Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 248

Soon, Kuroyoshi returned to the edge of the lake.

He was not eager to go out, but hidden behind the big tree to observe in secret.

In the middle of the lake, a huge three-tailed mud turtle was besieged by six people wearing red cloud robes with black background.

Although the power of the three-tailed mud turtle is very powerful, it can set off huge waves with a single tail. A water iron cannon can destroy a large area of ​​forest from a kilometer away, and a tail beast jade can hit a few kilometers away and set off a nuclear explosion. .

But the opponent is too flexible, and there are ways to absorb Chakra.

No matter how strong an attack is, it doesn't make sense to miss someone.

Moreover, the other party's methods are no worse than it.

Isofu was almost beaten unilaterally.

Seeing this scene, Kuroyoshi was stunned.

The iconic red cloud robe with black background and circled eyes all proclaimed his identity.

Six Ways of Payne.

Look at Chapter 170

The fighting was fierce, so calm that the lake became choppy, and the turbid waves rolled like the sea.

The battle was fierce, but Kuroyoshi didn't rush to take action.

Although Isofu was in a state of unilateral beating, his defense was quite strong.

The carapace that seemed to be poured by black iron gave it a defensive power far superior to other tail beasts.

Although Penn is powerful, it is impossible for him to win Isosuke in a short period of time with the usual ninjutsu.

Unless you use the Shenluo Tianzheng or Earth-Booming Star with overdrawn life.

The reason Kurayoshi didn't rush to shoot was because he was searching Nagato's body.

Penn is just a puppet remotely controlled by Nagato, even if it is destroyed, he can use the power of Hell Road to restore it.

Moreover, Nagato’s legs are inconvenient.

Directly dealing with the body, as long as you are a little careful and not being absorbed by him into Chakra, it is much simpler than dealing with Six Payne.

Even if he is accompanied by a small Nan next to him.

Active attack and passive attack...

The pros and cons of the two are turned upside down.

Kurayoshi didn't want to expose the identity of Yetou as Kuroyoshi, so he took off the false mask and changed back to his usual dress.

Then, putting on meow shoes, carrying a detector, and starting to search in the forest.

Nagato remotely controls Penn from a long distance.

Last time on the sea, the probe failed to detect its body, which shows that the distance of his remote control exceeds 50 kilometers.

But it will never go too far.

Otherwise, in the anime, Konoha's upper ninjas would not be able to search and guess his location so quickly.

Wearing meow shoes, Kuroyoshi moved quickly in the forest without making a sound, passing by a bird without being noticed.

Although both Xiaonan and Nagato possess very powerful remote sensing methods, it is difficult to find such a silent person on the way to concentrate on fighting the three tails.

It's just that I made a circle in the forest.

Kuroyoshi didn't find Xiaolan and Nagato, but he found Heizue.

The guy was on the branch of a big tree on the shore, growing his upper body to watch the battle, and from time to time he sighed and commented with Bai Jue.

This unexpected surprise made Kuroyoshi very happy for a while.

After all, Heijue fell from Kaguya Ji.

Can his body structure forge the Nine Gouyu Jade Reincarnation Writing Round Eye?

Not to mention the jade reincarnation writing round eyes, Huangquan than Liangzaka, it is okay to kill the ashes together!

As long as he thinks of those abnormal things, Kuroyoshi's mood can't be suppressed.

No, no.

Don't get too excited, you will be discovered.

Kurayoshi, who knew Kurojee's ability to detect, tried to calm his mood, and then moved closer to Kurojee.

However, after approaching a distance of more than ten meters, Kuroyoshi dared not approach.

That guy, even though he was watching the battle, didn't relax his vigilance with his surroundings, and his surroundings were covered with robes.

No matter where you go, you will step on it.

Then, Heijue, half of his body melted in the tree, slipped away.

This guy can move quickly along the roots in the veins.

If you look away a little, it will let him slip away.

So, how can you lean over and catch him?

Use wooden escape?

Although this can indeed tie him up for the first time, I don't know if this guy can escape along the big tree that grew out of Mu Dun.

After all, Mu Dun comes from the sacred tree.

The sacred tree is the incarnation of Kaguya Ji, and the change direction can be regarded as the incarnation of Heijue.

The probability that he can do this is very high.

and so--

Kuroyoshi's gaze condensed, and he took out three weirdly-shaped ones, with Kunai written on the handles of the operation runes.

"Just use Fei Lei Shen to jump, I hope that guy won't drive off the moment he sees Kuwu."

Kuroyoshi raised his hands, and the three kunai tore the air, flying towards Heizue.