Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 233

Kuroyoshi said indifferently, doing this kind of behavior didn't make any waves in his heart.

When the people in the bar heard the movement, they screamed and fled everywhere.

Kuroyoshi ignored them and allowed them to escape. Only when Feng Xue-e was about to flee from his side, he drew the blood-stained knife and stopped in front of him.

"This guy is here for you."

"Me!?" Fengxuehui pointed at herself in shock, "You can't make a mistake!"

"I saw it with my own eyes. This guy is going to do something with you behind."


Feng Xue-e took two steps involuntarily, her face becoming extremely embarrassed.

Although she is a princess in the Snow Country, she never thought of regaining everything she had lost. She just wanted to live in this world as an ordinary actor. She has used the name "Fuji Kazekyu" since she left the Snow Country.

No one should know the identity of Fenghua Xiaoxue.

But why...

"You are lying!"

Feng Xuehui was holding her head, a little unacceptable.

He obviously gave up everything, why didn't he let me go?

Kuroyoshi did not look at her, but at the spy, with the blade lowered to his neck, "I said, I have limited patience."

"I am not a spy, but a spy sent by Master Rage to investigate Master Xiaoxue's trace."

The man didn't dare to hesitate anymore and all recruited.

Ten years ago, since Kakashi left Snow Country with Fengxuehui, she has been sending people to inquire about her, and wanted to take her back to Snow Country.

"How could this happen!?" Fengxuehui's body retreated involuntarily, her beautiful eyes shed tears of despair, "I obviously gave up everything, why still refuse to let me go?"

She has experienced family destruction since she was a child. Fengxuehui is afraid of the snow country and the uncle who took everything around her. There is a shadow in her heart, and she has been running away.

Kuroyoshi knew about the situation of Kazee, but he didn't have the patience and mouth of Naruto to comfort her. He could only let her know that there were some things that had to be faced no matter how to escape.

"Go ahead, tell the master behind you, I will come to him." Kurayoshi said to the man.

"You want to let me go?" The man was a little surprised.

"I have no patience."

Kuroyoshi frowned, flicked the blood off the sword, and then slowly put it into the sheath.

Upon seeing this, the man ran away rolling.

"Don't run!"

Fengxuehui realized that she wanted to chase after her, but she was a weak woman who could catch up with a professional intelligence spy. She was lost in the blink of an eye, and had to come back with anger to blame Kuroshitsuji.

"You know he is a spy, why did you let him go?"

"I don't bother to find it."


"I am different from you, I am strong, stronger than anyone, and I don't fear anyone."

"Too arrogant, you don't know anything at all, so you dare to say such big words. You Konoha, the famous Kakashi, can't even beat my uncle's men. You can only take me to escape. You can be a kid. doing what?"

"I'm better than Kakashi." Kuroyoshi looked at her faintly, and suddenly smiled with an indifferent expression. "Moreover, Kakashi is now many times stronger than he was ten years ago. Your uncle can't win. of."


Feng Xuehui pointed to Kuroyoshi, hesitated, and finally waved her hand severely before turning and leaving.

Kuroyoshi followed innocently.

The two went back to the movie theater and the shooting team together, and then went to the seaside city together and took a boat to the Snow Country.

Since there is no way to avoid it, you can only face it.

Although Fengxuehui has been evading, she is not a fool. In this situation, she can only stop her.

She is going to hand over the hexagonal crystal necklace to her angry waves.


On the coastline.

Eight people in red cloud robes with black background and one in black robes stood side by side.

The person in the black robe wears a whirlpool mask, and in the only eye he can see a scarlet pupil with three gou jade slowly rotating.

The other person was half black and white, with a pitcher plant growing on both sides of his head.

There is also a woman with light blue-purple hair, light orange-yellow eyes, a lavender paper flower on the right side of the head, purple eye shadow, and lip studs on the bottom of her lips.

The expression was indifferent, and he looked calm and composed.

The last six people have different appearances, but without exception, they have a pair of circles, and there are many black metals on their faces.

They stood quietly on the shore, watching the drifting ships until they disappeared on the sea level.

Suddenly, the man wearing the whirlpool mask looked at the short orange hair in the middle and the man with circle eyes asked, "Payne, why didn't you just let me do it?"

"Because he was very vigilant, he never found a chance." Payne replied indifferently.

"With our strength, it doesn't matter if it's not a sneak attack!" The masked man said: "He now has a mission goal, and he is in the city again. If he starts his hand, he will definitely throw a mouse."

"But Konoha's support will arrive soon, and if you go too far, it will attract the attention of the five big countries. The plan is still in preparation. It will attract the attention of the five big countries too early, which is not good for future plans."

"Then do it on his way to the Snow Country."

"During the mission, his vigilance will be very high, so he will do it on the way back after the mission is completed."

"Are you worried about the people in the filming crew?"

"If it is a necessary sacrifice, I will not show mercy."

"I hope so!"

The black-and-white face reminded: "Be careful, that guy has awakened Mu Dun, and maybe he has also awakened the perception ability of the Thousand Hands Clan. If you approach him at will, you will be noticed."