Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 235

"Don't do this!" The director hid the camera behind him, and said with a smile: "Who would take the things in the movie seriously!"

"Even if someone takes it seriously, there is no need to delete it. Anyway, after today, there will be no such person as you."

On the iceberg, there was a sudden voice full of breath.

Everyone heard of the reputation, but at some point, several people stood on it.

The head is a sturdy middle-aged man wearing a black armor that connects the pipe to the energy core.

There are three more people behind him.

A sturdy fat man, a woman with short pink hair and freckles on her face, a man with a relatively thin body and ponytails.

They are all wearing snow-like tights, and they are also covered with armor that connects the pipe to the energy core.

However, in terms of style, it is much simpler than the one worn by the middle-aged man headed.

And behind them, there are about 10 similarly dressed people.

These people are the ninjas of Snowman Village in the Kingdom of Snow, and the middle-aged man headed is Fengxuehui's uncle Fenghua Rage.

The three people behind him are the elites of Snow Ninja Village, with wolf teeth avalanche, winter bear hail, and crane wings blowing snow.

As for the others, they are just a bunch of trash fish, and they don't deserve a name.

"How could this be!?"

Feng Xuehui looked at Fenghua's angry waves with horror, and tremblingly sat on the ground.

This man gave her endless shadows.

Even before he came, he planned to meet and negotiate with him.

But when he actually met, the memory that once gave him a psychological shadow involuntarily surfaced in his mind, the fear was born from the heart, and the body trembled involuntarily.

Santafu comforted her, letting her escape back to the boat.

But she couldn't stand up.

The fear in her heart made her unable to do anything.

Seeing Fengxuehui's reaction, Angry Tao smiled with satisfaction, "Xiaoxue, I haven't seen you in 10 years, you're pretty now!"

"Who are you guys on earth?" the director asked loudly, holding the filming horn.

Nu Tao noticed the others, frowning involuntarily, and said in annoyance: "Kill all irrelevant people."


After the three Xueren took their orders, they jumped directly from the mountain.

Winter Bear Hail unlocked the skateboard behind him, placed it under his feet, and slid down on an almost vertical 90-degree ice cliff.

Crane Wing Chuuxue spread a pair of bat-like wings in the air and glide in the sky.

As for the man with a ponytail, Spike Xuevalan ran all the way down.

"Give me all back to the boat."

Kuraki stood in the front, covering everyone's retreat.

The members of the shooting team ran back holding the equipment one by one.

Even if their lives are threatened, they have not forgotten the guy who eats, this is a group of people who really love movies.

However, Feng Xue-e seemed to be a little collapsed in his heart, and sat on the ground in a self-defeating manner, and it was useless no matter how much consolation the San Taifu gave.

"You two stay inside!"

Kuroyoshi took out the strongest defense, injected Chakra into it, and then threw it at the two.

Suddenly, a sandball with no dead ends in all directions encased Fengxuehui and Santa Fu.

After doing all this, he took the initiative to meet the Xue Ren trio.

Kuroyoshi was a little surprised by the arrival of the angry waves.

He is not only the leader of Snow Ninja Village, but also the name of the Snow Country, with countless men.

Unexpectedly, he would personally bring someone to kill Fengxuehui.

It seems that the spy who had been put back, added his words to Rage after returning.

Otherwise, this guy could not bring people here himself.

However, this is just what I want!

Looking at the rushing enemy, Kurayoshi grinned.

Chapter 161: Spiral Flash·Three Strands

Running down all the way, snowflakes flew up.

Langfang Xuebang looked at Kuroyoshi who was rushing towards him and the others, and could not help laughing: "Are Konoha ninjas all kids? Why didn't Kakashi come?"

After speaking, he ordered to the two people aside: "Blowing snow, hail, you go to solve other people, I will kill this kid."

"To understanding."

Chuuxue smiled softly, flapping the wings behind her back, and flew to the other side.

Hail did not reply, but also turned the direction of the skateboard, preparing to go around from the right of Kuraki.

Cangji was expressionless, but sneered in his heart: the sad frog at the bottom of the well.

Then, with his hands raised, the three strangely-shaped Kuwu Wudi flew towards the three of them.

"This kind of thing is useless to us!"

Langya Xuebao smiled, and only slightly tilted his head while running and hid.

The other two didn't say anything, but they all showed contempt.

"Let you see, we"

Halfway through the conversation, Spike Xue Beng was stunned.

Because Kurayoshi, who was still tens of meters apart, disappeared suddenly.