Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 249

But when Heijue was still seven or eight meters away, a vine whip suddenly pierced and flew him away.

As a Voldemort who hasn't known for many years, Hei Jue is always paying attention to the surrounding security issues even when he is watching the crowd.

Hei Jue noticed it for the first time when Kuunai shot out and the whistling sound of tearing the air sounded.

From the sound, it can be judged that it is kunai, but it is not sure whether the detonation is tied.

Therefore, Heijue used Mu Dun to resist.

The three Kuwuwu flew high, spinning around in the air, and falling down after reaching the apex.

And Heijue just looked back.

"Flying God Second Stage!"


Cangji instantly crossed a distance of more than ten meters, appeared in the spinning air of Kuwu, holding a birdcage in his hand, and threw it at Heizue.


Hei Jue was shocked and immediately fled along the tree.

After watching the battle between Cangji and Payne, Dahai knew that he couldn't walk through the opponent's hands for a round.

"How could I let you escape!"

Cangji sneered with a sneer, his hands sealed, "Tudun·Tulong Gun."

The ground around the big tree that Heijue melted into suddenly exploded five or six ore spears. They staggered through the roots of the big tree and forced the Heijue inside.

"Why did you meet this guy!"

Heijue's panicked face was deeply puzzled.

Could it be that Konoha sent him to collect it after learning about Sanwei?

In his thoughts, Heijue rolled to the ground and immediately escaped.

Without waiting for action, the sky cast a shadow.

Hei Jue looked up and saw a huge birdcage fall down.


The wooden birdcage fell on the ground, and there was a loud crash of heavy objects.

Jue raised his right hand, and roots and vines grew on it, entangled around his right arm to form a giant hammer, and then slammed it against the wooden pole of the cage.


The sledgehammer hit it with a huge roar, and I definitely felt a huge force bounce back along the wooden hammer. The whole person was bounced out and hit the wooden bar on the other side before stopping.

The birdcage wire was undamaged, not even a trace of damage.

"Don't waste your effort." Kuroyoshi came to the birdcage and smiled lightly: "The destiny cage is impossible to be destroyed. If you can't find a way out, you won't be able to get out for the rest of your life."


Jue's face was embarrassed. Just as he was about to say something, there was a sudden violent explosion on the lake.

The two looked over subconsciously.

I saw the huge body of Ji Fu flying in the air under the water waves of Baizhang, Tiandao Payne half kneeling on it, pressing the carapace with his right hand.

In the next second, the huge mud turtle was twisted and shrunk, and the entire body was sucked into the body of Tiandao Payne, and then wirelessly transmitted along the black rod, and sent it back to Nagato.

"Penn, save me!"

Hei Jue shouted in surprise.

But the six Penns all looked indifferent.

Tiandao Payne glanced at him, and then fixed his gaze on Kuragi, "I just became Renzhuli, and I haven't gotten used to this power. Next time, I will find you to decide the winner."

After finishing speaking, a burst of smoke exploded on the body's surface, and all six Penns were psyched back by Nagato's body.

Heijue looked desperate.

The 171st plan

Since its birth, Hei Jue has spent many years, but he has never been as desperate as he is now.

On the mission of saving his mother, he is extremely weak.

Relying on the long years, looking for opportunities again and again with caution and layout.

Finally, the time will come.

Just another push, the conditions for liberating the mother will be fulfilled, but a figure similar to Senjujuma appears.

In these long years, Kuro never knows how many setbacks he has encountered, and naturally he will not lose confidence because of this newly emerging Kuroyoshi.

He told the guy Taito that he would be a huge hindrance to future plans, and encouraged him and Nagato to kill him before they fully grew up.

Unexpectedly, that guy was far beyond imagination.

Not only has Mu Dun, comparable to the original Naruto, but also an eternal kaleidoscope that rivals Uchihaban.

Odaito and Nagato's combined assassination failed.

Since then, Kurozu is more aware of the seriousness of Kurayoshi’s existence, and also aware of the future...

If Cangji stands on the opposite side, then they have no chance of winning.

The plan has changed and it can no longer proceed according to the original plan.

There is no need to resurrect Uchiha Madara, and directly let Nagato or Mototo become the power of the ten-tailed man, so as to fight against Kuroyoshi, let Nagato and Mototo open unlimited moon reading.

Although the bodies of these two people are not as good as the plaques combined with inter-column cells, in this situation, there are no more choices.

However, the plan is very good, and I also guided Otodo and Nagato with suggestions...

But he was caught in the process of implementing the plan and sealed in a bird cage no less than six treasures.

If you can't break the cage, you won't be able to follow up with the soil and Nagato.

Nagato may not continue to seal the tail beast in his body after he became a three-tailed man.