Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 236

Suddenly, the air flow surging behind him, with a strong burning breath.

Langya Xuebao looked back, and saw a ball of flames swirling at a high speed to form a whirlpool on his face.

"Fire escape blasting spiral pill!"

Kuroyoshi's voice came into his ears, and the flame ball was blocked by a purple barrier in front of him.

But in less than a second, the purple barrier was easily torn apart like thin paper.

As the energy core shattered, the flame balls exploded on the face of Spike Avalanche.

The hot air wave revolved and erupted, penetrating with incomparable impact, and the body of Spike Avalanche was swallowed by the flame vortex in a moment.

"what happened!?"

Hearing the sound of blowing snow and hail, the two looked back, only to see the burning flame vortex and the iceberg that was mostly melted and evaporated.


Kuroyoshi appeared behind Hail, the guardian sword pierced his neck, then pulled it out and disappeared.

Chuuxue heard the sound and turned his head to look.

Suddenly, as soon as the neck passed, a sharp bloody blade was pierced from the neck.

Her eyes widened, the corners of her eyes were filled with blood on her neck, her body was shaking, and the hail that had not fallen, suddenly realized something.

"How could it be so fast!?"


Kuroyoshi drew out the long sword and slowly sheathed it, "Three flashing spirals!"


The vortex of flame burst, and the people inside turned into a wave of air and dissipated to infinity.

Blowing snow fell from the sky and the hail fell headlong.

The three were solved almost at the same time.

In addition to the Chakra armor of Snow Ninja Village, it also has a layer of ninjutsu defensive cover, which can prevent ninjutsu attacks including Helix Maru Rachi.

If you use a ninjutsu attack that exceeds the upper limit of the defense, while breaking the defense cover, the energy core of the Chakra armor will also shatter.

Kuroyoshi was interested in the Chakra armor and wanted to study it. Therefore, he used a sword to deal with blowing snow and hail.

And Spike Avalanche is an elite who can compete with Kakashi, but with a sword, he may be avoided or defended.

In order to ensure a fatal blow, Kuroyoshi used the spiral pill with the fire attribute chakra added.

Sure enough, it was just as straightforward as guessed.

Kuroyoshi landed steadily on the ground, the cold wind blowing, blowing the black and white feather clothes.

He looked at the stunned angry waves and others on the top of the mountain, and smiled lightly: "Don't run away, I still want to see the ice escape in Xueren Village!"

Hearing Kuroyoshi’s words, the anger recovered, and he did not dare to look at him confidently, “There can’t be such a fast speed in this world. Just now, it must have been spatial movement, it’s the strange kunai! Konoha has developed Have you gotten a tolerant that can move in space?"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sneered.

It has to be said that Xueren Village, who is committed to the scientific research of Chakra, will immediately think of Flying Thunder God as a ninja, and it is not incomprehensible.

After all, in this small remote country far away from the mainland, there are no strong people, and it is difficult to have any broad knowledge.

But he still wanted to laugh.

It's just like when a passing turtle hears a frog in a well saying that the sky is only as big as the mouth of the well.

Kuroyoshi laughed for a long time before he straightened up and looked at the angry waves again, "You have successfully pleased me, so let you die without suffering!"

"Arrogant!" Nu Tao's face was a little embarrassed, "Only knowing the secret of your spatial movement, there is nothing to be afraid of."

As he said, his body shook, and the huge bat wings spread out behind the armor, much larger than the one blowing snow.

Of course, the speed is much faster. With one pair of wings, it spans a distance of tens of meters.

"Everyone join me!"

Angry Tao gave the order loudly, then sealed with both hands, gathered a large number of chakras on his right hand, and then patted it out with a palm.

"Ice Escape Black Dragon Blizzard."

Ice and snow mixed with hurricanes formed a black tornado roaring, and the remaining power raged across the earth, sweeping everything ruthlessly.

Cangji quietly stared at the black tornado, his eyes turned blood red at some point, and there were three gouyu slowly spinning inside.

He wanted to see what happened to Bing Dun in the Snow Country.

Shao Lun Yan has the ability to replicate ninjutsu physical illusions.

But it's not so much copying, it's better to rely on strong insight to learn.

Through the opponent's Jiyin and Chakra mobilization, you can learn the opponent's ninjutsu on the spot. If you don't have the conditions to use the ninjutsu, you can't learn it.

Therefore, S-level ninjutsu and Xuejiejie, which are too difficult to learn, cannot be replicated.

But in the anime, Kakashi successfully copied the opponent's ice escape, which shows that their ice escape is not in line with blood.

With the frost tornado whizzing, Kuroyoshi saw the essence of this ninjutsu.

"It turns out that it is water escape in essence, but it depends on the extreme cold environment and the increase of Chakra armor to form a qualitative change, then"

Looking at the tornado that was close at hand, Kuraki drew out the guardian sword and waved it in front of him. The extremely cold sword aura burst out.

The tornado formed by frost and hurricane was actually frozen in the air into ice sculptures.

"With the help of the guardian sword, I can also use ice escape!" Kuroyoshi smiled contentedly.

"Impossible, I froze my ice escape!" Angry Tao looked at the scene below, furious.

The hands were sealed again, and then they used more violent and stronger numbers.

"Ssangyong Blizzard!"

The two black dragons entangled and roared with each other, forming a tornado connecting heaven and earth, just like a doomsday natural disaster.

"Give me to death!" The angry waves laughed wildly.