, and then pushed the ceiling together and broke through the floor.

Kuroyoshi stood on the top of the tree and came outside as the tree grew.

Chapter 152—One Man Ends War

The place where Kurayoshi came out was the position of the auditorium.

He stood on the big tree and looked around, taking in the surrounding situation.

First of all, because of the birth of the tree world, the right half of the duel are all occupied by lush green trees.

Inside the venue, the audience has long been missing, and the nearby streets are also silent, with only the sound of weapon collisions and explosions from time to time.

There are hundreds of Otonin and Sandyuki fighting with dozens of Konoha ninjas.

Kuroyoshi saw Kay, Kakashi, and Yamato inside.

And their opponents are Yakushidou, Maji, and Guren.

The two sides played inextricably.

Because they were on the battlefield, they didn't dare to consume chakras excessively. They used physiques, ninjutsu, and detonating talisman to fight.

Naruto and Gaara disappeared.

Outside the duel arena, the roof of a classical building.

With the four purple flames erected by the four people of Yinnin, the third generation of Hokage is singles out the first generation and second generation of the reincarnated Dashemaru and the dirty land.

But all the Anbes couldn't help but stare outside.

In the distance, in the direction of the Konoha boundary, there was a lot of billowing smoke, and there were explosions from time to time.

Even if they were well prepared, they would still suffer a bit in terms of numbers against Sandyuki, who is also one of the five major ninja villages, and Otonin.

I don't know how those ninjas lurked near Konoha.

In Mingming anime, the undead duo organized by Akatsuki entered Konoha and were soon discovered.

Perhaps, the undead duo did not deliberately hide their relationship!

Shaking his head, Kuroyoshi threw out the cranky thoughts in his mind and looked at the tall buildings outside the duel arena.

The three generations of Naruto 1 vs. 3 have fallen into a big disadvantage.

If you don't help, you may not be able to save it.

and so

"Let me end this war!"

Cangji put his hands together and said, "Mu Dun Hua Shujie is here."


Each shoot broke through the ground, lifted up, and grew rapidly, only to grow into a towering tree in an instant.

Within 5 kilometers, it became a forest.

Flower bones grow on a strange plant, and then in bloom, large yellow pollen is scattered.

The sudden change caused the fighting ninjas to stop one after another, and then retreated one by one, clutching their noses.

In fact, they had already spotted him when Kurayoshi's tree world birthday broke through the audience.

However, because it didn't affect him, plus the enemy in front of him, he ignored it.

Someone will solve it.

Everyone holds this mentality and focuses on fighting the enemy in front of them.

But now, they can't help but ignore it.

However, the 5 kilometers of the forest covered everyone in it, and the yellow pollen filled the entire forest.

The vision is obscured, no enemies can be found, nor can they escape.

All that is left is despair.

"Boom boom boom"

The ninjas fell one after another.

No matter Otonin, Sa Yin, or Konoha.

"Everyone of Konoha, don't panic. Making pollen is just a psychedelic nature and no other harm." Standing on the top of the tree, Kurayoshi shouted with a temporary newspaper trumpet.

Mu Dun does not have the function of identifying friend or foe.

In order to avoid harming the friendly forces, so, it is just to sprinkle some coma pollen.

"Damn it!"