Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 241

The giant crab spit out a lot of foam, trying to block the view.

"Small bugs!"

Cangji snorted and controlled it with will. The purple giant stretched out his hands and held it in the void. Two purple chakra greatswords appeared in his hands, and the chakras contained on them were huge, like flames beating.


The huge sword swung, the air stagnated, became as thick as a liquid, and then it was easily torn apart.

The mountain of foam dissipated as soon as the sword wind blows.

Suddenly, blood suddenly appeared.

Archaeopteryx, lobster, crab, and iron-headed centipede were squeezed by the air pressure driven by the sword, and the invisible sword aura broke out, rushing towards Penn and the dirt behind them at a desperate speed.


The six Penns took off in time and avoided.

In the air, they saw the sight of Jian Qi path, the sea was divided into two halves, the sea water flowed into the sky, forming a double-sided waterfall.

Although it was quickly filled and restored to its original state, it separated the sea with a human sword, and the legendary gods were nothing more than that.

Heavenly Dao Payne looked at the sky moat below with a serious face.

Although feeling the breath, he knew that this guy couldn't be weak, but he didn't expect to be so strong.

Suddenly, the air became viscous and a huge shadow appeared on the sea.

Through the perspective of other Payne, he saw the great sword falling from the sky.

One fell short, and the other fell.

The power of one blow is comparable to the tail beast jade, but it does not need to gather chakras, but ordinary flat a.

This is completely beyond Nagato's thinking.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

The repulsive wave forms a cover around.

The huge sword cut down, and the two collided, making the sound of metal clashing and sparks.

Then, slap the entire cover into the sea like a tennis ball.

The purple giant also leaned back due to the rebound, staggering back two steps.

Shuradao Penn's body conjured a third hand and launched a huge missile from his palm.


The missile had a flame tail and hit the giant's head. The impact of the explosion spread in a circular shape, and the flame even enveloped the entire head.

However, the defense is not broken.

Although the huge power made the giant who had staggered back two more steps, it was limited to this.


"Vientiane Tianyin!"

Tiandao Penn, who had been sunk into the sea, had surfaced at some point and appeared behind him, using the most powerful Vientiane Tianyin on Susano's head.

Pulled by the powerful gravitational force, the entire body, who was already staggering backward, was pulled down.

Ahead, the beast Dao Payne rushed quickly, and was about to absorb the entire giant.

"No loss is the eye of reincarnation, and I can actually force the full body of Suzuo Nohu, then..." Kuraki praised a few words, and then indifferent, "Try this, what about it!"

The purple giant flapped its wings, and the mountain-like giant actually flew.

The speed is very fast, not at all huge and bulky. With a flap of its wings, it rushed to an altitude of several hundred meters.

Six Payne stood on the sea level, silently looking at the giant in the sky, feeling a little weak in their hearts.

Exaggerated destructive power, amazing 360-degree defense without dead ends, flexible maneuverability...

In the face of this kind of organism, there is no other way but to make a positive breakthrough with stronger strength.

Suddenly, a purple arrow with black flames fell from the sky, and instantly penetrated the body of Hell Road.

Then, more arrows fell like meteors.

The Paynes dispersed all at once, taking shelter.

However, because it is an arrow, the speed is far faster than that of a shuriken, and it is far more difficult to avoid than imagined in the unobstructed sea.

In a moment, the human world and the Shura road were destroyed one after another.

"You can only try this!"

Tiandao Payne's eyes condensed, hands clasped together!

In the distance, dozens of kilometers away, the sea suddenly cracked and a black ball flew out of it.


600 meters above the sky.

The purple giant is suspended here, the sword in his hand has disappeared, replaced by a giant bow.

He pulled away the full moon, an arrow that was as thin as a telephone pole, with black flames burning on it, and then shot it "swiftly", and then pulled another arrow.

In doing so, Chakra consumes an alarming amount.

However, Cangji has two rings of tail beasts to replenish and restore in turn, and he is not afraid.

Suddenly, Kurayoshi felt something, stopped shooting arrows, and turned to look at the sun behind him.

There was a small black spot in the center of the sun, and the unparalleled suction erupted from that black spot, and the whole body was pulled over uncontrollably.

Kuroyoshi's expression was grim and he controlled Susao to resist the suction, but he was still pulled over little by little.

Under the disguised sea of ​​God's Paper Art, his body was as thin as firewood, and blood was flowing out of the Long Door Seven Orifices with black metal short rods on his back.

Xiao Nan on the side looked at him worried, but didn't bother.

Although she wants to persuade her, she understands our personalities, and once a decision is made, she can never stop it.