Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 223

A woman's roar came from the forest.

Accompanied by the sound, the dragon's chants resounded across the sky, and a red crystal dragon rose into the sky with a woman standing on the dragon's head.

The green dress, pear head, slightly beautiful.

It is the spare container of Dashe Pill, the "red lotus" with the "crystal escape" of blood succession.

She stood on the dragon's head, making seals with her hands.

But before she finished the seal, the forest below seemed to come alive, and the branches and vines burst out, entwining the crystal dragon.

Then, contract hard.


The crystal dragon shattered like glass, and Honglian took the initiative to jump down and land on the top of a big tree, then without stopping, jumped to the top of another tree, and then another.

The branches and vines rising in the forest are always a step slower, unable to catch her.

After a while, Honglian approached Cangji, and when he was only five meters away, he suddenly jumped up at him, and he quickly sealed his hands in the air.

Kuroyoshi smiled softly at her.

Then, the figure flashed and disappeared in place.

When Guren was stunned, Kurayoshi appeared in front of her, "Just be honest!"

With that, he kicked her belly and made her fall from the air into the forest.

Countless branches and vines came quickly, entangled her tightly.

Being in a bad taste, Kuroyoshi learned the famous tortoise shell binding in the past life.

However, because the technology is not at home, the binding is a bit bad.

The result is self-defeating and has a special flavor.

Seeing Kuraki hurriedly shifted his attention, for fear that he could not hold it.

It's just that it's okay not to transfer.

As soon as he shifted his gaze, he saw something painful.

Da She Maru ran away with Otonin and four people.

What the hell?

Haven't dozens of episodes played in the anime?

Is it over here so soon?

That's not right, but my hands are fine, and no one can run away!

Although the three generations of Hokage were panting, they didn't die?


Kuroyoshi couldn't understand the situation.

In fact, Oshemaru was scared away by Kuroyoshi.

The 5 kilometers of the flower and tree world came, and only the first Hokage could make it out before his death.

Kuroyoshi resorted to the flower and tree world to come, making Oshemaru think that Kuroyoshi's strength had grown to the level of the original Naruto in this month.

Knowing that Konoha's collapse plan had failed, he ran away with someone.

However, he didn't know that Kuroyoshi's Mu Dun was far less powerful than he thought.

He can only use the wood dragon technique or the Mingshen gate at most now, and the wood man technique can't be used, let alone such a large range of flowers and trees.

He borrowed the Chakra who kept the ring of cranes to achieve this effect.

As for why not Chakra’s stronger ring of the nine lamas

Although the chakras of the Nine Lama Rings are even more amazing, the golden special effects are undoubtedly like light bulbs in this battlefield.

Kuroyoshi didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble, so he only used the Ring of Shou Crane.

Moreover, the arrival of the flower and tree circles within 5 kilometers is enough.

Chakra is not about how many, just enough.

However, the misunderstanding of Dashemaru made Kuroyoshi very depressed.

He originally planned to obtain the first and second generation chakras in this event to forge props related to them.

But now, the plan fell through.

"Fuck! I knew I was going to solve the Oshe Maru first." Cangji was upset.

Although there will be more sacrifices in doing so.

But the life and death of a group of people I don’t know is my shit.

Dashewan ran away, and the fourth generation of Fengying died.

The elites who sneaked into Konoha were swept away.

The trend is over.

Konoha wins.

The war is over.

Chapter 153 The Sealed Pot

It is said that Konoha won a big victory, but not at all.

The three generations of Hokage were exhausted in this battle, and his old body was completely paralyzed, and he could only take a wheelchair in the future.

He can no longer serve as Hokage.

More than 50 ninjas died, more than 100 missing arms and legs, and countless others suffered minor injuries.

And, with the dueling field as the center, all nearby buildings with a radius of 5 kilometers were destroyed.

Many other places were destroyed.