Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 234

"That's why Payne decided to do it on his way back from completing the task. Once he relaxes his vigilance and is approached by us, he has nowhere to escape on the sea," said the only woman in the group.

"Then it's up to you."


This time I went to sea on a galleon.

On the way, the director and a group of actors filmed on the boat.

While Kurayoshi lay on the ropes of the sail, watching them filming while paying attention to the surrounding situation.

He did not forget Itachi's warning.

Payne and Tai Tu both stared at him.

With Yi Jue's intelligence ability, it is impossible not to detect his whereabouts.

Perhaps, those two guys have secretly lurked in the dark.

As long as he reveals a flaw, he will come out and give a fatal blow.

However, through the detection of the detector, no strange chakra was found.

Chapter One Hundred and Sixty


There were so many sounds resounding in my ears, and the air also smelled of ocean tides.

Kuroyoshi was awakened by the sudden chill, and his eyes opened sharply.

Right in front of the channel, a steep Iceland blocked the way.

"Is it always here?" Kurayoshi muttered to himself.

The boat traveled for three days, and the journey was calm.

But Kuroyoshi kept a high level of vigilance at all times to prevent Penn and the soil from attacking.

He just wanted to end the task of escorting Feng Xue-e early, and then organized a fight with Akatsuki with a real sword.

Even if Payne can't bring the soil, he will take the initiative to find it.

Only a thousand days are a thief, how can there be a thousand days to guard against thieves?

It's too passive to wait for someone to come here.

Now, waiting for three days.

The enemies of the Snow Country finally came.

It is not in vain that he deliberately let go of the spy.

"Oh! This must be a gift from the movie god to us!"

The director and his group rushed out of the cabin, looking at the iceberg in the distance with a burst of wonder.

"I decided to change the script and go to the iceberg to shoot the location."


On the mast, Kurayoshi was speechless.

The script of the movie should be changed if it is said to be changed. Will this really make a good movie?

Following the director's order, the ship slowly sailed towards the iceberg and then docked on the shore.

A group of people picked up the shooting equipment and ran down.

As a escort, Kurayoshi followed Fengxue-e.

"Mr. Kurayoshi, the safety of Ms. Fuyukie is up to you." The Santa Fu bowed deeply to Kurayoshi.

"Don't worry, I will solve everything." Kuroyoshi replied confidently.

"Then please."

Santa Fu bowed deeply to him again.

As a hero who ended the war on his own not long ago, Santa Fu trusts Kuroyoshi's power.

On the other side, shooting has already begun.

Fengxuehui dressed in ancient costume plays the role of Princess Fengyun.

This time, it is a very old-fashioned plot that the princess and her followers are attacked by the demon on their way to the Rainbow Land.

However, under Fengxuehui's sophisticated acting skills, even the old-fashioned plot is often emotional or tear-inducing.

"Princess Fengyun, you still have to give up, this demon king is going to ruin you all here today, see the trick!"

The actor playing the devil raised his scepter high, pretending to be a magnified move. The iceberg behind him seemed to be responding to him. There was an explosion. The huge iceberg broke from the middle and hit the crowd.


An actor watched this scene in astonishment, and even forgot to escape.

"Idiot, are you crazy about filming, do you have the power to count?"

Cangji cursed secretly and patted his hands, "Mu Dun·The Art of Banyan Tree."

The huge banyan tree rose from the ground, and the strong and powerful branches supported the iceberg in the air like a giant's hand, and the small pieces that fell from the surrounding were also blocked by the other vines.


The director didn't know when he snapped up the cameraman's camera to shoot this scene perfectly.

"This is really amazing. It's no longer a trip to be able to shoot such rare material."


Kuroyoshi looked at him silently, a row of black lines hanging down behind his head.

This guy really wanted to make a movie, so he didn't even want his life.


"Delete that paragraph for me." Kuroyoshi threatened fiercely: "Ninja ninjutsu can't be shown in front of outsiders at will. If you dare to put that paragraph in the movie, I will never let it go. you guys."