Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 252


Already fast.

Kuroyoshi has a hunch that when he awakens the reincarnation eye, the Chakra in his body will usher in a sharp rise.

At that time, he will be able to control this force perfectly and freely.

After picking up a little disappointment, Kurayoshi looked at the remaining two items.

"Great filial son: The master's filial piety touches the world, and can even influence others. By integrating this heart into it, you will also have the filial piety that moves the world."

Well, it's another series of props that change personality and ideas.

This thing, for those parents who have unfilial sons, is simply an artifact among the artifacts.

Whoever is not filial, give him one, to ensure family harmony and reunion.

However, speaking of filial piety.

Kurayoshi suddenly remembered an item.

Father is kind and filial piety sword.

If you hold this sword and kill your parents, the master will gain extremely powerful power.

Kuroyoshi couldn't use it by himself, nor would he be so virtuous to give it to others.

However, thinking of Heizumi Kaguyahime's filial piety, a bold idea rose from his heart.

He forged a prop to replace the body and soul on Oshemaru.

If I occupy Heijue's body and kill Kaguya Ji with the father's filial piety sword, will I gain powerful power?

At first, it was just a general idea.

But after thinking about it carefully, I found that the feasibility is very high.

"You can make a detailed plan in the future!"

Kuroyoshi's current strength is not enough to contend with Kaguya Ji, so naturally he won't be stupid enough to want to release her.

But not necessarily in the future.

Throwing away all the random thoughts in his mind, Kuraki turned his gaze to the last pair of gloves.

"Looking back and digging out: a glove with magical power, wearing it, within three meters, can absolutely penetrate the chest of someone who trusts you."

Ok!It's an undercover artifact!

After thinking for a long time, Kuroyoshi only thought of this purpose.

I can't take this to my own people!

It was late at night.

After reading all the props, Kuroyoshi collected the temporarily unused items into the system space, and then spent the night in the cave.

The next day, he put on a false mask and changed back to the costume of Ye Dou.

Carrying a knife on his right shoulder and a birdcage in his left hand, he rushed towards Wuyin with a free and easy smile on his face.

Anyone who saw him along the way could not help but sigh: What a handsome and free and easy ronin.

His target is the former site of the Taketori clan and the news of Yu Gao.

The old site of the Taketori clan is easy to find out.

After all, after that clan was destroyed, a wasteland was formed there.

On the way to Wuyin Village, it was easy to inquire.

However, the news about Yugo...

People in the Water Country have hardly heard of this person, and naturally they have not inquired about any news.

"It seems that you have to go to Wuyin Village to inquire!"

Kuroyoshi made a decision after hearing nothing from a tavern in a small town near the misty town.

However, before that, you have to go to the old site of the Taketori clan.

The old site of the Taketoi clan was unexpectedly not in Wuyin Village, but on a small island around the water country.

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The leaving Kuroyoshi didn't notice, the few misty ninjas at the next table looked at each other after he left and hurriedly left.

His behavior of constantly inquiring about Yu Gao's news along the way has attracted the attention of Wuyin Village.

After all, even though Yu Gao is a betrayer, he is also the human pillar of the mist, and his importance is self-evident.

Outside of a village, someone who looks extraordinary at first glance swaggers to inquire about his news, how can he not attract the attention of others?

You know, this is in the country of water.

There are misty ninjas doing missions or passing by in every city.

Kuroyoshi didn't deliberately conceal the news when he was inquiring about it.

Of course, Kuroyoshi also knows this.

He did it on purpose.

As for the purpose, of course it is fishing.

For Yugo's matters, someone who manages Yugo's matters will naturally be sent to resolve.

At that time, counter the opponent, illusion and inquire into intelligence.

The former site of the Taketori clan is on a small island around the country of water.

It took three hours for Kuraki to arrive.

It was noon, but the island was full of fog, and even the sun could not disperse it.

The entire island is quiet, only occasionally one or two neighs of beasts can be heard.

Combined with the genocide tragedy that year, the atmosphere of the island became permeating.