Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 251

Chapter 172 Strong Increase in Strength


As the thought fell, five more items came out of Kuroyoshi's hand.

A fist-sized, white heart.

A green crystal the size of a thumb.

A white crystal the size of a thumb.

A pair of dark gloves.


Dead reservoir water?

Looking at the last item, Kuroyoshi was full of question marks.

Why can Hei Jue forge dead reservoir water?

Are you embarrassing me Fat Tiger?

Out of curiosity, Kuraki looked at the information about dead reservoir water.

"Underground swimming suit: Wearing it, you can swim unimpeded underground and move quickly through the roots of plants buried underground."

This one……

Kuroyoshi squeezed his chin, lost in thought.

how to say!

This is almost a transplant of Hei Jue's housekeeping skills, which can be used to detect intelligence or escape, absolutely powerful.

However, the ability is very useful.

But the shape of the dead reservoir water, and the source of forging it.

Kuroyoshi shook his head vigorously, wiping out the cranky thoughts in his mind.

This thing... he wouldn't be able to use it even if he was killed.

If it is useful in the future, let Liangping do it.

Converging his mood, Kurayoshi looked at the other props.

The green crystal is the sacred tree crystal, and the white one is the big tube wood crystal.

The big tube wood crystal is naturally integrated with other big tube wood crystals and upgraded, as for the sacred tree crystal...

"I hope it can be more powerful!"

Kuroyoshi swallowed the sacred tree crystal in one bite.

As the crystal melted away, the vigorous vitality immediately dispersed in the body and merged into all the cells of the body.

His body grows taller at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the Chakra inside his body is also growing rapidly.

The feeling of strength suddenly becoming stronger, as warm as bathing in sunlight.

That kind of comfort...Kurayoshi couldn't help groaning.

Hei Jude's sacred tree crystal did not actually contain much power, it was only stronger than that of Yamato, but it was very limited.

But some things are not as simple as 1+1=2.

This crystallized power had a chemical reaction with the Mu Dun power in Kurayoshi's body, and it had exploded geometrically.

When the whole crystallized power was completely absorbed, his strength grew by leaps and bounds.

The height has grown to 1.83. Naturally, his physical fitness has become much stronger.

The technique of the wooden man can also be easily used.

However, the Thousand Hands Buddha is still not available.

That is a powerful ninjutsu far beyond the perfect combination of Susano and Nine Tails. It does not borrow the power of nature from the heavens and the earth, just relying on its own words...

Unless it is the Ten-tailed Man Zhu Li, otherwise, it will never be used.

However, even so, Kuroyoshi was satisfied.

His current power is almost equivalent to the union between Uchiha Madara and Senjuju who reincarnated from the dirty soil.


"My current Chakra can already use the clothes of heaven and earth!"

Kuroyoshi felt the amount of chakra in his lower body, and it had become very strong, almost the same as the chakra contained in the ring of Isosuke.

It can be described as rapid growth.

He injected chakras into the clothes of heaven and earth, and the clothes of heaven and earth immediately fed back a large number of chakras.

That huge amount, even in terms of Kuroyoshi's current Chakra amount, is still very huge.

However, although it is huge, it hasn't gotten out of control like last time.

Kuroyoshi controlled this huge power.

However, although it is controlled, it cannot be used well.

Significant changes have taken place in his body. The skin of his body has become wrinkled and the color has become dark brown, just like the skin of a rhino.

The most important thing is that his body has become extremely thick, his shoulders have grown out of bones like shoulder guards, and there are scales on his thighs.

Primitive instincts are constantly being released, devouring the brain's consciousness, making it like a beast.

Fortunately, Cangji exited the fairy mode in time.

Otherwise, his consciousness will be swallowed by primitive instincts and become a real beast until the chakra in the body is exhausted.

The natural energy of the entire sky or earth far exceeds Kuroyoshi's imagination.

It is still unknown why Senjuzuzuma can use this power freely, but it is definitely not just as simple as his Chakra.

But Naruto took control of this power only after he learned the six ways of immortality and touched all phenomena.

Even if Kurayoshi's current chakra volume is comparable to Isao, it is not enough to control the natural energy of the entire sky or the earth.