Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 231

The world famous actor "Fuji Kazee", her other identity is the princess Fuuka Koyuki of the Snow Country.

Ten years ago, a coup took place in Snow Country.

Konoha received the commission and sent Kakashi to the Snow Country to quell the coup.

But at that time Kakashi was not strong enough, and could only escort Fenghua Xiaoxue to escape from the Snow Country.

The mission this time is to protect the actor Fuji Kazee to go to the Snow Country to shoot a movie, but in fact it is to help her recover the country.

When watching anime in the previous life, Kuroyoshi thought it was a situation in which the client concealed the inner story of the mission like the Nami country plot.

After all, neither the 7th class who took the task nor the person involved, Fuji Kazee, knew the inside story.

However, listening to the words of the three generations of Hokage at this moment, he obviously knows the inside story.

Changing the s-level task to a task may just not want to attract too many people's attention.

"No problem, leave it to me."

Kuroyoshi took the task form and looked at it, with task details written on it.

One month later, he escorted Fuji Kazee to the Snow Country for filming until the filming was completed.

"One month later"

Kuraki looked up at the third generation of Hokage, his mouth twitched.

And the other party was showing a sly smile like a fox.

In the end, it still has to be delayed for a month.

Counting the time to complete the task, it will take about two to three months to complete.

Worthy of being an old treacherous cunning, I am far from it.


Kuroyoshi took a deep breath, "Well, that's it."

Although it will take so long, he is very interested in the ice escape and Chakra armor of the Snow Country.

That kind of Chakra shield can withstand a shot of Chidori and Helix pill, and if it can forge stronger armor through the system, it would be a hole card.

Sarutobi smiled and nodded, "Then go and meet your client. He is the agent of the mission target, Santao. He is currently in the cinema with the shooting team."

"To understanding."

Chapter 158 The Burning Scarf

Kuroyoshi took the task form to the cinema to meet with the client, Santao. By the way, he talked about the things to be aware of when going to Snow Country, and then left.

Their staying filming team will be filming in Konoha for a month, and the official departure will be a month later.

Kuroyoshi was not in a hurry, and was going home.

He forged Metkay's hair into props.

No accident, another limiter bracelet was forged.

The two limiter bracelets cannot be integrated and upgraded.

Because the restrictive bracelet itself is only used to open the 8 doors of the human body, even if it is upgraded, it still opens 8 doors, which is meaningless.

Moreover, one piece of this thing is enough.

No amount of it makes sense. Even if you want to give it away, it depends on whether you can bear the side effects of opening 8 doors.

Throwing props into the system space casually, Kuroyoshi looked at the remaining two props.

A green tights, exactly like the one Kay gave him.

A red heart is like a flame burning.

"Hot-blooded tights: This is a piece of clothing with magical powers. Wearing it will make the spirit more excited, make the body more resilient, and be able to persist in higher-intensity training."

"Guardian Heart: This is a heart with magical magic power. After absorbing it, it will increase your guardian determination, even if it burns your life."

The blood tights and the blood headband are the same item, there is nothing to say.

But that guardian heart can match with guardian sword.

However, burning lives to protect

If you have something more valuable than life, it doesn't matter even if you sacrifice your life to protect it.

However, what Kurayoshi wanted to protect was his own future.

He hopes that everything goes well in the future and everything goes well.

But all of this needs to be alive to enjoy. If you sacrifice your life in order to protect these, then everything is meaningless.

Therefore, even if he knew that absorbing this thing would increase his strength, he did not hesitate to throw the guardian heart into the system space.

He was worried that after he absorbed this thing, he would step up for certain things and make some behaviors that violated his original intention.

Just like the bloody headband.

At this time, the system prompt sounded in my mind again.

Ding!Special materials "hot-blooded headband" and "hot-blooded tights" are detected, special props "burning scarf" can be forged, whether forging

It is forging new props, not fusion upgrades.

Kuroyoshi's eyes lit up, and he nodded, "Forging."

In the next second, there was a dark red in his hand, like a scarf burning with flames.

"Burning scarf: Wear it, your energy will become more vigorous, your body will become more resilient, your body will be able to withstand more intense training, and your physical potential will follow the extreme training And keep breaking through."

Looking at the description of the system, Kurayoshi fell into deep thought.

Kai and Xiao Li are different.

Although Kai also specializes in physical skills, his body is not as resilient as Xiao Li.

He reached the current level by constantly breaking through the limits of his body in a training that exceeded the limits.

And Xiao Li, because of his strong physical resilience, can withstand higher intensity training.