Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 226

Sure enough, there are many pictures of characters practicing martial arts, and there are many notes beside them.

It is in words, with many professional Buddhist language.

Although I can't understand it, I feel tall and tall.

However, when he flipped through the book and saw the publication number on the back, he was speechless.

Because it says that it was published by Xinhua Publishing House, 20 yuan a copy.

Seeing this, Kuroyoshi immediately understood.

This is not the ultimate secret book from the martial arts world at all, but a local stall that can be bought for a dozen yuan on Taobao in the previous life.


"Is this book from the world of my previous life?"

Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

He also thought about using dragon veins to create props to travel through the world, and then return to the world of the previous life.

Now there is a book that is from the past world.

This undoubtedly gave him hope.

However, it is just hope.

This book does not necessarily come from a world from a previous life, it may also be a similar parallel world.

According to the system introduction of Surprise Gourd, there are countless worlds in the multiverse, as numerous as bubbles.

Even if he could travel through the world, it would be extremely difficult to find the world where his previous life was.

What's more, it is not certain whether it is possible to forge props to travel through the world.

However, there is hope.

Put the gourd into the system space, and put the Yi Jin Jing in the bookshelf.

You can take it out to pass the time when you are all right.

After the trophies were counted, Kurayoshi took a bath and then went to bed.

At this time, a sound came from the window.

Kuraki looked up and saw Itachi's crow standing outside the window and flapping the window glass.

It's just that the crow's eyes have turned into Shalanyan.

Kuroyoshi moved his heart and opened the window.

The crow flapped its wings and flew in and stood on the desk.

"Oh, why do you think of contacting me now?" Kuraki said to Crow.

Although this crow exists as a communication, in order to reduce the risk of being discovered, the two rarely communicate.

What's more, the two had only met in Poland a few months ago.

The crow was silent for a while, and made a sound of Itachi, "The thing that Dashemaru did in Konoha attracted the attention of the organization."

"Ask me for information?"

"Yes." Crow said lightly: "Because I am more familiar with Konoha, the leader asked me to ask for information."

"He knows me?" Kuroyoshi was a little surprised.

"I just said Konoha has my men. He doesn't know who it is."

"So that's the case." Kuraki suddenly said, "But, don't you come to Konoha, your father was badly injured a month ago, and your brother missed you very much."

"No." The crow was silent for a while, and said: "If you meet them, things will become troublesome again, but"

The crow hesitated for a while, then looked up at Kuroyoshi, "Are they okay?"

"It's okay." Kuroyoshi smiled, "Your father, because of the serious injury a month ago, so he did not participate in the war against Otonin and Sagyun, and Sasuke haha, he missed you so much!"

"You want to beat me!" The crow laughed a little at himself.

"This is also normal," said Kuroyoshi. "He has been very close to you since he was a child, admiring you, and chasing behind you all the time. You are the perfect big brother in his heart, without any stains."

"Then you became a betrayal, and the perfect image in his mind was shattered, and he failed his expectations. With his strong temperament, he must be very unwilling!"

"This is a good thing, let him continue to be reconciled!"

"That's right, such a Sasuke will definitely go the opposite way to you and become a glorious Konoha ninja."

"Don't talk about it, what's the situation about Dashemaru's action this time?" Crow turned around and asked about business.

"It's nothing special, that guy was fished by me and wanted to do something by the way."

"That's it!" Itachi behind the crow thought of the Dashemaru's shot at Akatsuki when he was organizing, and suddenly understood everything.

He nodded and said, "So, what's the situation with Konoha now?"

"Fortunately, there is no big loss."

"Where is Dashewan?"

"Pick up the tail and ran."

"I see." The crow nodded, "There is one more thing about you."

"what's up?"

"The Mu Dun you placed in Konoha was seen by a member of the organization. The organization thought you were a threat and would obstruct future plans and decided to assassinate you."

"Wait, you don't know Konoha's situation, why do you know me who performed ninjutsu in Konoha?"

"The number of people within 5 kilometers can be seen clearly even outside the village!"


Kurayoshi opened his mouth, swallowed what he wanted to say, and then asked, "Who is the one here?"