Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 246

Kuroyoshi dashed on the sea for about an hour and finally set foot on the land of the water country.

He entered a city and asked the locals for news.

In the animation, it is only said that Sanwei is hidden in a huge mist-shrouded lake in the country of water, but it does not say where the lake is in the country of water.

After many inquiries, Kuroyoshi got three pieces of news that met the conditions.

After investigation, finally found the lake where the three tails inhabit.

Located in the forest, the lake is full of mist and silent, only the strange sounds of unknown birds occasionally come from the forest, and the atmosphere is a bit permeable.

Kuroyoshi stood on a big tree in the forest by the lake, with the detector on his face flashing with signal lights.

Under this lake, there is a huge chakra reaction, which is stronger than the chakra contained in the ring of keeping the crane.

"It seems to be here."

Kuroyoshi laughed, took a deep breath, and then yelled: "Iso, Iso..."

It is the so-called courtesy first and then soldiers.

Cangji and Isofu have no grievances, just want to get a little Chakra forging ring from it, and don't want to fight with it as soon as they come up.

If the purpose can be achieved through conversation, that would be great.

But the tail beasts don't catch a cold to them because of human behavior, and they almost ignore humans.

Sanwei Iso is sleeping in this lake, unless he attacks the bottom of the lake with powerful ninjutsu, otherwise it will not come out.

So Kuroyoshi called their names directly.

The six immortals gave them names when they created them, and asked them to help mankind in the future.

Respond to those who call their names.

Unfortunately, over time.

History has become a legend. Human prejudice and arrogance treat tail beasts as unequal existences. No one remembers their names, and no one cares about their wishes, but they are sealed in Renzhuli as nuclear weapons.

At this moment, Kurayoshi called out his name, and Isofu would definitely respond to it when he heard it.

Sure enough, as Kuroyoshi kept shouting.

The originally calm lake made waves of ripples, and then intensified, protruding upward, and a huge three-tailed mud turtle with pointed cones on the carapace surfaced.

It was lying on the surface of the water, with its hideous face facing Kuroyoshi, and the only remaining blood-red eyes staring at him.

The huge size and hideous appearance, even if the Chakra was not mobilized, gave a huge oppression.

But Kurayoshi didn't seem to feel it, and greeted with a smile, "Hello, Isosuke!"

Isosuke thought slightly, before looking at him again for a while, " do you know my name."

"I just know!" Kurayoshi replied, "And it doesn't matter, I have something to ask you for help."

Isofu was silent for a while, and said: "...It's really not important, but if you want me to be sealed in your body to cause war disasters, I won't care about you."

"I'm not crazy, so why do I have nothing to do to create wars and disasters!"

"Are you crazy..." Ji Fu coldly snorted: "Aren't you humans just crazy?"

"Well, you are too general, not all humans are like you see."


Jifu recalled the six disciples of the Six Dao Immortals and Ninzong who created them, and nodded approvingly.

"Go ahead, what do you want me to do?"

"A little bit of your chakra will just drop as much powder when you rub the carapace."

"this one?"

Jifu's hideous face was humane dumbfounded, and then restored to its original state, "Are you sure you are right?"

"I just need a little bit of falling powder on your body." Kurayoshi solemnly declared again.

"Well, if you want it, then give it to you!" Isao said: "However, even if our tail beast's Chakra is amazing, with only this little powder, it is enough to use a normal ninja. Surgery, you really didn't make a mistake?"

"Hmm, just a little powder."

"Okay then! Here you are!"

As he said, Mio flicked his tail on the rock by the lake, and some powder fell from the scales that protected the tail.

Kuroyoshi rushed to collect it, and the system reminder sounded in his mind.

Chapter 169 Meeting Penn Again

Ding!The special material "Isofu's carapace powder" is detected, and the special item "Isofu no ring" can be forged. Is it forging?


Because the tail beast ring was very small, and there was no movement during forging, and the back was facing Isosuke, Kurayoshi chose forging directly.

In fact, it doesn't matter if someone sees it.

It will only be regarded as some kind of trick or ninjutsu.

As the mind fell, a black iron-like bone ring appeared in Kuroyoshi's hand.

"The Ring of Jifu: The ring contains all the chakras and attributes of Jifu, and the wearer can use it at will."

Another ring of the tail beast was received, and only six were left.

Kuroyoshi put the ring on his ring finger happily and felt the chakra contained in it.

Very powerful and possesses surging water properties.

The power of water escape is greatly enhanced.

"Thank you! Isofu!" Kurayoshi turned and waved to thank Isofu.

Jifu sneered, "You humans like to study these weird things!"

Kuroyoshi didn't care, and spread his hands innocently. "Well, it is because of curiosity that human beings continue to explore and make progress."

"Whatever you say, if it's all right, I will go to bed."