Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 238

Although Kuroyoshi is still small, he is bigger and bigger than some adults, plus his handsome face and dress.

If you look closely, it's easy to make girls blush.

Not to mention that she held him so tightly.

"Do you still want to make a movie!" Kurayoshi asked: "If you don't want to do it, just continue on your way!"

Hearing this, the third wife also looked towards Fengxuehui.

"Shoot, of course you must shoot."

Fengxuehui said without hesitation.

Angry Tao is dead, and he will probably be supported as a queen when he returns to the Snow Country. This is probably her last chance to make a movie.

Fengxuehui had two dreams since childhood.

One is to be a princess who is kind-hearted and considers the people.

The other is to be a famous actor.

The director led the crew back to Bingberg to shoot.

In the last filming, Fengxuehui used 200 acting skills and attitude to make the shooting process extremely smooth.

Looking at the two appearances of Fengxuehui in and outside the play, Kurayoshi said sincerely: I hope she can be as strong as the Fengyun princess in the play!

After all, the queen is not as simple as being an actor.

Time passed slowly, and a month passed quickly.

After making a movie in Snow Country, Kurayoshi Protector Kazee-e participated in her enthronement ceremony.

Finally, she returned to Konoha with the alliance agreement written by her as the supreme leader of the Snow Country and Snow Ninja Village.

This agreement is what Konoha really wants.

Otherwise, the seventh class will not be sent to escort Fengxuehui in the animation.

An elite will be forbearance, and a person will be strong, this is completely rushed to use force to help Feng Xuehui regain the country's plan.

On the way back, Kurayoshi relaxed a lot.

He leaned on the railing, looking at the endless sea, with the prospect of going out in his mind.

Each big-tailed beast ring, dragon vein power.

The self who gathers all these forces will become an invincible existence in this world, even Kaguya Ji cannot be an opponent.

Suddenly, there was a strong howling of air in the distance.

Look up.

On the sea level, a huge missile dragged the flame tail and set off a huge wave towards the ship.

Kuroyoshi's face became extremely embarrassed.

He has just checked with a detector, and there is no abnormal chakra within 50 kilometers.

In other words, the missile flew from 50 kilometers away.

And being able to carry out a sniper at such a distance, the strength of this person can be imagined.

The first thing Kuraki thought of was Ashura Dao Payne.

The 163rd Kuroyoshi VS Liudao Payne, with soil

"Speed ​​Mach Three, Distance"

Kurayoshi opened the writing wheel to calculate the time of the missile hit.

Suddenly, a man in a black robe with a spiral mask appeared in front of the missile.

The space in front of him twisted and rotated around the hole of the spiral mask, and disappeared into the space together with the missile.

Kuroyoshi was stunned, then reacted.

Turn around, take out the second-hand recycling bin, and open it.

The space behind him was twisted at some point, the missing missile head was flying out of it, and the loud roar swelled the eardrum.


The missile headed into the second-hand recycling station.

Kurayoshi immediately put the lid on.

With a flash of dazzling light, the missile turned into a stainless steel basin before it could explode.

Cangji didn't even collect the spoils. He threw the second-hand recycling bin into the system space, turned back, jumped onto the sea, and then fled as quickly as possible.

It's not that I can't beat it, but I don't want to hurt the innocent people on board.

I don't know how long it has been to escape, on the endless sea, the ship has disappeared from sight.

Kuroyoshi stopped, and the space about 10 meters in front of him suddenly twisted, and a person wearing a black robe and a spiral mask came out from it, and then he released six more red cloud robes with a black background, each with different images, but A man with short black metal rods inserted in his face and his eyes circled around.

Six Ways of Payne and Belt Soil officially debut.

"You don't want to involve innocent people, and deliberately draw the battlefield here, you are very good." Tiandao Payne pointed to Cangji and said with appreciation.

However, even with words of appreciation, his expression was indifferent, and his voice did not fluctuate emotionally, like a dead person.

Indeed, at the moment Yahiko died, Nagato's heart was already dead, and he now lives for Yahiko's wishes.

Kuroyoshi did not respond immediately, but after looking at them for a while, he turned his gaze to Tiandao Payne, his mouth cracked, and sneered: "A guy who didn't hesitate to attack a whole ship, what right does he have to say? words?"

"For peace, sacrifice is inevitable."

"A great-sounding sacrifice is inevitable!" Kuraki smiled sarcastically, "Then why can't you be the one who sacrificed?"

Tiandao Payne looked indifferent, "If we can bring true peace at the expense of us, I can die now."

His tone was very calm, and there was no mood swing.

It seems to be simply stating a fact, and I don't think it is noble to do so.

"Admire!" Kuroyoshi had nothing to say.