Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 245

After thinking about it, Kuroyoshi decided to go to Mio first.

After all, Sanwei is in that lake and will not move.

Moreover, simply finding the tail beast in trouble is much easier than finding Ren Zhuli, so there is no need to worry about the village behind Ren Zhuli.


Yuyin Village.

The top of the central tower.

Tiandao Payne stood on the side, silently watching the heavy rain outside.

Xiao Nan stood behind, looking at the back in front with some worry.

Suddenly, the space was distorted, and the soil came out from it.

"Have you found it?" Tiandao Payne asked without looking back.

Nodded with dirt, "found it."

"Do you really want to do this?" Xiao Nan's expression became even more worried. "Our plan must have the power of pure tail beasts. If Nagato becomes a human pillar power, in the future..."

"If this is a necessary sacrifice on the road to peace, then even if you donate this life, you will not hesitate." Tiandao Payne said indifferently: "That Cangji is too strong, our current strength can't fight him at all, if three years The future plan was blocked, and we were unable to resist."

As he said, Tiandao Payne looked at the soil, "Where?"

"At present, only the three tails of the water country can be ignored."

"Then, go to the country of water!"

Chapter 168 Three-Tailed Chakra Obtained

After choosing the target, Kurayoshi quickly ate the dumplings and hurried to the direction of the water country.

About half a day, he came to the coastal area.

Did not enter the city, but the cliff hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest seaside city.

The target of the action is the tail beast, which is the target of all the major Shinobu villages.

Future actions will inevitably be exposed to the eyes of the villages and even directly conflict with them.

If you act directly as Konoha Ninja, this will cause a lot of trouble to Kuroyoshi.

Therefore, he did not enter the city to take the transportation to the Water Country.

Instead, he entered the sea from an unmanned cliff, and then disguised his identity on the sea.

In this way, people will not be inquired about traces from passers-by, thereby inferring their true identity.

It was November, and it was a cold winter.

The cold and heavy fog enveloped the entire sea area, and the eyes could only see things about five or six meters away.

After Kurayoshi entered the sea, he sprinted on it, and only a moment later entered the depths of the ocean.

He used the detector to investigate, and after confirming that there was no one, he began to disguise.

First, clothes.

It was so conspicuous that the clothes of heaven and earth escaped from the golden cicada wrapped in it. Many pedestrians noticed Konoha on the way out.

Must be replaced.

Take off the two pieces of clothing and put them in the system space.

Kurayoshi took out a set of common black kimono from the storage scroll and put it on, then put on a fake mask.

When the mask touched the face, it became illusory as if it was in the water. Then, the figure, face, and hairstyle changed to what Kuraki had imagined, and even the temperament became different.

Kuroyoshi took out the domain mirror and took a photo, one in a thin kimono, light purple hair tied in a ponytail behind his head, and a casual smile on his face.

"Not bad!" Kuroyoshi nodded in satisfaction, and carried the guardian sword on his shoulders, "From now on, I am not Kuroyoshi, but Naniwato."

Suddenly, he glanced at the scabbard of the guardian sword, thought about it, and put the sword away.

The shape of this sword is a bit special, and many people have seen it.

If you use this sword, you will definitely be recognized.

It was replaced by an ordinary samurai sword.

This is the knife that Kuroyoshi used to train. He had fought with Ryohei for several years and was well maintained.

Although there is no special ability, it is very sharp.

In addition to the sword, Kuroyoshi also carefully considered which ninjutsu could not be used.

Among them, Mu Dun and Helix Maru were selected.

Needless to say, Mu Dun.

Only him and Yamato can be used on the surface of the entire Ninja World, and the traces of use are too obvious, and it is easy to affect him.

Helix Maru is a unique skill created by the 4th generation of Naruto, and very few people know it.

And he used Dayu spiral pills to kill the 4th generation of Fengying, and he used various spiral pills with changes in nature to kill the group of anger.

Although there are not many people who know he knows helix pill, there are not many.

But the writing wheel can be used at will.

Only Taitu, Payne, and Itachi knew that he had a writing wheel.

Perhaps add Jue He Xiao Nan.

But it is impossible for them to promote it everywhere.

Moreover, using only the three-gou jade and matching the image of Ye Dou, even someone who knows that he has a writing wheel can not think of him.

After all, Uchiha's group has not been destroyed, and there are more people who have Shalanyan.

After considering the details of the disguised identity, Kuroyoshi rushed to the country of water.


The Water Country is an island country far away from the mainland and must be reached across the sea.