Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 230

"Not enough, in addition to your outstanding combat power, at most other aspects are only the performance of the Ninja level."

Kuroyoshi pondered for a while, and said: "The most direct proof of Shangnin's comprehensive quality is to perform tasks of A-level or above alone, just use task performance to prove it!"

"Do you understand what I mean?" Sarutobi looked serious, "I just want you not to leave the village in the near future. What's the point if you use tasks to actually test?"

"So, why don't you just let me leave the village?"


"I must leave!"

Chapter 157 The Snow Country Mission

The two quarreled in the office for a long time, and there was no result.

The rest of the people in the office are accustomed to the quarrel between the two, and they deliberately separated the tables and handled their own business.

"Why didn't you let me leave the village to practice?"

Kuroyoshi slammed his fist on the desk angrily, looking puzzled.

In fact, he can understand why the third generation of Hokage could not let him leave the village.

Because of Itachi, he knew the approximate strength of Akatsuki members.

Each of them is an s-level rebel, and their boss has the existence of reincarnation.

However, behind this organization, there is the real Uchiha Madara behind the scenes.

But he knew too little about Akatsuki.

Whether it was Itachi or the third generation of Hokage, their knowledge of Akatsuki was calculated based on their own information.

Uchiha Itachi and the third generation of Hokage believe that the soil is a spot.

They felt that even if Kurayoshi is very strong now, it is absolutely impossible to survive the assassination of Penn and Madara who have reincarnation eyes.

But they didn't know that the Eye of Samsara was not Penn's, and he could not exert the full power of the Eye of Samsara.

Bringing soil is not Madara, his current strength is far from the real Madara.

Moreover, Kuraki has a good understanding of the abilities of Penn and the soil.

He dared to go out at this time, naturally he was sure to win them.

But these words, Kuroyoshi cannot say to others.

Therefore, the two had a great disagreement and have been in dispute.

In the end, Jilai also came to the office, putting an end to the quarrel that seemed to never yield results.

"Why don't you try to trust him?" Jiraiya smiled heartily: "You did so much preparation before this incident, but it turned out that this unexpected kid did a ninjutsu."

"After all, he is Konoha's strongest now. To what extent can he do it, and how can people who are weaker than him know?"

Jilai didn't mean to laugh at the three generations of Hokage.

After all, the three generations of Hokage were also very strong when they were young, at least, stronger than the strength shown by Kuroyoshi.

What he meant was that you cannot judge geniuses from the perspective of ordinary people, and that you must give full trust to the next generation.

Perhaps they can do better than themselves.

Sarutobi remembered his boyhood, when it was the first battle of Ninja World, they went to Yunyin Village as the guards of the second generation of Hokage to discuss an alliance agreement.

As a result, there was a coup in Yunyin Village, and the meeting was raided by elite troops led by Jinjiao and Yinjiao, and everyone was in desperation.

At that time, no matter how they judged, it was the best strategy for them to use their lives to cover the escape of the second generation of Hokage as a guard.

But the second generation of Hokage, who was at the peak of his life, chose to entrust the position of Hokage to him who was still a teenager.

This is not only the friendship between teachers and students, but also the second generation of Hokage's trust in him, trusting him to lead Konoha from the situation surrounded by foreign enemies to prosperity as Hokage.

The talent and potential that Kuroyoshi showed are stronger than him.

Perhaps, he should be given more trust.

Sarutobi remained silent, smoking a pipe, his thoughts running in his brain.

For a long time, he raised his head and stared at Kuroyoshi, his turbid gazes were torch, "Since Jiraiya has said the same, if I am still stubborn, it seems too rotten, then I believe you once."

"Isn't it all right?"

Kuroyoshi breathed a sigh of relief, his expression relaxed a lot.

He did not expect that the three generations of Hokage would be so stubborn, it was almost no different from the two advisors of the elders.

In the anime, Penn invades Konoha.

Tsunade was about to call Naruto back to fight.

But Danzo and the two consultants were firmly opposed, thinking that the other party was here to find Naruto, and it was safest for Naruto to stay in Miaomu Mountain.

They are actually right.

But their knowledge is too little, and they don't know that Naruto is the protagonist.

Similarly, the idea of ​​the three generations of Hokage is correct.

With the current strength of Kuroyoshi, it is indeed not the opponent of Penn and Uchiha Madara.

But the third generation of Naruto did not know that the enemy did not have Uchiha Madara, and Penn could not use the full strength of the eyes of reincarnation.

He didn't even know that Cangji's surname was Lu.

and so

"Since I chose to believe in you, then you should show the strength that I can trust!" Sarufei bit the cigarette holder, bent over to find a stack of task lists from the drawer, "There is an A-level task here, if you can alone Once completed, I will agree to your application to leave the village."

As he said, he took one from the task list and handed it over, "Escort the famous actor Fuji Kazee to the Snow Country to shoot."


Jilai frowned and said in doubt: "Old man, are you making a mistake? Escort an actor, at most it can only be a b-level mission!"

Sarutobi replied with a smile: "This task naturally hides the factors that make it difficult to reach the A-level task, which needs to be discovered by Kuroyoshi himself."

God's fucking factor of the difficulty of the A-level task, this is clearly an s-level difficulty task.