Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 227

Chapter 155 Gifts


Kuroyoshi blinked his stunned eyes, and asked, "Which leader?"

"Payne!" Crow said lightly, "If nothing else, Madara will follow in the dark. He is the one who made the assassination opinion."

"Fuck me!"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but swear.

Didn’t you say that good players send experience?

Why did the boss come out and fuck me when I came to you?

It's okay if the person who comes is bringing soil, and knowing his abilities, it's not that difficult to deal with.

Maybe he would avenge his parents directly.

But Payne

Even if you know his information, it's hard to get it.

Under the premise that the clothes of heaven and earth cannot be used, it is difficult to win without taking out the ring of writing and the ring of the nine lamas.

And two people go together

On the front of Payne, there is dirt on the side to make an overcast. This is not a simple math like 112.

Thinking of this situation


Kuroyoshi exploded again.

Ninja battles do not mean that you can win if you are strong, because the ninja's physical strength is not out of the scope of human beings, as long as the throat is cut by the ninja, it will die, so it is full of accidents.

Unlike the fantasy setting, a low level must not be able to beat the high level. Even if it can be beaten, it is because of special techniques or treasures that the low level has stronger power than the high level.

In fact, it is still in line with the setting that the low level cannot beat the high level.

But this does not work in the world of ninjas.

Sneak attack, assassination, poisoning, conspiracy, betrayal

Ninjas with fragile bodies are prone to accidents when faced with various situations.

Not to mention the protagonists who have the protagonist aura.

For the rest of the people, Yakushidou almost defeated Tsunade; if he failed to assassinate Suikage, he could escape safely; Konohamaru could defeat a Penn; Danzo could take Shisui's eye with two tricks; Uchiha Madara was blacked out The black tiger digs his heart.

All these examples are telling Kurayoshi that there should be no surprises in ninja fighting.

He has an immortal human body like an immortal body, with a relatively high fault tolerance rate, and can tolerate many mistakes. He can even rely on the super healing power to use the wound-for-life style to win. The average person can't help him.

But Penn is different from taking soil.

Penn can wrestle with himself in strength, bring earth to travel through space, appear out of sight, and master a large number of forbidden techniques of the Uchiha clan.

The two of them joined forces to assassinate one person, and there is almost no possibility of unsuccessful.

"Recently, if you are okay, stay in Konoha!" Crow suggested: "If you are in Konoha, they won't find a chance."

Hearing this, Kuroyoshi fell into deep thought.

For the sake of safety, it is better to stay in Konoha.

As long as the reincarnation eye is awakened within six months of development, then there is nothing to be afraid of.


"I Lu Cangji most like to say no to those who are self-righteous." Cangji put on an extremely sassy posture, and said confidently.


The crow was silent.

He looked at Kurayoshi quietly, and for a while, he said, "Is this your hobby?"

"Uh, it's just a joke, just relax the atmosphere, hahaha"

"But what you just said didn't seem to be a joke."

"Ah! Of course it's not a joke." Kuroyoshi said with a grimace, "If they dare to come, kill them all."


The crow didn't speak. It quietly looked at Kuroyoshi's eyes, and then said for a while: "It's up to you, but I will tell the third generation of Hokage the news."

"Whatever you want, no one can stop me from moving."

"So, so be it!"

After speaking, the eyes of the writing wheel in Crow's eyes changed back to normal eyes.

It tilted its head and looked around, seeming to have some doubts about its environment.

Kuroyoshi touched its head and opened the window to let it fly out by itself.

Then, sleep.

Payne and Tai Tu came as they wanted to assassinate, there was nothing to think about.

No words for a night.

In the early morning of the second day, Kuroyoshi got up early.

Wash your face, brush your teeth, and have breakfast.

Then pack some necessary travel items and prepare to go to the Hokage Building.

He is going to apply to three generations of Hokage to travel abroad.

However, as soon as he opened the courtyard door, a purple shadow occupied his vision.

It is Ino.

She changed into a black bathrobe and held a white carnation in her hand.