Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 237

"Damn it's you!"

Cangji looked indifferent, Jieyin in his left hand, and a sword in his right hand to swing at the tornado, "Bing Dunbing Tomb is forever buried!"

The cold current exploded in a fan-shaped front, and everything was frozen in an instant, including the tornado that connected heaven and earth.

Chapter 162-Payne Attacks

Quiet, deadly silence, only the sound of wind and snow echoes in the sky.


The director exclaimed from the boat, "This is simply the natural power of heaven and earth. It's lucky to be able to shoot this kind of material."

Kuroyoshi turned his head and glared at him fiercely, "I said, delete all my material."

"Don't mind, it really doesn't work, you come to be an actor, I promise you will be a big hit, and earn more than a ninja."

"Do you think ninjas do it for money?"

"Of course, most ninjas are for money."


Kuroyoshi was speechless.

Although Naruto is a hot-blooded anime, everyone in it seems to be growing up for dreams.

But the real world is not as beautiful as cartoons. Most ninjas constantly take on tasks for money.

Suddenly, a mechanical roar sounded in the sky, accompanied by a mess of wind and snow.

Cangji looked back and saw an airship rising from behind the iceberg, and angry waves stood at the door of the airship and laughed loudly, "Hahaha, even if you have Wushuang mighty power, if you can't fly, you can't do it with me!"


Kuroyoshi screamed secretly, and the high-speed spinning chakras condensed in his hand, and then, a piece of water jet was derived, like a water windmill.

Kuroyoshi raised the water windmill above his head, and the water jet quickly expanded and grew, about one meter in diameter.

"I was worried that the armor on you would be destroyed, so I didn't take any action against you, but if you want to escape now, then I have to kill you desperately."

"Water escape spiral waterwheel."

Kuroyoshi violently threw the spiral waterwheel out.

The waterwheel whizzed out, and the highly compressed waterjet revolved at a speed hard to discern with the naked eye, and its power was unstoppable.

The huge, high-tech airship was cut in half by a spiral waterwheel like paper, and then exploded. The people inside turned into a sea of ​​flames along with the airship.

Kuroyoshi took out the detector to confirm, no one survived.

"Hurry up, quickly film this scene!" The director took the microphone and directed.

However, the aftermath of the airship explosion caused hurricanes and huge waves, and the galleon was swaying more and more, and the people on it were swaying, making it difficult to stand firm.

"Director, forget it, I'll be thrown out." The assistant persuaded, holding on to the railing.

"No, don't let people underestimate us filmmakers. Even if you use your life, you have to take wonderful shots."

"Yes, director!"

The morale of the filming team immediately rose, and they united to shoot.

Kuroyoshi was speechless again.

He was too lazy to complain, and when the mission was over and left, he went to delete the mission fragments about himself.

After a while, it was calm.

Kurayoshi walked to Fengxue-e and put away the absolute defense.

Fengxuehui still clasped her arms, shaking with great horror.

Seeing that the defensive cover was suddenly opened, he screamed in panic.

Kuroyoshi said a little funny: "Okay, let's go back to the boat!"


Hearing Kuroyoshi's voice, Feng Xuehui calmed down. She looked around and noticed the corpse of the Xuenin trio and the tornado-like ice sculpture, her mouth opened wide.

"Mr. Kurayoshi, did you beat the anger away?" asked the Santa Fu.

As the retainer of the name of the Snow Country, Santa Fu has a very good psychological quality, and he is not as flustered as Feng Xuehui.

After the absolute defense was taken away, he was scanning the battlefield, but did not see the body of the raging waves.

So subconsciously think that the angry waves have escaped.

"No, that guy is dead." Kuroyoshi pointed to the smoke rising from behind the iceberg. "If that guy still has a dead body, he will sink into the sea now!"

"Dead, dead!?" Fengxuehui was stunned.

And the San Taifu shivered with excitement, "Really, Mr. Kuraki, is the anger really dead?"

"If you don't believe it, go to the sea to confirm it!"

"No, no, I'm just too excited." The Santa Fu took off his small glasses and wiped tears of excitement.

"The angry waves are really gone?"

Fengxuehui still hasn't recovered.

The shadow that had entangled her for 10 years like a nightmare, just disappeared like a dream, without real feeling.

Cangji snorted disdainfully: "I told you that I am strong, and your uncle is nothing in my eyes."

"The angry wave is really dead?"

Feng Xue-e didn't care about Kuroyoshi's tone, but asked with a hint of expectation and fear of confidence.

"Ah, no more." Kuroyoshi replied with some impatientness.

"Great." Fengxue-e's happy whole person threw on Kuroyoshi, crying excitedly, "Thank you, thank you for freeing me from the shadow of ten years."

Feeling the other party's mood, Kuraki stood there silently, lent her body to her and cried.

For a while, Fengxuehui calmed down, released her embrace of Kuroyoshi, and her cheeks blushed unnaturally.