Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 243

Kurayoshi took the task report book prepared on the ship, ready to report the task situation to Hokage, and by the way, cash out the things of the outing.

It's just that, opening the office door, sitting behind the desk is not the old figure of the third generation, but a woman in a green coat.

The pale blonde hair, golden eye pupils, exquisite appearance, and the extremely hot figure make it difficult for a man to divert his attention at a glance.

It is one of the legendary Sannin, the granddaughter of the original Naruto, Tsunade Hime.

Seeing her sitting behind Hokage's desk and burying her head in office, it is obvious that she has taken over the position of the fifth generation of Hokage.

"What are you doing at the door?"

Tsunade, who was immersed in work, looked up, her golden eyes filled with sternness, "I just took over the job of Hokage, but I was too busy. If you have anything to do, please finish it quickly."

Under the mature and beautiful appearance, it is slowly majestic and severe.

Kuroyoshi was taken aback for a while, just like the queen attribute possessed by anime movies.


In response, Kurayoshi came to the desk and handed over the report, "I'm here to do a task report."

"Got it."

Tsunade put down the documents in his hand and took the report and looked at it seriously.

Kuroyoshi looked at her with a strange expression.

At close range, he smelled a faint smell of sake.

As Hokage, but drinking in broad daylight, this woman is not as serious and stern as her appearance.

"You are the Cangji who has been making a lot of noise in the village some time ago!"

After reading the report, Tsunade put it down, resting his chin on his hands, and looking at Kuroyoshi with interest. "The old man and Jilai also mentioned you to me, saying that you are a genius and a very funny kid. "


Are you submitting a mission report?

What do you say about the same thing as usual?

Kuroyoshi scratched his head and hesitated: "It's just normal!"

"So so?" Tsunade chuckled. "If your words are spread, those geniuses praised by countless people will be ashamed to death."

Kurayoshi continued to scratch his head without speaking.

"Say serious things!"

Tsunade seemed to see that Kuroyoshi was not good at talking in this area, and there were not too many, with a solemn expression, and said, "I know about the agreement between you and the teacher. You have also accomplished the mission of Snow Country very well, enough. It proves that you can be alone like Shangnin."

"Then I apply for a village tour..."

"This is not in a hurry."

Tsunade took out an envelope from the drawer and handed it over, "Look at this first."

"this is……?"

Kurayoshi took it over and opened it in a puzzled way. Inside was an application form with "application form for court guard" written on it.

"Application form for court guard?"

Kuroyoshi looked at Tsunade suspiciously.

"Your performance in the Ninja test has been praised by big names and ninja leaders from all over the world. Our fire country daimyo likes you very much and wants to transfer you to serve as a court guard."

After a pause, Tsunade continued: "You killed four generations of Fukage alone in the chaos of war, and the story of ending the war with one person has spread throughout the Ninja World."

"Although many people don't believe that a 12-year-old kid can do this kind of thing, and think that there is something to brag in it, but there is no doubt that your name can be regarded as resounding throughout the world. The'God of Ninja is reborn', that's it. It’s your nickname, and people think you can become the next first-generation Hokage."

Kuroyoshi squashed his mouth and threw the application on the desk, "This is not a good thing."

Chapter 167 Goal: Three Tails

The battle of a ninja is to constantly test the opponent's hole cards, then grasp the weakness and come up with countermeasures to defeat the opponent in one fell swoop.

Whoever can take a quick step in this process will win.

If a ninja is too famous, you will be at a disadvantage at the moment of encounter.

Because they know who you are and what you are famous for.

Biru Kakashi...

Anyone who has a little skill in the ninja world knows that this guy "duplicates the name of a ninja" and knows that he can copy other people's ninjutsu in person.

Therefore, this will be prevented from the beginning.

During the Zhongnin exam, tourists, daimyos, and leaders of Shinnin village came to watch it. His use of Mu Dun to end the war in one fell swoop must have been spread.

If someone wants to deal with him, he will definitely figure out a way against him.

Just like this attack by Penn and the soil.

In the depths of the sea, his wooden escape is almost useless, and only some low-level ninjutsu whose body is transformed into wood.

It doesn't work at all against a master like Payne.

If he hadn't had other means, he would have stopped in that sea.

Seeing Kuroyoshi's attitude, Tsunade cast approving eyes.

As the so-called young and frivolous.

He became famous in the Ninja World at a young age, and Tsunade worried that Kuroyoshi would be pretentious and arrogant.

For the ninja profession, pride is the easiest cause of failure, and once it fails, it has a high probability of death.

Her younger brother, Sawashu, is also very talented and has been recognized by Dashemaru.

However, he was so proud and complacent, he rushed into the battlefield and died in the enemy's trap.

She didn't want such a tragedy to happen to other people.

With extraordinary talent and a personality that is not arrogant or impetuous, coupled with a bit of hard work, this is the real qualification to become a top power.

"You are very good, maybe as the villagers said, you may become a ninja like Grandpa in the future." Tsunade praised.