Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 229

The man gave him a thumbs up with a big smile, and by the way brightened his white teeth that could pierce the eyes of dogs.

"Mr. Kay, what's the matter?"

Kuroyoshi has a gentle smile on his face, very polite.

"I'm here to thank you."

"Thank me?"

"Yes!" Kay was straight with hands on his hips, with a cheerful smile on his face, "You were merciful to my disciple Xiao Li in the previous qualifiers, and you made a timely shot on the battlefield yesterday to help me solve it. A big trouble."

"big trouble?"

Kuroyoshi had some doubts.

He remembered that Kay's opponent was Mackey. Although he was a very tricky guy, he didn't deserve to be called a big trouble.

It seems that I can see Kuroyoshi’s doubts and can explain: "In addition to Maji, there was another Otonin named Yu Qi who was besieging me. Although his strength is very good, his ability is very troublesome. Together with Maji Attack, annoying."

After that, he added: "Fortunately, you suddenly emerged from the ground and killed it easily."

"That's it!" Kuroyoshi suddenly said, "However, there is nothing to be thankful for. Everyone is Konoha's ninja and companions, right?"

"Nevertheless, I still have to thank you very much. This is a thank you gift."

With that, Kay took out a bag of things from behind.

Kuroyoshi took a look, and the corner of his eyes jumped unnaturally, "Uh, let's forget it, thank you, it's too strange."

"No, no, this is my intention, please accept it."

"No, no, you are too far off."

The two of them pushed and hustling, but Kuroyoshi couldn't match Kai's enthusiasm in the end and accepted the green tights.

Seeing Kurayoshi accepting the gift, Kai smiled contentedly, "Then, I'll leave."


"what happened?"

"You have something on your head, let me remove it for you."

As he said, Kurayoshi stretched out his hand and tugged on Kai's head, and suddenly pulled a bunch of hair down, making Kai cry in pain.

Kuroyoshi quickly apologized, "Sorry, I tried too hard."

"It's okay, it's just a little hair, then, boy, see you next time!"

After speaking, Kay ran away in a hurry.

Looking at the back of the long dust dragon, Cangji shouted at him, "My name is Cangji, and Mr. Kai will call me Cangji in the future."


Kai answered without looking back, and then disappeared into his field of vision.

"Kaike is such an interesting person!"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but smile, put Kai's hair and clothes away, and continued to walk to the Hokage Building.

No other episodes occurred this time.

Kuroyoshi came to the Hokage Building smoothly.

The third generation of Hokage sat behind the desk as usual, as if everything was the same as before, except that his face was much haggard.

His body can no longer support the intensity of Hokage's work, but he can only support it for a while before the new Hokage is selected.

There are many people in the office.

Various clients and the ninja squad who came to accept them.

Before, in order to prevent the conspiracy of Otonin and Sagyun, all the returning ninjas stayed behind Konoha.Over the past month, there have been a lot of tasks that no one has done.

Now, the war is over.

The tasks piled up before were also spread out all at once, and there was a serious shortage of manpower.

Kuroyoshi waited for the people in front to finish the matter before going up.

But before the purpose he put forward, Sarutobi preemptively said: "Kurayoshi, your performance on the Zhongnin exam is very good, enough to prove that you can stand alone. I now officially appoint you as Zhongnin."

"Of course, the village is seriously understaffed, so you can't continue to go back to Class 7 to do chores. Let me see which team you will be transferred to."

With that, Sarutobi took out the ninja formation sheet and flipped through it.

Looking at the busy old man in front of him, Kuroyoshi hesitated and said, "Grandpa Hokage, I'm here to apply for your village permit."

"Permission to leave the village!?"

Sarufei was taken aback, and asked: "Are you leaving the village?"

"That's right." Kuroyoshi took a deep breath and said: "This war has made me feel my weakness deeply, so I want to go out and practice."

"No." Sarutobi refused without even thinking about it. "Now that the village is so busy, it is precisely when there is a shortage of manpower that you have to choose to leave. Isn't this adding chaos?"

"Even if I was one more person, it would not solve the shortage of manpower in the village." Cangji insisted.

Looking at Kurayoshi with a firm gaze, Sarutobi took a deep breath, "Do you have to leave now?"

"Yeah!" Kuroyoshi nodded firmly.

"Huh!" Sarufei took a big puff of cigarette, and then spit it out fiercely, "To be honest with you, your performance yesterday was targeted by some unruly guys. I hope you will not leave the village for some time."

"Some small crumbs, I can still handle it." Kuroyoshi said indifferently: "Although I think I am weak, most people are weaker than me. The fourth generation Fengying, and the subordinate of Oshemaru, was I got it in a few clicks."


Sarutobi was speechless.

Indeed, in terms of combat power, Kuroyoshi may be the strongest in this village.

However, the victory of a ninja is not only a matter of combat power, but also many other key factors.

"I don't doubt your strength, but many things can't be solved by strength, you need a full range of qualities." Sarutobi said: "If you can prove that you have the comprehensive qualities of Shangren, I promised you to leave the village to travel and practice."

"Isn't Zhongnin's performance in the exam not enough?"