Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 247

As he said, Isao's body began to sink.

"and many more!"

"Huh?" Isao looked over with regret, "Is there anything else?"

"You'd better change a place to sleep earlier!" Kuroyoshi scratched his head and said embarrassingly: "Your position here has been discovered. If you continue to stay here, you will be caught and sealed sooner or later."

Hearing this, Ji Fu fell into thought.

After a while, it looked up at Kurayoshi and said casually: "You don't have to apologize. The behavior of some people cannot represent all human beings, but"

After a pause, he continued: "No matter where I hide, I will be discovered sooner or later."

The chakra contained in the tail beast is too large, and humans have sentient ninjas, it is too easy to find the tail beast hidden in the wild.

If Wuyin Village hadn't been in the midst of civil strife and reform, I'm afraid it would have come to recover Sanwei long ago.

Kuroyoshi understood this truth, so he didn't say much.

After being silent for a while, he smiled at it, "Then take care."

Originally, he wanted to tell Ji Fu whether or not to follow him.

However, he has many secrets that he does not want to expose.

Especially for the tail beasts, they have an unclear relationship with the Six Dao Immortals.

Kurayoshi didn't want to expose the secret to them until he had not fully understood whether the existence of the Six Dao Immortals was still alive, or had reached a strength comparable to him.

Moreover, Jifu, as a tail beast, wants to follow a human, so he can only stay in his body.

In this way, what is the difference with being sealed into Ren Zhuli's body?

It's nothing more than a voluntary, a passive one.

"See you later if you have a chance!"

Isofu took a deep look at Kuroyoshi, and his huge body sank completely into the water.

The lake returned to calm.

Kuroyoshi stood on the bank and watched silently, then turned and left.

If you are in trouble with Isao, he might help.

But he still has a lot to do, and it is impossible to guard Isofu for a lifetime.

The lake plunged into an atmosphere of horror like death, and the forests on the shore kept calling sounds like crows "cooing".

Suddenly, a group of birds flew away in fright. The six people with different faces and shapes, but uniformly dressed in red cloud robes with black background, with short metal rods in their faces, circled the people from the forest to the shore.

It is the Six Way Payne.

"Sanwei is here!" Tiandao Payne said calmly.

"Yes, Sanwei is hiding at the bottom of the lake!"

Along with the sound, a pitcher plant suddenly grew on the ground beside the six.

Then, the pitcher plant opened, revealing the black and white yin and yang face inside.

"Then, start catching it!" Heavenly Dao Payne said calmly: "It's too unfavorable to fight it in the water. Catch it up first."

With the words of Heavenly Dao Penn, Shura Dao Penn has completed its transformation.

Half of his body splayed open, revealing the machinery and parts inside, and three guided torpedoes shot out, and then swam to the bottom of the sea.

In a few seconds!

"Boom boom boom!"

Accompanied by a huge roar and roar of pain, several meters of waves were raised in the middle of the lake.

A behemoth with three tails and a barbed carapace emerged from the water.

It saw the Paynes on the shore at a glance, and suddenly roared and roared, huge water iron cannonballs condensed on its mouth.

Cangji left the lake without rushing on his way.

He was thinking about who to look for next goal.

The best choices are the four-tailed man Zhuli Laozi and the six-tailed man Zhuliyu Gao.

Lao Zi didn't agree with Tuying because of his stubborn personality. At this time, he had left the village and became a wandering monk.

Yu Gao is rebellious.

It is relatively easy to start with them.

It's just that it's relatively difficult to find them.

After all, neither the wandering monk nor Renren would stay in one place for too long.

"Since you are in the country of water, let's find Yu Gao first!"

Kuroyoshi didn't know the specific time when Yu Gao defected, and as the misty rebel Shinobu, nine out of ten would not stay in the Water Country.

However, intelligence can be found from some places.

Moreover, he has not forgotten his other purpose, to find the remains and tombs of the Zhutoi clan, and to forge a large amount of diluted large barrel wood crystals.

This is something that is comparable or even more important than the Ring of the Tailed Beast.

Moreover, Wuyin Village also has a lot of Blood Succession Boundaries, you can try it and see if you can forge more props.

While thinking, there was a huge roar from the direction of the lake and the roar of Jifu.

Cangji stopped, turned around and looked around, only to see the fire blazing from the direction of the lake, reflecting the sky red.

"This power"

Kuraki's expression changed, and he hurried back.

He didn't know who was fighting with Jifu, but he was able to create this kind of battle.

Although in the anime, Isao was defeated and captured by Deidara three years later, he might be a little worried.

But since I ran into it, there was no reason to be invisible.