Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 232

Although he has always become stronger, he has never broken his limits.

It can be said that Xiao Li's physical potential is stronger than Kai.

Compared with the hot-blooded tights and headbands, this scarf has only one more function that breaks the limits of the body.

And this function must come from Kai's training that broke through the limits of his body when he was a child.

"It's a pity." Kuroyoshi shook his head regretfully.

If this is in a world where the body is strong and can break through the sky, then this scarf is the artifact among the artifacts.

It's a pity that there is no special segmentation exercise in this world. The human body only relies on high-intensity training. No matter how much exercise there is, there are limits. Kai breaks the limit time and time again, and it's only this level.

Without the blessings of Bamen Dunjia, the physical fitness can't have much advantage over other Shangren.

After forging the props, Kurayoshi found Ryohei.

He joined Anbe and gained the reputation of "Double Sword Lianghei".

Kuroyoshi handed the Horcrux to Ryohei to keep him personally.

His chakras have been injected into the Horcrux. Before he was resurrected from the dead, no one else could inject chakras into it.

And Ryohei's strength and the tasks performed, no matter how dangerous it was, it was nothing to Kuroyoshi.

There will be no danger of being killed as soon as it is resurrected.

After all this, Kuroyoshi went to Ino to play.

After returning from this mission, we must go out to practice.

At that time, we will not see each other for two to three years.

Unfortunately, the village is now seriously understaffed, and the 10th squad has been on duty.

Kuroyoshi didn't want to disturb her, so he left silently.

He was going to find Naruto for a barbecue, but Naruto followed Jiraji to find Tsunade.

He also wanted to follow, but he had the task of Snow Country in his hand.

Although he knew that he was searching for Tsunade this time, he would definitely be able to return before the departure of the Snow Country mission.

But others don't know.

Moreover, the third generation of Hokage just didn't want him to leave the village during this period, so how could it be possible for Jilai to take him to find Tsunade.

Reluctantly, Kuroyoshi had to practice.

Konoha's ninjutsu forbidden techniques are almost learned, he is practicing ninjutsu that Konoha does not have, and he adds chakra nature changes to the spiral pill.

The talent bonuses of Watergate and Kakashi, and Naruto’s practice experience in the anime as a reference, the progress of the practice has been making great progress.

Time passed slowly, and soon a month passed.

It's time to set off to Snow Country.

Kuroyoshi packed up and went to the cinema.



Looking at the slender middle-aged man Santa Fu in front of him and wearing small glasses, Kurayoshi looked stunned.

At this time, he remembered that Fuji Kazekura had been evading the psychological shadow of Snow Country and did not want to return to that country.

"All right, I'll bring her back."

Kuroyoshi sighed and went to various bars to search.

He vaguely remembered Fengxuehui hiding in a bar to drink.

After some searching, she was finally found before the sun went down.

Fengxuehui is a woman in her 20s, with a black shawl and long hair, wearing a pink knee-length down jacket, and wearing very fashionable bracelet earrings.

When Kurayoshi entered the bar, the woman was lying on the bar, holding an empty glass in her hand.

He noticed that a difficult person in a sweater was walking towards Fengxuehui.

However, after noticing the incoming Kurayoshi, the customer pretending to be drunk, walked precariously behind Fengxue-e, and then came towards the exit.

The spies in the Snow Country?

Kuroyoshi glanced at him and pretended not to know.

When the two passed by, he suddenly kicked him in the stomach.


The man was kicked against the wall, and five kunai followed one after another, nailing his clothes and pants to the wall.

Chapter 159 The Shadows Followed

"what are you doing?"

The man was nailed to the wall and looked at him in horror.

Without saying anything, Kuroyoshi punched him in the stomach, and then took off Kunai.

The man suddenly vomited on his knees, but only some digested food residue was thrown out.

"You are drunk, why didn't you vomit without alcohol?" Kuroyoshi stared at the man indifferently, "Don't pretend to be garlic. I have limited patience and won't ask a second time. As long as the answer does not satisfy me, then you don't need Exists."


Looking at Kuroyoshi's cold eyes, the man was panicked.

Kuroyoshi ignored it and directly asked, "Are you a spy from the Snow Country?"



The sharp blade pierced the thigh, and the man held his leg and wailed loudly.

"I said, I have no patience."