Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 239

"In order not to involve other people, you deliberately draw us away, indicating that you are also a person who cherishes life, then you must also cherish peace!"

"Don't talk about war, even the general sad atmosphere I hate."

"Then just ask, are you willing to come to my organization?" Tiandao Payne stretched out his right hand to Kurakichi: "Although this organization is all rebellious, we are indeed an organization that acts for the purpose of world peace, you Willing to help us for peace?"

"Does your organization pull people like this?" Kuroyoshi looked at him weirdly.

Organizational welfare doesn’t say anything, and a big talk is covered up, or it is for the illusory goal of world peace.

Can't you learn from Dashewan?

If you don't rely on force, you will have ghosts if you can pull people like this.

"It's a pity!" Tiandao Payne retracted the invitation, "I thought you were like-minded people like us, but I didn't expect you to be no different from those mortals."

"Everyone is drunk, am I alone?" Kuraki looked at him sarcastically.

"Whatever you say, since you are not going to join us, then go to die!"

As he said, Tiandao Payne raised his right hand to him again, "Vientiane Tianyin!"

A huge attraction was generated in his palm, and Kuroyoshi's body was involuntarily sucked over.

Shuradao Payne's body changed for a while, and a huge blade tail appeared behind him.

As soon as Cangji approached, he killed him with a single blow.

Before him, the space was distorted with dirt, and four huge shurikens were shot from it.

The huge shuriken that accelerates through the space is extremely fast, and with that huge size, it is as powerful as a grade ninjutsu.

Kuraji was not afraid of danger, and suddenly raised his head on the way to being sucked in, his sharp eyes became blood red, and there were black hexagonal snowflake-shaped bar patterns inside, and the purple chakra skeleton was condensed in front of him, and then hemorrhages.

In the gap where Kurayoshi was sucked into, he was shrouded in a purple giant twenty meters high.

"Suzano can be!?"

Dai Tu looked astonished, but the Penns were surprised.

But let them not think too much.

Ignoring the huge shuriken, the giant waved huge palms towards the six penins and the earth.


After taking the soil to say something, he jumped out first, and the rest of Penn didn't slow down and jumped away.


The palms slapped on the water, and the waves were set off, and the originally calm ocean became choppy.

"I just want you to disperse!"

Kuroyoshi sneered in his heart, his eyes focused on the soil, the hexagonal snowflake-shaped kaleidoscope slowly rotated, and blood and tears flowed from the corner of his eyes.

The earthy writing wheel eyes caught this point, the secret path was not good, and the body immediately disappeared, but a second later, the corners of the clothes burned with black flames, and then spread to the whole body in an instant.

"Why does this guy have a kaleidoscope!"

Bring the soil angrily cursed, and ran towards the hungry ghost Dao Payne, and the hungry ghost Dao Payne also ran towards Bring the soil.

They learned from Itachi about Amaterasu's pupil technique, once it is touched, it will not go out without burning the target.

It must be absorbed by the power of Hungry Ghost Dao.

"How can you succeed!"

Kurayoshi commanded the giant and once again patted the location where the hungry ghost Dao Payne and Daido met.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

Tiandao Payne sent out a repulsive wave on the side, and the powerful repulsive wave instantly shattered the second state of Susao Nenghu and blew it out together with the Kuroyoshi inside.

In the sky, Kurayoshi adjusted his figure, took out the wind blowing, and fanned out sharply below, "The wind breaks the chaotic wind."

The air suddenly stagnated, and then violently rioted. The fierce hurricane formed a tornado raging across the world and swept across the sea, rolling up waves of tsunami after another.

Tiandao Payne has just used the Shenluo Tianzheng, and you need to wait 5 seconds for the next use.

The rest of Penn, no one can defend against such violent attacks.

As a last resort, he rushed to the hungry ghost road with soil and stopped, and then stood at the forefront, raised his hands, and aimed at the tornadoes of the sky and the earth.

"I miscalculated!"

Under the mask, the right eye with soil transplantation glowed red, and Izanaki was used.

He has inter-column cells, and using Izanaki does not need to take a long time to activate like other Uchiha.

As a writing wheel lost its light and was consumed, the black flame on him was completely extinguished.

And the hungry ghost Dao Payne also absorbed the tornado that directly connected to the world.

Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Four

As the tornado was absorbed by the hungry ghost Dao Payne, the waves gradually calmed down.

The two sides looked at each other tens of meters apart, vigilant to each other.

Especially with soil, his eyes are full of fear.

The Uchiha clan has not been destroyed, his spare writing wheel stock is very small, and there are not many opportunities to continue to be consumed as Izanaki, so he can't just waste it.

He said cautiously: "Not only Mu Dun, which is comparable to the original Hokage, but also Kaleidoscope writing round eyes, and it is straight. This information is a bit outrageous."

In fact, the black comma in Shaolun's eyes is not Gouyu, but Bawen.

Bawen is divided into Quba and Zhiba. Only the kaleidoscope writing wheel has this kind of division.

Taitu learned from the real Madara that one of the bar patterns between brothers must be a straight bar and the other must be a Quba.

When the two become one, they will merge with each other's bar patterns and become more complex straight bar patterns.

In the anime, Madara refers to Sasuke's writing wheel eyes as the Zhiba Kaleidoscope, which is actually an eternal kaleidoscope.

The hexagonal snowflake-shaped bar pattern of Kuranoji is an eternal kaleidoscope born by fusing two kaleidoscopes and writing wheels.

Moreover, he also awakened Mu Dun.