Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 250

Bringing soil will also prevent Nagato from absorbing more tail beasts because of fear.

Although there is a final battle between them.

If the soil wins, he will still become a ten-tailed man.

But the premise of all this is to defeat Kuroyoshi.

If you can't become a Ten-tailed man Zhuli, it is absolutely impossible to beat Kuroyoshi.

I have witnessed the battle between Uchiha Madara and Kurozue holding hands...For Kuroyoshi, who possesses both powers, it is clear what level of power will eventually have.

Kuroyoshi, who grew up, could not win even if Madara and Zhuma resurrected.

"Damn it, why at this critical time!" Jue angrily beat the wooden bars of the cage.

"Tsk, what the hell are you doing!"

Kuroyoshi kicked the cage violently, and he shut his mouth in fright.

Originally, he wouldn't be so persuaded.

But he still had a mission to complete, he couldn't just die like this, and he didn't dare to anger Cangji's brows.

Must find a way to escape.

Hei Jue went crazy, and thoughts flashed in his mind.

Seeing Heizue's dilemma, Kuroyoshi spit out disdainfully.

Originally, judging by the situation of the battle, the battle between Nagato and Isosuke should not have ended so soon.

But because of catching Heijue, he noticed the sound of the wind, tried his best to overdraw, and took Jifu in one fell swoop.

Not only did he let the materials he had gotten away, but Ji Fu who had helped him a while ago was also taken away.

Kuroyoshi is also in a bad mood now.

Seeing Hei Jue was incompetent and furious, he became even more angry and immediately cursed.

Although I still want to continue beating and scolding for a while, considering the movement caused by the battle between Nagato and Isofu, it is estimated that there will be misty ninjas to investigate the situation soon.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Kuroyoshi had to hold back his anger and prepared to change the place to teach Kazuki.

However, Heijue is not an item forged by the system, and the destiny cage of Heijue cannot be included in the system space.

Fortunately, the destiny cage can change its size.

Kuroyoshi shrank the destiny cage into a normal birdcage size, put it on a black cloth, and then left it in his hand.

Flying along the way, the birdcage's hands swayed back and forth, as for how the people in the cage would feel...

He doesn't care about that much, he just can't die anyway.

About two hours.

Cangji found a cave.

There are wild mountains and ridges all around, and the mist is so dense that it is not clear.

Even Orion would not come to such a place.

He lifted the black cloth of the destiny cage, Heijue was lying on the base and throwing up.

But this thing doesn't seem to require food, so it didn't spit out anything.

No, this guy is not even a human being. He has no internal organs or organs, and he doesn't feel like vomiting at all.

This is intentional.

However, since Hei Jue wanted to play, Kuroyoshi also pretended to be unaware, and said coldly, "Don't get my cage dirty."

Hei Jue covered his mouth, looked back at him, resisting the feeling of vomiting, and asked, "Are you going to take me back to Konoha?"

"Konoha?" Kuroyoshi was startled, and then sneered: "You want me to send you to Konoha, so you have a chance to escape."

Heijue was silent.

He really planned it this way.

However, Kuroyoshi said all his thoughts in his heart, and it was obvious that this plan fell through.

Sure enough, the next second.

Kuroyoshi's words made him desperate again.

"Don't think too much, I will keep you in a cage and take me by my side at any time. I won't give you a chance."

"Damn it, why do you treat me like this." Hei Jue angrily said: "We have no grievances, no conflicts of interest, and why?"

Cangji looked at Hei Jue with a weird expression, and sarcastically said, "You are stupid, the people you organized came to assassinate me, you actually told me that I have no luck?"

"That was the private activity of the members of the organization." Hei Jue now incarnates as an emperor and said sincerely: "This organization is a free mercenary group formed by a group of rebels. There is no discipline and rules at all. No one can order each other. The behavior of the door has nothing to do with me."

"I care about you!" Kuroyoshi wanted to laugh, but on the surface he pretended to be a ruthless person, "It doesn't matter if I have something to do with you or the one involved, anyway, I was assassinated by someone you organized, don't even think about it. I will let you go."


Heizue reached out his hand and pointed at Kuroyoshi, just about to curse.

Suddenly, the blade flickered.

Heijue's right arm rose into the sky.

Kuroyoshi took his right arm, looked at the stunned Hei Jue, and sneered: "It's really disgusting to act with someone who is not pleasing to the eye. I can't play it anymore!"

After speaking, Cangji pulled down the black cloth.

He sat down cross-legged with Heijue's arms.

[Ding!Found the special material "the arm of the big filial son", you can forge special props "eternal filial piety", "diluted sacred tree crystal", "weak big tube wood crystal", "look back" and "underground swimming suit", whether forging]

Not a complete sacred tree crystal and big tube tree crystal!

Kuroyoshi snorted unhappy, and then chose forging.

He had anticipated this situation a long time ago.

After all, even though Heijue broke away from Kaguya Ji, he has already formed a separate self.