Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 242

"Only now."

Nagato said with difficulty.

On the other side, on the battlefield.

The hungry ghost Dao Payne stood on the arm of the beast Dao Payne, his legs bent.


Beast Dao slammed the Hungry Ghost Dao into the sky, and the instant the Hungry Ghost Dao was shot, his legs jumped out. The goal was the complete body in the sky that was fighting the Earth-Booming Star.

No matter how strong the complete body is, it is also composed of chakras, as long as the Hungry Ghost Dao can touch it, it can absorb it.

Only in this way can we have a chance to defeat the opponent.

Kuroyoshi did not forget to pay attention to the surrounding situation when fighting gravity.

The actions of the evil spirits were recognized by him.

"Do you want to decipher the perfect Susao?"

Kuroyoshi sneered in his heart, then gave up resisting gravity, and instead flapped his wings to actively rush towards the core of the earth-explosive sky star.

On the way, the huge bow was replaced with a sword, with a rotating gou jade wrapped around the sword.

"Yasaka Gouyu!"

Kuroyoshi slammed the two Gouyu out.

There is no need to aim under this huge gravitational force, the core of the black ball will suck in the attack.

Chapter 166 The prestige spreads throughout the world of Ninja


Yasaka Gouyu hit the black ball with a violent roar, and the bursts of air waves spread out, and the flames rose up, reflecting the entire sky in red.

Immediately afterwards, the purple giant swung his great sword into the flames.

Only two swords flashed, the flame was separated, and the purple giant was killed from the inside.

After a short pause, a bigger explosion occurred behind him, and the flames roared and swallowed the sky, and the hot air wave spread out ring by ring.

Dao Payne, the evil spirit thrown up, was blown off by the air wave.

Cangji was expressionless, and he controlled the purple giant to swoop down after the hungry ghost, crossed his two swords in front of his chest, and slashed him with a single knife when he got close.

Near, near...

Seeing the evil spirit Dao Payne entered the attack range, the purple giant cut out mercilessly.

The huge blade tore through the sky and whizzed up.

Seeing that the beast Dao Payne was about to be beheaded on the spot, suddenly...

"Psychic art!"

With the sound of the sea, the hungry ghost Dao Payne disappeared into the air.

It was the animal Dao Payne, he psyched the rest of Payne, and brought the dirt to the divine power space opened to the side to involve everyone in fleeing.

"Don't try to escape!"

The purple giant replaced the sword with a bow, aimed at the gradually distorted spatial vortex, and the huge arrow was burning with black flames, shooting out at a desperate speed, and screaming along the way.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

Tiandao Payne stood in front of him, raised his hands, and sent out a powerful repulsive wave.


The arrow collided with the repulsive wave, bursting out a fierce gas explosion cloud, spreading with the roar of metal collision, the arrow also swirled and fell into the sea.

Taking this opportunity, the rest of Penn has all been sucked into the divine power space.

Tiandao Payne took a deep look at the complete body Susano who killed from the sky, as if to see the whole picture of Kiyoshi Kura through that huge body.

Then, he jumped into the divine space without hesitation, and the spirally twisted space returned to calm.


The purple giant slammed with a knife in the next second, and the wind driven by the huge size set off a huge wave.

However, no matter how powerful it is, it is meaningless to not hit someone.


Kuroyoshi frowned, and controlled Susanoh to fly high in the sky to investigate.

The endless sea is turbulent, and the tsunami can be seen in the distance, but no people can be seen.

He still didn't give up, took out the detector and surveyed, but still didn't find anything.

There is a pupil technique like the divine power space, unless it is so powerful that the opponent cannot use it, otherwise, it is impossible to prevent the opponent from escaping.


"Now you can develop comfortably for a while!"

A comfortable smile appeared on Kurayoshi's face.

In the environment where the sea restricts Mu Eun, Tai Tu and Payne can't help him.

Next time, without absolute certainty, they will not be dispatched.

The only pity is that I didn't get the other party's body tissue.

In the face of these two enemies, Cangji did not dare to distract him, and the three killed Payne...the blood they shed was washed away by the sea in the first time.

Putting away Suzano, Kurayoshi found the direction of the ship and chased it over there.


Three days later, the ship arrived at Haian, the country of fire.

It took Kurayoshi a long time to return to Konoha.

He didn't look for anyone, and went directly to the Hokage Building.