Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 240

Jia Tu has transplanted inter-pillar cells on his body, so he knows exactly how huge vitality is contained in the body cells that can use Mu Dun, and how powerful it is for the increase in Shao Lun Yan.

His kaleidoscope writing wheel is supported by the cells between the columns, no matter how it is used, there are no side effects, and it is far stronger than the general kaleidoscope writing wheel.

Even if it's a single eye, it won't fall for ordinary eyes.

"Retreat!" Taito stared at Kuroyoshi in the distance with dreadful eyes, "This kid's strength has exceeded our expectations. Let's wait for the plan to succeed and use the power of the tail beast to deal with him. !"

"Do not!"

Tiandao Payne rebuffed indifferently, "Once our plan starts, we will definitely encounter obstacles, and we may meet him on the way."

"The preparations for the plan are still three years away. Waiting for three years to start the plan. He is so strong now. It is impossible to imagine how much he will grow in three years. If we were to match him at that time, we There is no chance of winning."

"Then are you sure now?" Bring Tu turned his head and looked at Xiang Tiandao Payne.

"I can't say that I'm sure, but the chances are greater now." Tiandao Payne said lightly: "In the depths of the ocean, his wooden escape is difficult to play. The only thing that needs to be afraid is the kaleidoscope writing round eyes."

No matter how strong Mu Dun is, it needs soil for its growth. In the depths of this sea, I don't know tens of thousands of meters from the bottom of the sea, no matter how powerful Mu Dun can grow.

"You have to be careful of the weird props." Dai Tu reminded.

Put the whole missile into a box on the ship, before waving an exaggerated iron fan.

There is no guarantee that he has other unknown things.

However, Dai Tu said that he agreed with Payne's ideas.

It is very simple to retreat now, but there is no guarantee that he will be hindered in the plan three years later.

"Then, try his other methods first!"

With a long ponytail, the beast Dao Penn made from the corpse of the ninja of the Wind Demon clan made a seal with both hands, and then pressed it to the sea, "Psychic!"

As the magic talisman unfolded, the three psychic beasts rushed out from the bursting smoke.

They are a giant lobster and crab, and an archaeopteryx with feet on the back.

Giant crabs ran fast on the surface of the water at high speeds, like walking on the ground. Large lobsters dived directly into the water and launched a surprise attack from the bottom of the sea. Archaeopteryx soared in the sky, with its long and pointed beak spreading up and down, making a sharp and piercing cry.

There are triple attacks by sea, land and air, and ordinary people will only be overwhelmed.

However, Kuroyoshi sneered.

"Do you want to test my hole cards? Then just show them to you, I'm completely satisfied!"

Chakra condensed a huge purple skeleton in front of him, then flesh and blood, then armor, and finally the changes of wings and armor.

He is more than 30 meters tall, his body is wrapped in purple chakra arrogance, and his aura is overwhelming, like a god of war.

At the moment when Suzuo Noji appeared completely, the calm sea once again set off waves, the sky was billowing with dark clouds, and the Thunder Snake wandered away.

Archaeopteryx hurriedly flapped its wings and raised its figure, huge crabs braked sharply on the surface of the water, and huge lobsters on the seabed preparing for a sneak attack were hidden in the water and dared not move.

They were dead tomorrow, and they were not afraid of everything. When they faced the complete body, they actually aroused the long-lost physical memory.

That is the fear in the face of natural disasters.

No matter how powerful it is, everything looks insignificant in the face of natural disasters.

However, when they face the complete body, they have a feeling of facing natural disasters from the sky and the earth. Fear occupies instinct, making them escape from the control of the reincarnation eye for a moment.

The earthy face in the distance was green, even Payne frowned solemnly.

Only those who really stand in front of the perfect body can feel the oppression brought by the perfect body, which is really like facing a deity.

Kuroyoshi stood in the chakra crystal on Susano's forehead, looking down at everything condescendingly. The powerful force made him full of confidence, as if nothing could hold him back.

"Don't blame me for using my full strength as soon as I came up, and I didn't give you a chance. After all, it is a kaleidoscope with spatial ability and the eyes of the six immortals. If you are not careful, I will die." The corner of Cangji's mouth rose slightly, smiling. Said.

Just now, when Taito and Payne were discussing countermeasures, he was also thinking about how to play against them.

Because they know their abilities, and the other party does not know that their abilities have been exposed, there are many tactics that can be used.

However, many tactics and plans were thought of in my mind, but they all contained certain risks.

Although tactics are accompanied by the risk of failure.

But in the face of these two people joining forces, he dared not take any risks.

Therefore, I used the complete body directly.

He owns the amount of chakras comparable to the Shouhe, and the ring of Shouhe and the Nine Lamas continuously supplements the chakras.

Although it is impossible to have unlimited chakras like Reincarnation of the Dirty Land, it is still possible to use the full body to be used to level a.

With the mighty power of a god, and the offensive and defensive integrated, Susao Nengshi made all tactics pale and weak.


Dai Tu proposed again, sweat was already on his forehead under the mask.

It is precisely because I understand the power of this force that I don't want to be an enemy.

The six Penn looked up at the full body Susano, or looked up at the Kuroyoshi inside, with a flat expression, "Try it first, if it doesn't work, then withdraw."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to withdraw at that time."

"You are watching from behind, ready to meet us with space ninjutsu at any time."

"it is good!"

Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Five

A giant like a god is standing on the sea, doing nothing, just the chakra fluctuation on his body makes the sea surging.

Kurayoshi is located in the forehead of the giant, high above, looking down on sentient beings, as if saying: Come on, challenge God!

Heavenly Dao Payne pondered for a while, and the six Payne moved together.

Heaven is at the forefront, Hell is in the center, Hungry Ghost Road, Shura Road is the left and right wings, the Human World is behind, and the Animal Road is hanging at the end.

But the first shot was Animal Dao.

During the run, he knotted his hands and pressed it against the void, and the operation runes spread.

A burst of white smoke burst, and a three-headed iron centipede intersecting orange and black rushed out of it, and raised its head without fear, and launched an attack from the sky.

At the same time, Archaeopteryx was circling in the sky and dropped bird eggs, and huge lobsters dived in the deep sea, like a hunting shark hitting a giant on the sea.