Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 225

Needless to say, Magnetic Escape has crystallized since, like Gaara's one, it can be integrated and upgraded.

However, Kuroyoshi has no need, so there is no integration for the time being.

He looked at the other two props.

It was a basketball-sized, but very flat pot with many ancient patterns carved on it, full of the breath of time.

"The Sealed Pot: A powerful sealing vessel that can seal chakras or chakra aggregates. Note: The space in the pot is infinite and can be released and collected as the owner wants."

After reading the introduction of this prop, Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

He remembered that when Luosha suppressed Shouhe before, she held a pot.

However, this thing should be different from that thing.

Because, according to the system introduction, this thing is like the guardian sword, it has no upper limit.

So, can this thing seal the dragon veins?

If you can, then maybe you can forge time-related props.

In fact, when understanding the forging rules of the system, Kuroyoshi had thought about forging props related to dragon veins.

However, the rule of the system is that only what you hold in your hand belongs to you and can be forged.

Dragon veins are very dangerous. Once touched, they are easily involved in the turbulence of time and space.

And now, with this sealed pot, you can seal the dragon veins inside and make it your own item.

At that time, let alone forging props related to dragon veins.

The power contained in the dragon vein itself is also very powerful.

You know, in the world of Hokage, even Kazuoki Kaguya does not have the power to travel through time.

The dragon vein is definitely not weaker than the power of the ten tails.

For a time, Kuroyoshi had many thoughts and thought a lot.

I even thought about using the dragon veins to return to the world of the previous life.

After a long time, my thoughts returned to peace.

Kuroyoshi put the sealed pot back into the system space.

No amount of guessing is just guessing. Now it is useless to think more. Tomorrow he will apply to the third generation of Hokage for a trip.

At that time, go directly to the Kingdom of Wind to find the dragon veins.

Compared with the tail beast, the power of dragon veins is more attractive.

Chapter 154 News from Itachi

Keep your eyes on the last item.

Unlike an imagined money printing machine, this is a palm-sized volcano, the whole being like the color of lava after extinguishing.

"Money printing machine: Inject chakras, and you can continuously gush out valuable things. Note: Do you think I can't consider the problems of the world's financial system?


This commentary made sense, and Kurayoshi was speechless.

However, it is not printing money, but spewing out valuable things. What will this valuable thing be?

Under curiosity, Kuroyoshi injected chakra into the volcano.


Just like a volcanic eruption, a large amount of golden sand spewed out of it, and under the light, the golden light gleamed and blinded dogs.

Looking at the sands all over the floor, Kurayoshi fell silent.

It seems that the travel expenses for an outing have been provided!

This thing

It smells so good!

Put away the props happily, and then put the sands on the ground in a money bag, two bags full, I don't know how much money can be exchanged.

However, this thing cannot be used much.

Things are precious, and if there are too many sands, they will be worthless in the market.

This is probably the reason why Luo Sha was able to dig sands in the ground, but could not fill the village's financial gaps!

Moreover, Luo Sha was excavated from the ground anyway, his thing is to exchange Chakra for Golden Sands, which is equivalent to something out of thin air, which seriously affects the market order.

Use with caution, use with caution.

Then, Kuroyoshi used Guren's blood for forging.

Only one "Crystal Evacuation Crystal" was forged, and after taking it, the blood limit "Crystal Evacuation" was obtained.

Kuroyoshi has no plans to use it.

Now, except for the crystallization of the Datongmu family, he can't use it.

Unless it is a stronger crystallization than the Datongmu family.

Putting things away, Kuroyoshi took out the surprise gourd again.

Surprise Gourd connects the heavens and the world, and every other month, you can get a random item from the heavens and the world.

It has been a month since the last item obtained, and now it is time to harvest again.

Kuraji burned incense and bathed before opening the gourd plug.

I saw a golden light spouting from the mouth of the gourd, and a simple thread-bound book fell on the ground.


Cangji was puzzled first, then picked up the book and took a look. On the cover, the three characters "Yi Jin Jing" were written impressively, which was written in traditional Chinese characters.

"Could it be"

Kuroyoshi's eyes widened, and he couldn't wait to open the book.